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Testimonial – Robert Erdmann

Testimonial:  Just renewed my membership, it is 3:00am, can’t sleep, to upset with what’s coming from Washington. We now have a king who will rule by imperial edict (executive order), and will bypass our congress and any checks on his authority. I knew a gun ban would be enacted after the very first mass shooting, if Obama was reelected – a total gun ban has been planned from the start of his presidency.

If we can just get the word out to to enough Americans we may still be able to retain the 2nd. amendment. If our ruling elites could be made to feel the
burning anger of free people at the idea of being disarmed, maybe Obama, Biden, Feinstein will back down. Its probably to late for that now, as the dream of socialism was always a broke and disarmed America. But I am so thankful that Oathkeepers is in place, to give me a voice, and express how I feel better than I know how to. I served in the Navy, on Subs, and have had a safe life, thanks to our combat veterans, and those in harms way. I am proud to have the opportunity to stand with you now, as a free citizen and not a subject
of the king!


Shorty Dawkins