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Testimonial – Leon Cochrane


Testimonial:  I am thankful for Stewart Rhodes. It’s people like him that take the initiative to stand up for the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. I’m not afraid of what is about to happen, God forbid it doesn’t, but I am more than ready spiritually, mentality, and physically. I do not care about being anonymous, because the authoritarian pigs know exactly who I am and what I stand for. I know they are probably reading this as I type this Oath.

I honestly really want to get this thing over with, and put these people in jail, already, but I guess we are not quite at the edge of the cliff yet to start pushing back physically, but I am ready to die for my rights, and whoever is afraid to die, then just simply kill yourself because you my friend are already dead.  I’m all in.


Leon Elias Cochrane


Shorty Dawkins