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Rules and Regulations for Daniel Defense M4 Rifle Drawing

Entry for rifle drawing ends February 28, 2015, at midnight. Drawing will take place on March 9, 2015. Must be over eighteen to enter. Void where prohibited.

*No purchase necessary. To enter the drawing for the rifle without purchasing a membership complete send a post card with your name, address, phone number and a note specifying it is for the rifle drawing that ends on February 28, 2015 to:

Stewart Rhodes
President of Oath Keepers
421 US Highway 93 N.
Eureka, MT 59917-9161

Post cards must be received at the above address by 3pm on February 28, 2105 to be entered into this drawing. Any post cards recieved after that date and time will be entered into the next drawing.

No National Board Member, employee or national staff of Oath Keepers or their immediate family is eligible.

The winner of the rifle drawing will be randomly picked by computer from all entrants including post card entrants. If the entry was a gift, the person named on the membership entry or postcard will be the the winner.

Winner must be lawfully eligible to receive and own this weapon in their state of residence and must receive it at an FFL. If the winner lives in a state that prohibits this particular rifle, we will substitute a weapon of comparable or lesser value that the winner is eligible to own in their state of residence.

Winner must be legally eligible to own the firearm, and must receive it in person at an FFL Dealer in their state of residence and go through the whole paperwork process required by that dealer and all applicable laws.

By entering this contest, winner agrees to the above terms and certifies that he or she is legally eligible to own the firearm, and will comply with all laws and regulations in winner’s state of residence. Winner also agrees that Oath Keepers may use the winner’s name and image and agrees to provide Oath Keepers with a photo of winner with firearm to be taken when winner takes delivery.





  1. I’m a liberty tree sustaining member. I wish the drawing applied to current members without having to send in a post card. I understand it’s a membership drive, but current members want a chance too.

    1. I agree. I’m in the process of becoming a lifetime member through the EPL program and would like an opportunity to win without sending in a postcard as well.


  2. I am a 100% sc wounded vet and former R.N. and I can walk and I am an expert marksman. I am an oath keeper but can not afford to pay the fee because after I got out of the service my country stripped me of all my rights and
    I lost everything. I now live in a 24/7 survival mode . I have been trying to blow the whistle but the liberal media will not listen. Please see my book and website at and I have a project at search under ” Wounded vet in Crisis”
    If oath keepers needs me I want you to call me and I will come running. I can act as a guard, sniper or rifleman.

  3. I just renewed my membership but this is what I have to say, one of many things I truely believe in!
    When good people have to depend on a government that depends on people to give much of their wealth to support those who depend on the government then it becomes a government for which we cannot trust. Corruption within because of the power of government lends to a spiral of conceit and grand expectations that government can do it all. This is its failure and in the end when this process gains more who are on the rolls of the government outnumber those who pay into the government the system is doomed to fail! The powers of government will only become angry and will turn on the people and the only ones who have will be the ones in government for which were placed by the people! The people lose the power and the government reign’s and the people lose their dignity!

    We need to take our country back.. We are the new patriots, we need to fight for our dignity and our independence and mostly our Freedom!!

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