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One who served as best he could

Testimonial: I am not sure that I belong amongst those who have served our country with honor and distinction. I can only say that I have great respect for those who placed themselves in harm’s way to keep our nation free.

1966 brought the end of high school and the receipt of a draft notice so I enlisted in the USAF. My father had been ill for sometime and having no siblings I was the sole support for he and my mother. I was discharged prior to service due to hardship circumstances.

Dad’s death meant mom moving away and my getting married.
I have always felt guilty that I did not serve our nation as I should have.

I entered the fire and EMS service then went into law enforcement and finally back into the fire service for thirty-five years. Now at 67 I have fifty one years in emergency services.

My thought was to keep what part of our country I worked in as safe as possible and to care for their relatives in need. Nothing can possibly equate to the horrors of war but I can state that things can get pretty bad “in the street”. I learned what edged weapons, firearms, improvised weapons and other things can do to human flesh.

For what it is worth, this was my service. I hope it was enough.

(Editor’s note: Fifty-one years of service to your fellow man is an example to us all. Thank you for your service. – Shorty Dawkins)


Shorty Dawkins