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Testimonial – David W. Ray, Sr.


Testimonial: I served from 1978 to 1986. I was in the USAF Security Police. I guarded Nuclear Loaded Aircraft and Nuclear bombs. I put many an hour walking the Cramps watching and patrolling for the unknown.

I gave my oath in 1978 in Columbia SC. I gave the oath because I meant it. My family has served America since the war of 1812. I have them on record as I have worked on my Family Tree for over 20 Years. My son is in Afghanistan now on his 2nd tour. I have a grand-son and grand-daughter, and I hope they get a chance to serve. My oldest brother, who just died in December, was in the army for 12 years. My dad was in the army in WW2, as you can see, WE DONT QUIT.

My Oath is my Commitment, My Life , My Honor, My Family Names Honor. I will fight ALL enemy’s both Foreign and DOMESTIC. I will not give up even after death. Thank you OK for all you do.

SSgt David W. Ray Sr. Disabled American Veteran. AMERICAN.


Shorty Dawkins


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  1. Hi David,
    Just wanted to introduce myself, Oath Keeper Life member Dean W Abbey USAF Security Police Specialist 1985-1990. 91SPS Minot ND. GLCM Ranger 501st SPS Greenham Common England also got lucky enough to compete in the Tops n Blues 1989 and win world wide competition with my band taking the instrumental Group category, also I took 1st place USAFE Vocal Self accompanied.
    Well enough about me. Get a hold of me on email and we can swap stories. Dean-O
    Later Brother

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