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Testimonial – Henry Bowman


Testimonial: Around the turn of the current century, there existed an on-line
newspaper by the name of The Sierra Times. The following first appeared at this site in 2003 as an opinion piece, under the nom de plume of Henry Bowman:

Now Is The Time

For many years now most of the people of America have sat by silently and allowed their time-tested and cherished beliefs to be mocked and degraded. They have held their tongue when others spoke out against patriotism, against morality and against the value system that brought their nation into being. Some of the people realized that what they were witnessing could not go on forever, and that a time would come when they would have to stand up and be counted or resign themselves to virtual slavery and the loss of all they held dear. That time is now.

For many years we have listened to the preachers without virtue. For many years we have heard the empty promises of the dishonorable politicians. We have mutely gone along with the doctrines put forth by those who would bring this country down and render it more suitable for inclusion in a single, global, warm-and-fuzzy government. We said nothing while the schools taught degeneracy to our children. But we knew, or at least some of us knew, that a time would come when these false teachings would have to be stopped. That time is now.

For as long as most of us can remember we have gone to work each day and watched as our efforts were converted into ever larger tax “contributions” for the benefit of the unworthy and the lazy and the illegal. We have watched as the money taken from us each payday went to foreign adventures and corruption in high office, while the potholes in our highways grew larger with each passing year and many of our elderly learned to sustain themselves on pet food and little more. And in our heart of hearts we knew that these injustices would have to end someday. That day is now.

The nation has been prodigal for too long, and those of us who should have given it guidance have failed in our duty out of a misdirected sense of equating tolerance
with love. Like the parent who can’t say “no”, we’ve hoped that eventually our
charge would find the right path again on its own if we were only patient enough. This hasn’t happened, and it isn’t going to happen. Eventually the parent must step in and firmly redirect the child if that child is to have any future at all. Eventually a time comes to say, “enough, and no more” to unrestrained indulgence. That time is now.

The corrupt government officials, the false preachers, the advocates of unbounded license and their philosophical fellow travelers have had their day in the sun. They must now be plainly told and clearly shown that our tolerance for their foolishness is at an end. And if this telling and showing should prove insufficient to turn them from their ways, then we must do whatever is required to rid our land of their cancerous corruption. When a time comes, and it is clear that lesser measures have failed, we must be willing to call for the surgeon. That time is now.

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