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Leader Of Al Qaeda Group In Iraq Was Fictional, U.S. Military Says


by Shorty Dawkins

The New York Times has a curious article by Michael R. Gordon, Leader of Al Qaeda group in Iraq was fictional, U.S. military says. It is curious for a number of reasons.

First, the title. Leader of Al Quaeda group in Iraq, it claims, but the story is actually about the leader of ISIS. So, why not say it? Is this a new attempt to bring up the bogeyman of Al Qaeda? Isn’t the fabricated story of ISIS scary enough? I say fabricated, because ISIS was formed by the US and its allies, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. Do a little research and you will come to the same conclusion. The establishment of ISIS was what Benghazi was really about. The arms that were transferred from the chaotic state of Libya, and were funneled through Turkey, to so-called “moderate rebels”, intent on doing the bidding of the US in deposing Assad in Syria, and to destabilize Iraq, once more. Al Qaeda swore allegiance to the Islamic Caliphate (ISIS). Abdullah Rashid al-Baghdadi, the leader of ISIS, proclaimed himself the Caliph of the Islamic State. It is al-Baghdadi that is claimed to be fictional.

Another curious feature is the date of the article: Published: Wednesday, July 18, 2007. Really? 2007? Yet, the article talks of a military operation dubbed: Arrowhead Ripper may still be ongoing in Iraq. It was active just days ago. The date could simply be a matter of an older article being erased, and a new article inserted on the same base page, but I find it odd that the author, or webmaster, would do this. Why not a completely new page/article? It would be far easier. Was the author trying to tell us something? Or was it just a silly rewrite over another article? Whatever it is, it is odd.
Now we come to the main curiosity, the claim that al-Baghdadi was fictional. This, from the NYT article:

Bruce Riedel, a former CIA official and a Middle East expert, said that experts had long wondered whether Baghdadi actually existed. “There has been a question mark about this,” he said.
Nonetheless, Riedel suggested that the disclosures made Wednesday might not be the final word on Baghdadi and the leaders of Al Qaeda in Mesopotamia. Even Mashadani’s assertions, Riedel said, might be a cover story to protect a leader who does in fact exist.


“First, they say we have killed him,” Riedel said, referring to the statements by some Iraqi government officials. “Then we heard him after his death and now they are saying he never existed. That suggests that our intelligence on Al Qaeda in Iraq is not what we want it to be.”


If al-Baghdadi is, indeed, a fictional character, then it would seem the entire intelligence gathering apparatus of the US and its allies is useless. Come on, they can’t even tell if a leader of an army is real, or fictional? They tracked him and claimed to have killed him, but he didn’t actually exist? This is too bizarre for words. But then again, the whole bin Laden story is bizarre in the extreme. Why should the ISIS story be any less bizarre?

It seems to me, that the military, (perhaps under orders from higher up), wants to resurrect Al Qaeda as the enemy, while downplaying ISIS. Al Qaeda is ISIS, they are claiming. The smokescreen of hiding foreign leadership of ISIS can be seen through, without much trouble. Bush and Obama both got a lot of mileage out of the Al Qaeda myth, why not return to it? Perhaps they’ll bring Bin Laden back from the dead.


Shorty Dawkins



  1. At every turn, this “government” is aiding, funding, supporting, arming and protecting each faction (real or invented) of the islamic desert rats! Why? Because the nest/headquarters/club house is right here in DC!
    C.A.I.R , ISIS & the Rainbow House are One & the same!

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