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Sheriff Mack Recovering From Heart Attack: Prayers and Help Requested

Sheriff Mack Recovering From Heart Attack: Prayers and Help Requested


Who is Sheriff Mack?

Some of our newer members may not be aware of the work former Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona, Richard Mack has been doing for well over twenty years.  Sheriff Mack was a police officer at Provo, Utah, and became a twice-elected Sheriff of Graham County, Arizona. Sheriff Mack is a member of Oath Keepers’ Board of Directors and the founder/president of Constitutional Sheriffs And Peace Officers Association (CSPOA), as well as a beloved friend and champion of Constitutional restorative work across America. Sheriff Mack travels all over America and appears on television shows, radio broadcasts, and countless websites as he spreads the word about the Constitution and the rule of law under the highest law of the land.  Richard is also a book writer. As a Board member for Oath Keepers he is a cherished stalwart and a deeply-appreciated friend.

Sheriff Mack with Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro
Sheriff Mack with Fox News’ Judge Jeanine Pirro


What’s This About A Heart Attack?

Sheriff Mack is in a bit of a tight spot, as he has suffered a heart attack. He has received excellent treatment at a hospital and is recovering nicely, but slowly, and he has had to greatly reduce (for some undetermined length of time) his customary activities and works for the liberty movement.  All things point to his ultimate recovery and a new “lease on life”, but he requires a recovery period, during which he can use our help in keeping the wolf away from the door at home. Being self-employed, he has no insurance policy and the hospital bills are rolling in quickly now.

How Oath Keepers Can Help

I have taken this from a page at Sheriff Mack’s personal website:

In November of 2014, Richard Mack’s wife Dawn was hospitalized with serious medical issues. Then, in early January of 2015, Richard suffered a heart attack that required surgery. Because they are self-employed, they have no medical insurance and are in desperate need of our assistance. Please follow this link to learn more about how you can donate.  If you prefer to donate directly to a bank account, here is the information to use: Bank: Wells Fargo Name on Account: Richard Mack Routing Number: 122105278 Account Number: 2816818385  Be sure to get a receipt. If you wish to verify that the family received the donation or have any other questions, send a note to: .  Much appreciated!

Also, here is his address for those who prefer to just mail a card and/or a check:

Richard Mack, CSPOA, P.O. Box 567, Higley, Arizona 85236

But there is yet another way our members can help, and help themselves directly in the process. Sheriff Mack has books for sale, and he would love to see a lot of folks purchase his books.  “Are You A David?” is Sheriff Mack’s most recent book. Here are several pages of books and things we can buy from Sheriff Mack’s website:


So our brother in the fight for liberty is now in a difficult time and can use our help.  Oath Keepers is requesting that all members and supporters please give generously.

With a salute to Carol Asher, (former assistant to the late Officer Jack McLamb), I am posting her “forward” of an Officer’s description of the moment Sheriff Mack experienced the onset of a heart attack and his brave dash to the hospital, with updates about Sheriff Mack’s condition and situation.

I wanted more information, and decided that Officer Rick Dalton, Mesa, Arizona (who partners with Richard Mack in CSPOA) would be the best man to call. I reached Rick and he explained this: Richard Mack was working out at the gym on Monday when his attack occurred. From experiences as a peace officer (and Rick confirmed), he knew that in calling 911 it takes, on average, a good 10-12 minutes for paramedics to arrive. Deciding he could do better than that, Richard jumped into his own vehicle and raced to the hospital – arriving there in just 4 minutes’ time!

He went into Emergency and rushed to the front of the line and explained that he was having severe chest pains and needed help immediately. Doctors took one look at him and said, “Yes, this is the real thing – let’s go!” They placed Richard on a gurney and rushed him up to surgery. As he worked, the doctor said to Richard, “This could hurt a little,.” and Richard waited for something really big to happen. But after some minutes (within just a half-hour total and to Richard’s surprise) the doctor said, “Okay, we’re done,.” having already inserted and installed a stent in the affected artery.

As Rick explained, they found that the left descending artery (the abdominal aorta), coming out of the heart and going down, was totally blocked, causing the problem. Rick says that the prognosis is that Richard is going to be okay! He added that (again some knowledge gained from police work) if the same total blockage occurs on the right side of one’s heart, it’s much more apt to be fatal, so we can certainly be thankful there.

Thanks so much for your concern, Michael. Rick Dalton said he was very surprised that some of us (like here in Idaho) are just now (Friday afternoon) getting the word about Richard, since this happened a whole 4 days ago. Anyway, better late than never, and we can just be SO grateful that the news is this good and hopeful! Richard did remain hospitalized for 2 days, but was able to come home yesterday, Thursday afternoon.

Rick did suggest, also, that any help friends can give (in addition to the continued prayers and good wishes) will be greatly appreciated. For example, people might offer support by buying an extra copy of one of Richard’s books, or maybe by just plain send along a donation. (More than likely, there will be some extra medical expenses to pay.)

