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Testimonial – Cam


Testimonial: I have been awake for 5 years. I have 2 children Sandy Hook age. It is violating my being to know what these authoritarians are doing with this tragedy. I am in no position to keep an oath but a couple close family members are. But as a red-blooded American. I do have a duty I pledge to uphold. I feel I need to share this idea which brought me here. I just want your take on an idea I just had. Why don’t we the population, with the right to bear arms to protect our freedoms, force our reps. to end the tax money to military contractors, take that money, and fund counties and states to spend those tax dollars to arm a civil militia made of the whole of the population. It is our duty, as Obama is in favor of young people serving their country, the ones physically and mentally able by the standards of the people. First would be to give our state legislators and counties the motivation thru Stewart Rhodes ideas. What is your opinion of this idea and where could it be improved if it is feasible?


Shorty Dawkins