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INFOWARS: FEDEX Refuses To Ship Revolutionary Gun Making Tool



Business owner accuses company of colluding with federal government


This article was written by Adan Salazar for InfoWars dot com

International shipping company FedEx stands accused of refusing to ship a small business owner’s gun-related product, in what the entrepreneur claims is an underhanded attack on gun rights, individual liberty and the Second Amendment.

Dark Wallet innovator and 3D printed gun inventor Cody Wilson says FedEx’s refusal to ship his company’s latest product, the Ghost Gunner, has left him with no way to fulfill paying customers’ orders, effectively putting him out of business.

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Elias Alias

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  1. why not use UPS or some other carrier?? why are they refusing to ship it? does it violate some FFL requirement under color of law? there is very little info here.

  2. Hey! What is the problem? Is ther something that you can not differ or do without for 30 days?

    Bankrupt these A_Ho*** or at least reduce their great bonus>>>
    This is total Bull SH**. Cut them off where they HURT>>>>>

  3. I’m not sure what happened but Fred Smith was upset with 0bama over the “brown bailout.” He threatened to cancel a large order from Boeing. He went to DC, met with 0bama and when he came back to Memphis he gave a statement that, “He was wrong. 0bama is pro-business.” And that was that.
    I was told by someone last yr who works for Fedex corporate that Fedex is covertly in the process of moving the bulk of its operation to China.

  4. oh yea, both Fedex and UPS have contracts with the federal government. Together they handle all USPS packages.

  5. This is crap, if this guy really wanted to ship it he could use the U.S postAL service. Unlike UPS and FedEx the UPS is not a private company and does not have the option to refuse shipment of an item that is technically a paperweight. It’s not a firearm nor does it have a serial number registered with any state firearms licensing unit. There is nothing illegal about small cnc machine and regardless of what it could make it not relevant when it comes to shipping. If the UPS refuses they could be sued big time for discrimination, for disparate treatment in customers as well as some other offenses. That’s for the lawyers to figure out but it sounds to me like this guy was bullied by the feds and is using this fed ex crap as an excuse because the feds put the fear of God into him by probably threatening to come after him with the IRS, BATFE and every other ABC agency they have until they can pin him in something and lock him up.

  6. I left this group/organization because of the federals who have infiltrated it in the beginning of Oathkeepers. This group used to make fun of people on this site talking about Infowars, or any alternative news suggesting people getting together to start community programs as kooks, idiots, and losers. Watch yourselves, when I first came on here, any talk of organizing was a no no, but now it seems its just par for the course, so for the people who started this part of oathkeepers, the CPT, you seem really shady, and it feels like a setup. I brought up this same type of program for Oathkeepers, a few years ago, I was considered an Idiot, and a conspiracy looneytoon. I have put my own crew together now without Oathkeepers, Although we swore an Oath as well when we raised our right hands. So don’t rely on this group/organization to be here for you in the end, they will let you down. Get your own crew together, and look for like minds.

    [Editor’s Note: Your paranoia is showing, Amigo. If you do not approve of Oath Keepers, why are you reading and posting comments here, eh? Think about that. Best of luck to you, and remember — we’re all in this together. Try to focus on positive work at hand, and leave off with the attacks on others who are trying to do things their way, just as you’re trying to do things your way, right? Thank you,
    Elias Alias, editor]

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