Mailings can be sent to Richard Mack, CSPOA, P.O. Box 567, Higley, Arizona 85236.


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A special “Thank You” from Oath Keepers who can and would lend their support and prayers for Sheriff Mack.





Elias Alias

Editor in Chief for Oath Keepers; Unemployed poet; Lover of Nature and Nature's beauty. Slave to all cats. Reading interests include study of hidden history, classical literature. Concerned Constitutional American. Honorably discharged USMC Viet Nam Veteran. Founder, TheMentalMilitia.Net



  1. Speaking from experience with extensive surgery I will atest that prayers do work . I will pray for Sheriff Mack. He has many more battles to fight to save our country !

  2. I’m new to Oath Keepers I joined after listening to you speak at at a gathering of Sheriff’s on Youtube.
    My prayers are with you for a speedy recovery and for your family in Jesus name. I hope to meet you one day soon.

  3. Dear Sheriff Mach: I am so sorry to hear of your ordeal. You are a Brave, Courageous & Empowered Man! You have yet to complete your destiny and as such, may G-d Grant You Good Health and the Wisdom To Change What You Can, Accept What You Are Not Able to Change and The Wisdom to Know The Difference. You and Your Wife are in my prayers. G-d Speed and Good Health to Both of You. Rhoda Gelman

  4. Praying for your speedy & full recovery, as well as for your wife. Thank you for all you do. God bless you both.

  5. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery, Mack! And when you are back on your feet, I hope you know what to do to reduce the risk of a repeat.

    For one thing, delegate more. 🙂

  6. Sheriff Mack, You are one of akind .You have been an inspiration in my husbands life,I heard a lot about you ,then I finally got to meet you in Washington DC ….Now I too can see why you are a inspiration in a lot of peoples lives…We wish you a full recovery and send lots of prayers to you and your family, we hope to see you one day soon ….XXXXXOOOO SHERIFF CARPINELLI”S Wife Vickie

  7. Was sorry to hear that Sheriff Mack has suffered a heart attack. Our Tea Party group has benefited from his experiences and materials! I will be praying for a full and complete recovery.

  8. Thank you for all that you have done in the service of the People and May God bless you and your family, in this difficult times. The Tennessee Partisan Militia and the Anderson Clan Salute you and will be Praying for a fast and full recovery.

  9. When athletes suffer injuries, their own doc (not the team doc with the opiates) put them into regular session with the softsided portable hnot chambers and dose them with major doses of antioxidents so they’re healthy fast ……. may someone nearby step forward with a chamber and speed Macks healing and make him well… wishing we were there to bring him ours…… take best care of him…….

  10. Dear Mr Mack,
    Good you took that intuition to drive to the hospital seriously! Time to relax, try Rudolf Steiner: Threefold Commonwealth of Social Organism, or World Economy! Best Wishes!
    Yours Peter

  11. Sheriff Mack; Through your writings and your words, you have become one of the pillars of this great cause of liberty.You join Patrick Henry and Henry Adams as a champion of freedom. Our prayers go with you !

  12. Sheriff ! get well soon; we’ve still lots of work to do in Albany, NewYorkistan
    You see, a whole lot of “gun owners” in these parts FAILED to go to the polls
    last November and eliminate the tyrant in chief, Cuomo.

    So the posse is waiting for you to return to head up the hunt for the outlaw

    So do what the doctors tell you -especially if they are good libertarians
    and conservatives. And,… “watch your 6” We’ll be waiting

  13. Dear Mack,

    We need you back and we pray that you have a speedy recovery! Lord Jesus! We pray for a complete healing for our Brother Mack and ask that you would heal his heart and knit it back to new once again. We also ask for healing for the family. Thank you now Father that we claim this healing in your precious Son’s name, Jesus Christ. Amen

  14. God’s Blessings and a Speedy recovery. We need strong leaders that know the law and Know the Constitution .

  15. Real American leaders are few and far between. Sheriff Mack is one of the greats – one who understands and fights for our heritage. My 27 years in the military won’t be wasted when Richard is on watch.

  16. My father had a heart attack at 42 y/o and lived another 36 years, my mother died with her 3rd heart attack back in 1991. I’m sure that Sheriff Mack will pull through after all the good he’s done with the fellow citizens of our country.
    May the Good Lord Bless you Sheriff Mack. Us law-abiding citizens need men like you.

  17. Sheriff Mack one doesn’t always have to meet someone to be able to pray for them, stating so I pray that our Lord and savior heal your heart that has been afflicted and thus putting your life in harms way, our lord is always with us and by your faith you can be healed. Rev. Joe Colorado.

