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Testimonial – Anonymous


Testimonial: I am 73 years old, my testimonial is about the erosion of our freedoms that I have witnessed in my lifetime. It happens little by little so especially the younger people don’t always notice.

In the 1980’s I noticed while living in So. Carolina that they began doing illegal
searches without probable cause. I was living on a barrier island outside Charleston and the police would pull people over & search their cars including the trunks. The excuse was drug searches. Then they began confiscating people’s property, money, cars, boats, etc. again war on drugs being the excuse, without trial just taking people’s stuff. What money would not have drug traces?

Then in N. Carolina I experienced road blocks where you had to show your “papers” driver’s license etc. I consider this a violation of my rights. They do this in Calif. also “to catch drunk drivers”. The general public should not be subjected to these roadblocks, it never would have happened in 1950.

I know my testimonial is a bit off the subject however it is another  demonstration of how our rights have been eroded over the years.

I am very happy that oath keepers now exists & we need to remember that the price of freedom is constant vigilance.

We need to work to remove every member of congress who voted for NDAA.

Thank you for all your good work.


Shorty Dawkins