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Testimonial – Anonymous

Sons of Liberty 2

Testimonial: I am a Red blooded Patriot, Believing in the rights granted to us from God. I joined the Marine Corp. in 1987 and was discharged because of a knee issue. My belief in my country’s leaders to defend us from foreign and domestic threats has been diminished greatly!!

I have the same desire to protect the lives and freedoms our forefathers so adamantly fought for, I’m willing to do the same. I have a few brothers that feel the same!

I would love the opportunity to re-assemble with those same fearless patriots that are willing to give their all for this Country that is being attacked from all sides. We have to stand firm, shoulder to shoulder to win this fight that deserves so much for the brothers and hero’s who died for us, to continue fighting for their families and loved ones left behind.

Semper fi,

Dan E


Shorty Dawkins