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Testimonial – Anonymous


Testimonial: I am a retired volunteer fire fighter with 13 years on the job in our rural area. I had to retire due to a disability suffered on the job.

I am now 66 years old and I totally support the Oath Keepers pledge to support our constitution and uphold our freedoms.

It saddens me to see the erosion of our freedoms in the name of “safety” of our children. I think we need “people control” more than “gun” control. As long as criminals get slaps on the wrist instead of long and meaningful incarceration for gun crimes we will continue to have problems.

I have fought the parole of a murderer every time he has come up for parole. He killed an innocent 17 year old girl in cold blood…and he comes up for parole again this year and I have fought his parole again by hiring an attorney to help me and soliciting letters of protest for his parole from everyone I know.

Oh, and BTW, I’m a woman, and the murderer is my youngest son.


Shorty Dawkins