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Testimonial – Bobby L. Robbins


Testimonial: I really think it is a sad day when I sit and drink a few beers with some troops waiting to go to war, and they could care less about the Oath…

I was outside the South gate of Camp Shelby Mississippi…asked a few of the troops in the bar what they thought about the oath they took…It was really a blow to me how they felt…they just seem to want to get this behind them and could care less about the future of this country..

I asked them if they were Oath Keepers… They said .. What Oath… I said  “the one you took to be where you are”  Oh that …We don’t know about that… Evidently they don’t seem to think very much of it.. Laugh and drink and pass it off….

I did meet one that believes in the oath, of all that I have talked with…God bless him…I might be able to understand someone that was drafted….They evidently joined for money not service to the country…. it does make me very angry to see people like these..


Shorty Dawkins