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Testimonial – Frank Pugh aka “TANK”

Testimonial:  I am a proud U.S. Coast Guard veteran, 20 years active duty service. Joined June 18th 1971 retired June 30th 1992 with my identical twin brother, also a career Coastie. Served in the South, North Pacific, North Atlantic and the Arctic.
The Enlistment Oath was/is a solemn promise that I still am honor bound to uphold, even now. Our father was an Army Korean veteran, grandfathers WW11. I am an American military history buff due to the fact that I can trace my bloodline from the American revolution to the present, the love of Country and our way of life goes hand in hand with the Oath from then to now.

My father said before his death in 2006 that he loved his country but feared our current government. I have to concur. I pray our young men and women who currently serve our nation are not robots and will understand what the Oath means and stands for. That they will have the common sense and heart to know the difference of enemies from within as well as from without.


Shorty Dawkins