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Testimonial – Christopher


Testimonial: I was in 3BN 5th Cavalry during the Clinton administration and back in late 1994 through June 1995, my unit with the 1st Armored division was tasked with Camp Able Sentry III which was an illegal operation because we worked for the US and NOT the UN guarding the Macedonian/Serb border. We were forced to go as if we didn’t. We would be prosecuted by the UCMJ for disobeying a lawful order.

Mike New was the only soldier I knew who stood for what was right as this whole operation was illegal looking back NOW. It was the first encroachment of the UN on the US as a partnership.

However, our oaths still stand and there was NEVER a date of oath termination of our oaths, and I’ll always love our Constitution and Bill of Rights and will defend them till I’m dead and gone

Christopher J.
US ARMY 1993-1996


Shorty Dawkins