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Testimonial – 777monkeyman

US Flag

Testimonial:  The Oath did not mean that much to me as an 18 year old going into the Army in 1974. It meant more when I went into the Marines in 1978 and the Navy in 1982, (and yes I actually went to all three bootcamps). After 6 years in the Navy and sea sick every day at sea, I got out and went back into the Army in 1988.

I was interested in Army special forces, so at the ripe old age of 32 I went into the Army Rangers to prepare me for SF. My knees lasted about 2 months. I ended up doing 15 months in the 1st Rgr Bn with my last jump being the combat jump into Panama during Operation Just Cause. Four months later I was sent to the 24th Inf Div and assigned to HHC 3rd Bn, 15th Inf and went to Desert Storm four months later and ended up in the 4 deuce mortar platoon since they were short handed. In 1992 with 16 years active duty and knees hurting all the time I did the early out program and went home.

Five years later in 1997 I joined the Army reserves as a fire fighter and later became a reserve lineman with the 249th En Bn. I now have 15 years in the reserves. I went to Iraq again in 2003 and recently from Sep 2010 to Apr 2011. I got back on my 55th birthday. I am going to try to stay until I am 60.

With all my bouncing around I don’t have much rank but do have a lot of great memories. The older I got, the more the Oath meant to me. I’m not sure how to say this but, defending the Constitution is getting hard when the  Government is becoming more and more the enemy of the Constitution. I am a christian and believe in end times prophesy and expect these thing but it is still hard to deal with. I think there is a big conflict on its way right here in the great USA. How and when it will occur, who knows. James Rawles book, Patriots is one example of how it could occur among many. It is a sad state of affairs. I am thankful to all the police and military that take the Oath seriously, especially when it is in conflict with their orders.  Keep up the good work all of you.


Shorty Dawkins