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Testimonial – Anonymous

US Flag

Testimonial: As a retired veteran, I had the privilege to wear the uniform and serve my country. I remember the day I gave the oath to follow the lawful orders of the commander in chief and to protect the Constitution of the United States from all enemies foreign and domestic. At the time, I believed our government existed for the welfare of the people. I have since grown up and see the federal government for what it really is, an institution in business to protect itself from the people it was supposed to serve. I never thought the federal government that I swore to protect would target its own citizenry as enemies of the state. This administration is doing everything in its power, legal or not, to strip the people of their constitutional rights. This current attempt by democrats to ban and eventually confiscate weapons from law abiding citizens is one more step towards complete control over the population. Without organizations and people willing to stand up and fight for our  Constitution, authorities will soon be at the door step of every American gun owner.

The oath I took was to follow lawful orders and to protect the Constitution. I am an Oath Keeper.


Shorty Dawkins