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The Complete SAS Survival Manual

           The Complete SAS Survival Manual


I just finished reading The Complete SAS Survival Manual by Barry Davies.

Though this book may be a little basic for some of the survival minded folks out there (most of you probably know how to build a fire) I believe it will still have something to offer even to those who study survival regularly. For the vast majority of people this book could be the one manual to have with you in your BOB or GHB. It covers all the typical survival situations plus some that many would never consider. For example, how many of the basic survival books cover capture, escape and evasion; including such topics as lock-picking and evading tracking dogs? Not many, in my experience.

A list of the major topics covered by section goes like this: Capture, Escape, Evasion, Survival, First Aid For Survival, Water, Survival Shelters, Fire, Survival Diet, Plants From the Wild, Meat From the Wild, Food from the Water, Navigation, Search and Rescue, Survival at Sea, and Self Defence.

Each of the sections have clear illustrations and easy to follow text. As it should be, everything is made simple. In my opinion, this is the single-book solution to handy survival information.

I have one complaint with this book and only one. In the chapter on self-defense the author gives a caution about using lethal weapons and, in fact, suggests that you never carry a gun or knife. Obviously, I believe him to be completely full of crap. I suppose that being British he may be motivated by legalities to include that caution.

Despite that one criticism I hold this manual in high regard. If you have friends or family members who aren’t trained in survival, nor practice wilderness skills on a regular basis, I would recommend that you get them a copy of this book. My copy is going in by BOB right now.