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Testimonial – Dennis Koch

Dennis Koch


Testimonial:  I did not wear the uniform of the USA. Now is my time to serve.

Many are waking to the vast landscape of crimes being committed by our own
government against its people.

To those who are not, the time has arrived to ‘get interested’. You will not be unaffected and you will NOT like the ways your life will change if you do not discover and tend to your own interests, your safety and your family’s future while you still can.

There have always been those who crave control of others. For generations, there has been incremental damage to America’s framework of liberty that is truly every human’s birthright. But it is the brilliant US Constitution, in particular, with which we’ve been blessed in our natural rights being recognized and guaranteed. It is this that has so long provided an inviting light to the oppressed of the world.

Alarmingly, recent days and events show that those in power think they have reached ‘critical mass’ and are now more obvious than ever in seizing the freedoms we are assured. They are emboldened. They arrogantly, shamelessly, cruelly impose their wills, ignore valid laws and invent fictions while making the most ridiculous claims against logic. All the time herding ‘sheeple’ into pens preparing the slaughter of their sovereignty.

Witness a bloated, cancerous government that refuses to perform the few, simple and limited duties for which it was created. Primary among them: Sustain our borders to allow those within to live unmolested. And related: Stand between our citizens and those individuals or groups that would injure them.

Those missions are NOT accomplished.

Instead it steals from its people through taxation and inflation. It squanders blood and treasure on doomed adventures abroad. It sacrifices heroes and rewards criminality, partnering with evil entities in contravention of its charge of stewardship and protection. Choosing instead to entertain enemies on our own soil, meddle in matters purely personal, and criminalize law-abiding citizens. Empowering any immoral cause and disdaining every founding principle.

See it moving swiftly now, and in earnest, to disarm Americans. Using every conceivable ploy, every tortured logic, and all of the powers it has acquired at
every level to reduce citizens to harmless subjects.

Once Americans are defenseless, every other design on them has no obstacle. As the gate closes on their pen, their impotent bleating will be the only annoyance that remains but that will be easy to endure as it will have no consequence and the vital task will be complete.

Should the Second Amendment fall to Enemies Domestic the entire Constitution will be rendered irrelevant – a moot relic and dim reminder of people who once were the owners of themselves. Its timeless wisdom replaced by the whim and fancy of the criminals and fools of the day. Only three groups – their impact profound – endorse the new plan: The Ignorant, the Stupid and the Villainous.

This is a watershed moment.

There is a large population of patriots and wise men and women who are digging in now to say ‘Enough!’.

Moreover, there is a small band of principled and courageous individuals who are standing in defiance to declare: “Not on our watch”.

Of prime example is the growing number of heroic Sheriffs – the supreme law enforcement officers in the land – along with many other police and military personnel all over America who are refusing commands to disarm their countrymen. They are pushing back against the tyranny brought by Federal and State politicians and agencies – their unconstitutional (and therefore invalid) edicts and laws directed and aided by bureaucrats and other functionaries from their moneyed friends and foreign influencers to an academia gone mad and incompetent, corrupt and complicit mainstream ‘news’ media. Brave men and women are knowingly putting their reputations, livelihoods, retirements, and even their personal liberty and safety in danger at this very moment.

This is not to be dismissed as ‘just politics’. Scattered, criminal forces that have been grinding slowly in this country for over a hundred years are now coalescing swiftly. The divine experiment known as the United States of America is nearing extinction and enormous evil is poised to fill the void.

Wickedness within the halls of control will not shrink nor back down willingly. A free people cannot permit it to prevail. The stakes are too high – the dangers too grave. The rest of the world awaits our fate. Its future is ours to write.

Consult that Great Force that brought you to this time and place. To those with integrity may you honor yourselves and all that is just by standing now.

I understand I offer my neck to the swords of ignorance and cowardice. So be it.

Rochester, NY

Associate Member




Shorty Dawkins



  1. I am so proud of all of you. My father was a World War II POW and he taught all of his children love of country. I am a woman and I don’t know if this is just for men but do want to tell you that millions of women stand with you also. May God bless America!

    1. Welcome proudamerican, you are more then welcome to join this great organization. There are many women among us. May God bless you as a Patriot as your strong love of country shows.

  2. Very, very well stated by Mr. Koch. The term ‘Old School’ is actually only relevant to Authoritarianism and it’s ‘Collectivism’, in it’s many forms, faces and ‘Collectives’. The ‘New School’ has only one form, ‘”Independence”, one face, “Liberty” and one identity being ‘Individualism. The ‘Revolutionary War’ confirmed the beauty of Liberty and the handsomeness of Independence. Our inheritance was taxed rather quite heavily by Authoritarianism through the years.

  3. Welcome Dennis, as a Navy Vet I’m proud of Patriots like you that are stepping up. As you know, you are apart of the most important organization of our time. Nice testimonial and once again welcome Brother.

  4. Great article and you should post on sites like BIN and a dozen others so that more people know they are not alone in this history changing quest.

    I really think when the shif like it almost did at the Bundy Ranch the people will become focused and want to help. Tens of millions bought guns and ammo and are in a stand by mode waiting for the event that will act as the trigger and I think most of the guys in uniform will want to be with those fighting for truth, honor and the America that we remembered as kids in the 60s. For those of you to young to remember, America was a dream then. Not many fences, or no hunting signs, farm ponds full of fish and you could ride your bicycle down the paved road with you rifle strapped to you back and no one cared.

    There can be no doubt we true Americans want to have back the honor and pride we use to have by saying we are from America!

  5. One of the biggest threats facing America is the tens of millions of people who when cut off of the money they get from the corporation stops, they who are not prepared will have to do anything to try and survive and quite frankly is it going to be a mess. The good police and sheriffs will welcome the back up and support they will get when they let us know they need our help.

    I truly think most are good guys just needing a job and a paycheck. The good ones will be grateful for a well armed population who can stand side by side with them.

    The fed gov has feed and encouraged the problem of dependent people so long it can only end badly. Kind of like feeding to many rats in the cage until there is no food left to give them. At that point they will eat their own.

    When they shut off the free money it will be 30 days of hell and then we can start anew.

    I hate to say it but I see it every day, people who contribute nothing but more kids to follow in the welfare system. I am sorry to say but I will not be looking out for them and I don’t care what color they are. I will stand with any honorable man or woman.

  6. I want to say that I wanted to sign with the Marines, hoping to become a sniper, I grew up in a hunting and gun friendly family. I was only 17 when I graduated hs and being an only child , my parents would not sign the papers for me. I went to college and was like all the others , there to party and never did do my “duty”, my dad is a WWII Navy veteran of 89 years old, whom I take care of, we visit the local VA numerious times monthly and have made several friends there. I have always regretted that I did not serve,, when I heard about the “OATHKEEPERS” I thought what a great org. that I want to be a part of, I have joined as a Liberty Tree Ass. and am awaiting my certificate, I love our country and now feel that I can stand tall and proud to b a part of defending country, thank you!

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