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Testimonial – 1poamerican


Testimonial: I grew up with Viet Nam on my television, back when reporters reported the news. Enlisted at the end of Viet Nam at the age of 17 and joined the Marine Corps. My service to the oath I took grew over 20 years as I began to understand the politics and foreign threats to my country. I believed for the 20 years I served I was defending my country from foreign threats.

On 911 I watched the TV coverage with Dad. As I watched the story unfold, wondered about the obvious things that should be happening that weren’t, watching as things I thought were odd continue to happen, and listened during the course of the day as the coverage changed from what was happening to what we were being told was happening. I told my Dad then. Life as we knew it in this country is over.

As bad as I thought things were on 911, I still would never have believed what the next 10 years would bring.

The the lies, the lies about lies, blaming other people for the lie, admitting the lies and writing books about the lies and through it all…. a complete lack of accountability by our judicial system.

As I said, I grew up during Viet Nam, I served through the Cold War. I know what a real foreign threat to this country looks like and for the last 10 years I don’t believe I’ve seen that enemy on any foreign soil. But I absolutely believe I have seen treason and high crimes committed by our public SERVANTS in my own country.

I have no doubt that my duty to the oath I took to protect and defend this country from all enemies foreign and domestic will be tested again not by the Chinese, not by the Russians, not by the North Koreans, not by a goat herder with a Samsung cellphone and an IED and not by any muslim country, but by my own government.


Shorty Dawkins