    1. Amen… God is good….may He mend the heart of Sheriff Mack so he can continue our fight for the American Constitution..

  18. We met you in Sterrett, Alabama at the Caritas convention in April 2013 when you and Kris Anne Hall were featured speakers. Since then we have been involved in a Company and have learned that there is a NATURAL ADULT STEM CELL RENEWAL SYSTEM in our bodies that repairs and renews any tissue in the body, especially the heart. Science has shown that the greatest indicator of cardio-vascular health is the number of adult stem cells circulating in the bloodstream and multiplying in the tissue. If you will take a look at the science in my website, I would gladly send you this God-given plant-based nutrient which will enhance your body’s very own stem cells, giving you 5 million more adult stem cells with every 2 capsules. The product is called Stem Enhance 2(SE2). There is a cardio-vascular medical journal, proven the product’s effectiveness in 32 countries throughout the world. Our chief scientist, Christian Drapeau, has been teaching at medical universities, hospitals and stem cell conferences around the world and has 2 best-selling books on this science. We hope and pray that you will consider enhancing this Innate Intelligence in your body described as the “doctor within”. We would like to “gift” you with this product at no cost to you and hope you will honor this. As we will be on a cruise this next week, please contact my sponsor, Sharon at 320-251-0268, who has given away 10 of your copies of your book “County Sheriff”. We want to help you get well quickly. God bless you, Richard!!

  19. Every man dies, not every man lives. My thoughts and prayers are for your healthy recovery asap. You are a man who has truly lived.

  20. May the light that shines upon you be your healer Sheriff Mack, and may the blessings of liberty you have toiled with, taught and spread far and wide …return to you ten fold.

    May our creator always be with you…

    Be well.

  21. Mack is a total badass. No silly heart attack is gonna hold him back. Im an Oathkeeper because of he and Rhodes. He’ll just get tougher now, he’s a born survivor warrior. k thats all i got. lol

  22. Love and healing Sheriff Mack..I pray God will mend your broken heart! This country and it’s people need you, and we will be waiting for you to be back with us, as good as new. Take your time, we aren’t going any where.

  23. Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You and your wife are in my prayers. And thank you so much for all you do in the cause of Liberty. I first heard you speak (twice) in Tucson on Memorial Day, 2011. Then again in Grass Valley, CA. Plus so many videos online for years, including for CSPOA. You are making a difference. We really appreciate it!

  24. Can’t afford to send money but I prayed for Mack.
    It has been said that the prayers of the righteous avail much and I ain’t all that righteous but The Creator and I are on pretty good terms so I have added my voice to the tide of well wishes and it will help.
    My 2 cents worth.

  25. I had a heart attack in Feb 2013 and am doing well after radically changing my diet. They initially put a stent in, but wanted to do by pass once I got me strength back. I changed my diet and never had to have the by pass surgery. I just ordered a book for you called “Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease” by Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn. It should be in the mail later today. You–CAN–reverse your cardiac disease. Read the book ASAP and get started. There’s good science behind this book. Good luck. Wes Alexander Rabun Gap, GA

  26. Our prayers are with you, get well soon, and also sending out a prayer request to my prayer warriors list, so you’ll have a few hundred good faithful Americans praying for you as well.

    God bless you, best wishes, and a speedy recovery


  27. I just dropped a letter to Sheriff Mack in the US mail, from Brielle, NJ. I hope he and his wife get back on top real soon. The Republic and the Constitution need him, and thousands more, who follow their example. The best to them and they are in our prayers.

  28. Bless you and the shining light of truth you continue to spread for us all and the extreme sacrifices you have made in your life to protect us, enlighten us, and prepare us for the inevitable fall of our Country and Constitution, unless we take action to prevent this from happening. May your recovery be speedy and healing complete.

    We are not ready to say goodbye, Sheriff Mack, we need you with us here now, and for our future. You personally have inspired me to spread the word everywhere in the local communities, especially in areas that have been affected by local government’s over- reaching and violations against citizens causing tremendous tensions and abuses from and against law enforcement, specifically, and unnecessary.

    You are a true leader, passionate, compassionate, and eloquently present the truth, awakening us to once again unite and stand for what we know is the right and just, with everyone working together to restore and maintain those principals this Country was founded upon. My admiration and respect for you, and my continued prayers, remain yours.



    San Francisco Bay Area

  29. Dear Sheriff Mack, I admire and respect everything you do for liberty and freedom.
    I had the pleasure of meeting you when you were in Michigan a couple of years ago.
    My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family, I know you will come back
    stronger than ever to lead an ever growing number of patriots and people who love liberty.

    Blessings to your heart and spirit,


  30. I am truly sorry to hear about your heart attack. And it’s indeed very sad that you do not have health insurance, something that you have fought against, something that can keep families from bankruptcy. I support many of your views….but everyone needs health insurance. Some might consider it karma. I hope you get well and your costs are covered….and that you will rethink your feelings about health insurance.

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