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Testimonial – Woody


Testimonial: My Oath began before I was born. My Father served during WWII and instilled Patriotism into our family from the beginning. I took my Oath of
enlistment, 3 Mar 81 when I enlisted in the U.S. Army. My Oath means I will support and/or defend the Constitution with everything I do and
say. I do this for my children and grandchildren, so they may have the chance to live and enjoy life in a free Country.

I submitted myself to the Military during the Cold War era, I have stood on the
border between communism and the Free World. My service continued through the Gulf War, serving in combat arms on the front line.

I will continue the fight as long as I have a breath in my body. Not for myself, but for those I love.  I fought and will fight ( if needed ) to ensure our Country remains the Constitutional Republic it is supposed to be. This is my Country and I will defend her to the end


Shorty Dawkins