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Testimonial – David Cochran

Patriot Dave

Testimonial: I grew up as an Air Force military brat, so all I’ve known since birth is service to my country. And naturally when I started high school I enrolled in Junior ROTC, and on January 31st, 1979, my senior year, I was sworn in to the U.S. Air Force delayed enlistment program. I entered active duty service on September 6, 1979.

I had fully intended making a career of it, but in 1988 medical issues and the RIF program saw an early end to that. In 1989 I started work at a major  airline. When my wife and I bought our first house I still had the desire to serve, so I joined my county Reserve Deputy program. After serving several years there my health declined even further and despite my love of service and having achieved the rank of Corporal and being second in command, I realized that I could no longer serve. Despite my medical restraints, my desire to serve the greatest country on earth has not been quelled.

Even before knowing there was an organization like Oath Keepers, I considered the oaths that I have freely given were still binding. I refuse to relinquish nor disparage my oath. It has been an honor to serve my country and my community. I fully intend to honor that oath to the best of my ability until I am called to serve in heaven. Every time I see my flag waving in the breeze it brings a tear to my eye thinking of the men and women who have fought and died to keep that flag flying. My oath is to that flag and the citizens of this country, not to any one man in government. I will ALWAYS do my utmost to defend that flag and the constitution of our great nation, from ANYONE, countryman or foreigner who attack and threaten either of them.


Shorty Dawkins