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Testimonial – Sean Radley


Testimonial: Hello brothers and sisters.

My name is Sean Radley. I served in the army until I was given a medical discharge in 01. I served in 1-33 ar bn (MEN OF WAR) Ft. Lewis, Wash. for a little over a year, then moved to 2-37 ar bn (COURAGE CONQUERS) in Friedberg, Germany, where I spent the rest of my time in the army.

I joined the army, not for college, or money, but because my parents, who both had long careers in the navy, instilled in their children the core belief that serving in the military wasn’t an option, but a duty, that all able Americans should adhere to. I hold the Constitution and the Bill of Rights in the same regards as my bible, they are all holy to me, and I feel that I am bound by the oath I took till the day I die. I am saddend at the state of our great country and know that if our fore-fathers could see what has befallen us, that they would be very angry. I hope to make many friends and hope to be an active part of this Great organization.

Sincerely Sean Radley D.A.V, U.S. ARMY


Shorty Dawkins