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Video Of Cleveland Police Shooting Of Tamir Rice Raises Disturbing Questions: Editorial

Tamir Rice

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One moment Tamir Rice was stomping on a snowball like any 12-year-old kid might do and the next he was shot and fatally wounded by a Cleveland police officer.

The details of how this tragic shooting went down still need to be fleshed out, but based on a surveillance video of the shooting at Cudell Recreation Center on Cleveland’s West Side, the police have a lot of explaining to do.

Not the least of which is why the two officers involved failed to immediately give first aid to the fallen boy. It wasn’t until an FBI agent who happened to be in the area arrived four minutes later that Tamir was given any such attention.

The account Cleveland police gave of the shooting by a rookie police officer does not seem to match what the video reveals.

The police said two officers, responding to a 9-1-1 call, went to the park and saw Tamir take what they thought was a pistol from a table under a gazebo in the park and stuff it in his waistband. Police said that the boy was sitting with a group at the time.

Police also said that the officers told Tamir three times to raise his hands, and that when he reached for what they thought was a real pistol, he was shot.

The video, however, shows officers in a cruiser pull up within several feet of Rice, who was not with a group, but by himself underneath a gazebo. Immediately, even before the car stops rolling, the cruiser’s passenger side door opens, an officer emerges and fires at Tamir, who drops to the ground.

Deputy Police Chief Ed Tomba said the officers ordered Tamir to “show your hands” three times from the ajar passenger door, but it’s hard to believe that’s possible based on the video.

The shot that struck Tamir appears to have been fired the very moment the officer stands up after getting out of the car. If this is the proper technique for confronting an armed gunman, let alone a 12-year-old boy with a toy gun, one has to wonder what training manual they are consulting.

Why did the officers drive right up to Tamir? Why didn’t they park further away, climb out of their car and shield themselves with a door or another section of the car, and then order Tamir to drop his weapon?

As we said, the police have a lot of explaining to do.





  1. WTF WTF when when when is this going to (STOP) he is a 12 year old boy murdered in cold blood are cops that scared of a dark skinned person what in the hell i just i what the hell is F ing wrong with them
    just jump out of the car gun blazing shoot an un armed BOY and then stand their and not give first aid to

  2. This is NOT a white/black issue. It is a Police vs. the American people of all skin tones.
    Police brutality and misdeeds are affecting anyone having contact with them.
    Police are beating up elderly people.
    Police in Oklahoma killed an unarmed father in front of his family. 5 officers on one fat middle age man.
    Police in California MURDERED an unarmed homeless man because he called female officer a bitch.
    Police in Albuquerque NM murdered unarmed homeless man in cold blood.
    Police are killing peoples pets in front of their children.
    Police are making up charges against innocent people.
    All the above video can easily be found be searching
    See it with your own eyes.

    In short, Police are out of control with ZERO Accountability.
    Many Police view themselves as having a License to KILL.
    Many Police view the American People as Enemy Combatants.

    When will it stop?
    When will there be ACCOUNTABILITY for choices and actions?

    I believe this is Intentional.
    The power structure wants to make people afraid.
    The government WANTS the violence to scare people to remain in line.
    Or maybe the government wants a Civil War? That is what they are provoking.

    Never give an enemy what they want.
    Be cool. Be calm. Be rational. Don’t do anything stupid.
    But do write, call, peaceful assemble, get together locally, Stop the Violence against the American people.
    Vote idiots out of office. Raise a fuss at city hall meetings about Police violence.

    As Oathkeepers and those who are in Law enforcement. It makes it very difficult for good people who are just doing a job as best they can. When their fellow officers are murdering people in cold blood. When anyone stands up for what is right you are then ostracized or worse by fellow officers.

    Look at the particulars of the Christopher Dorner incident with LAPD in California. There is more to that situation than the guy being a nut job. Look at how his problems began. He stood up for a man being beaten. He may have lost it at the end? But his Navy service appears to have been solid until his problems with LAPD. Those began with Dorner not keeping quite about a wrong committed by female officer. Looks like LAPD ruined the man. After that is when he lost it and went off the deep end.

    This Problem with Police out of control is NOT new.
    Look up Boise Idaho Police shooting incidents in 1990’s. White Police MURDERED two white unarmed teenagers in only a few months.
    The officers involved were imports from California big city departments.

    This Problem is NOT white vs. black.
    It is a Problem of Police viewing ALL Americans as enemy combatants and not as their neighbors.
    Part of the problem is Training.
    Other part is officer selection and fitness for the stress of the job.
    As stated before Lack of Accountability is issue.

    Also is FACT that more Police officers kill themselves than are killed in line of duty.
    Suicide is a real problem. A problem seldom acknowledged or addressed.
    I wish that Oathkeepers could find resources to help Police officers and Veterans with the suicide prevention mission.
    Suicide by Police officers, currently serving US Military service personnel, returned Veterans, is a National problem NEVER addressed.
    I think that a few phone lines. A few email accounts. Volunteers manning the lines. And training of the volunteers is within the realm of doable.

    We as Oathkeepers need to take care of our own.
    The VA is near worthless. Government absolutely worthless.
    Oathkeepers could make a real difference and help our fellow Vets and Law enforcement officers.

    Fear. Stress. Poor training. Having no where to turn for problems. All make for tragedy such as this young man’s death.

  3. Now that looks like an incident that is deserving of the reactions being shown in Ferguson. why do they pick an incident like Michael Brown to raise hell over. a thug that got what he deserved. when there are so many of these real tragedies like what happened to this 12 year old boy. that cop shot so fast there was no way he gave any warning let alone giving the kid time to react. That cop had better be severely punished.

  4. I agree with the view expressed by Lionel H. Based on his comment that suicide is a big problem amongst cops means that they are very likely on psych drugs. The military also has a huge problem of suicide and the underlying cause is the meds they’re given. We have to get that handled so that someone, like a cop, most of whom are basically good and probably doing something out of character – like random killing and insane behavior doesn’t have to go to those lengths. The side effects of some of those “meds/drugs” are horrendous and that could be one of the causes of the problem.

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