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Testimonial – Brian Peter

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Testimonial: Growing up, I was surrounded by men who at one time in their lives served in the military. My grandfather and four great-uncles all served in World War II. Three uncles were Marines, one of which served during the Korean War and the other two in the Vietnam War. Although never in combat, my father was in the Army for seven years. Even my two neighbors were in World War II. Ever since I learned how to read, I studied history. These men were willing to share their stories with me, and I listened to every word they said. I lived and respected these men not only for their service, but also for the lives they lived. All were good, hard-working men who lived their families. These were the men who taught me what American is about. They were able to teach by leading by example, and that gave me a better education than any text or school in the world could provide.

Naturally, I wanted to serve in the military. It was my focus growing up; I was going to be a soldier. However, from birth, I had bad eyesight. I knew in the back of my mind that because of that, I probably would never get the chance to serve. At 16, it became evident when I could barely pass the eye exam for a driver’s license, and I did not feel safe driving. Even so, I was still going to try and enrolled in the Army ROTC program at Louisiana State University. I was able to stay in the program for two years without having to meet any physical standards. Crunch time came during the summer between my sophomore and junior year when I had to make a commitment to the Army. I was rejected due to my eyesight. Things happen for a reason.

Since I did not have to sign up with Uncle Sam, I was able to travel around the country and even made it to Japan. I met an Australian girl and got married. It was at this point I left everything I knew behind and went on to a great adventure, living and working in Australia for five years. After my son was born, I wanted to return to the United States. The old family homestead in Louisiana was calling my name, so my family and I moved back. Since then, we had two more children, both girls. I had seen a bit of the world, learned a lot about life, and matured as a result.

After returning to the United States, I was able to start to read between the lines and started to see what was really happening in our country. I had read enough history to see that it was repeating itself. I am scared to death, both for the future of our country and my children. As I see our country become more progressive and socialist, I can see our rights, our freedom, our morality, and our social standards degrading. I have realized that for at least eighty years, if not longer, the progressive/socialists have been chipping away a little at a time, trying to cause the death of our nation by a thousand cuts. They have chipped away at the education system, our political system and government, the media, and society as a whole. Their agenda to destroy our way of life has come out in the last eight years when they moved from cutting to slashing blows.

I have been watching all of this unfold with a sense of helplessness. The only things I could do were pass on to my children the things I know, and prepare my family for the hard times ahead. Even my wife, born and raised in another country, knows that we are not living in the America that I remembered as a child and that our freedoms and liberty are in danger. I wanted to do more. I started reading more and began to try to learn and understand what is really going on around me. I then wanted to find something that involved the actual defense of our constitutional rights, and that is when I found Oath Keepers.

I am not a law enforcement officer, but I do work on the administrative side of things for law enforcement. Oath Keepers appealed to me because it was a well thought out, organized, thinking man’s group. It also appealed to me because its core membership consists of current and former military and law enforcement officers, just like those who raised me and those who I work with every day. I believe that all citizens, if they have taken the oath in an official capacity or not, have a duty to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies, foreign and domestic. I feel that for me, Oath Keepers is the best way to do that.

Win or lose, I have to try.


Shorty Dawkins