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Volunteers Peacefully Protect Ferguson Small Businesses

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Stewart Rhodes of and Sam Andrews of St. Louis area Oathkeepers,  realizing that Governor Nixon had already twice failed to protect local businesses, talk about how they organized volunteers to peacefully protect defenseless small businesses during Monday and Tuesday’s riots.





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  1. So a hand full of motivated individuals from Oathkeepers can keep business’s under their wing from burning.
    Yet the mighty assets of the local Police, State Police, National Guard, are powerless to protect small business’s?
    This is correct? Is this believable?

    This Riot is ALLOWED to occur by the TREASONOUS power structure.
    The pretend President of USSA changed Amerika WANTS chaos and the impression of chaos.

    This situation is object lesson:
    1. This government will do the exact opposite of what is good for the common people. The government wants to harm us.
    2, In any crises YOU are on your own. Take care of your own. We are on our own.
    3. Take personal responsibility. Depend only on yourself and your own men.

    Good job Oathkeepers.
    When will we Impeach the dangerous anti American poser president?

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