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Veterans Day Message: Military Order of Purple Heart Commander J. Patrick Little


To all our Veterans:

On this designated day Oath Keepers wishes to thank each and every one of you Veterans for your service to our country and to the American people. You have our undying Salute! and eternal gratitude.  Oath Keepers is proud of you.

The Commander of the Congressionally founded Military Order of the Purple Heart, J. Patrick Little, has sent out a letter which I would like to post to all our readers here at Oath Keepers. Salutes go to my friend and Brother, Viet Nam Veteran and holder of the Purple Heart, “Pancho”, for sending this one in.

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My Fellow Patriots:

As your National Commander, I am proud of each and every Patriot member of the Military Order of the Purple Heart and I salute you for your loyal and valiant service to this great nation. Veterans Day is a special day, set aside for all Americans to reflect on the many sacrifices and the great achievements of the brave men and women who have defended our freedom. For those of us who bear the scars of war, this day has special meaning and sentiment.

Unlike Memorial Day, when we honor those who made the ultimate sacrifice, this day honors the many other veterans who gave their all, but were able to return to their homes and their families. At home, they continue to serve and contribute to making their communities a better place to live. I urge all Americans to pause today to pay respect those veterans in your family, your community, and other friends by thanking them for their service and sacrifice. If possible, take time to visit with our sick and disabled veterans and assure them that they will not be forgotten. For me, Veterans Day has always been a day of reflection –it’s the day that I allow myself to go back to my days in Viet Nam, and remember and pay tribute to those special men and women with whom I served.

President Reagan once summed it up nicely when he said, “The blessings of liberty which our ancestors secured for us, and which we still enjoy, are ours only because, in each generation, there have been men and women willing to bear the hardships and sacrifices of serving in the military forces we need to preserve our freedom.   These fine men and women have not sought glory for themselves, but peace and freedom for all. They exemplify the spirit that has preserved us as a great Nation, and they deserve our recognition for everything they have done. With a spirit of pride and gratitude, we honor and remember our veterans today.”

J. Patrick Little

National Commander




Oath Keepers cherishes every Veteran member in our ranks. You are truly the “Guardians of the Republic”. We not only thank you for your service, we also thank you for *continuing* to serve even now that you are no longer on active duty. You are the stuff of which America’s greatness consists. But for you, America would be lost. Thank you for keeping the candle burning through every storm we’ve faced since 1775, and for continuing to stand as America’s testament to the world that on our land, in our country, men and women of courage will stand and fight for freedom. We fight onward even today as we seek to restore a stolen government to it Constitutional roots, and we at Oath Keepers salute your courage to fight this good fight on behalf of all Americans. Ooorah!



Elias Alias, editor





  1. To all My Brother’s ,and Sister’s who have Served In past Wars ,and Present , I Salute all who gave Some ,and Especially, Those Who Gave All, such as my Dearest Brother ,and Friend “John Viail ” of High Tower Michigan. May he for ever Rest In Heaven , when His Life was taken at the Tender Age of 20 year’s old, His memories remain in my Heart,and Soul ! One Day we will make that cross Country Trip on our Motorcycle’s as we plan after serving Our Country In the Viet Nam War during Tet Offensive in, 1968 ,and return back to the good ole U S A , He Died,and I was wounded with the same grenade that landed between both of us in a night ambush firefight ! My Company Commander 1st Lt Mel Grove who gave us the courage to FACE THE ENEMY, AND DEFEAT THEM IN THE HEAT OF BATTLE ! HE WILL ALWAYS BE MY HERO !

  2. I deeply thank you for your comments this day. You are right, we all stand ready to fight and defend this great Nation, even against it’s current criminal leadership. God Bless America.

  3. I would like to add it is about time the men and women who became victims at Fort Hood should get their Purple Hearts and the benefits they deserved for their service. Hopefully they will in the near future. God bless all.

  4. Defending our freedom? I don’t see anyone doing that. The US government, which the military serves, is no longer functioning under the Constitution — not even on paper, let alone in practice. The “War on Drugs” and the “War of Terror” have led to the suspension of due process through practices such as civil asset forfeiture and indefinite detention. Millions of people rot in barbaric prisons for.victimless offenses. The military uses its vast intelligence capabilities to spy on the whole population. The police are out of control and indistinguishable from the military proper. Volumes could be written about how government at all levels in the US tramplew on the Bill of Rights each and every day without consequence.

    I think OK is a great organization and a step in the right direction. But let’s not deceive ourselves: refusing to participate in the destruction of the Constitution is NOT the same as keeping the oath to defend the Constitution. There is a huge difference between defending something, and merely expressing outrage while others destroy it. Barring the occasional lone wolf who retaliates against the police state (Christopher Monfort, Eric Frein, etc.), NO ONE has been defending the Constitution. That’s why it’s no longer in force.

    (Associate Editor’s Note: What is it exactly that you expect people to do, Mike? And what exactly are YOU doing? Yes, the situation is bad, but there is such a thing as measured response and strategy. I’m still amazed at how many people in the Liberty Movement still can’t grasp the concept of right actions at the right time. They like to beat their chests and cry out for battle, but the reality is, they have no idea what that battle will really entail. They think they want it, but when the SHTF, half of them will be hiding in a hole. Going “lone wolf” accomplishes nothing. And neither would a mindless assault on the establishment by millions. A fight is surely coming, but I suggest you look into the reality of 4th Generation Warfare and realize that what Oath Keepers is doing is the MOST important part of fighting back against a corrupt government.)

  5. @ Mike,

    In a way what you say is true. But the thing is that many were taught incorrectly through our own ignorance about what our nation is, what our government is.

    It is not the vets or current military’s fault. They do not know the US Constitution. Many were raised, and many of their upper military echelon back up, under a progressive schooling and hit by lies and propaganda everywhere.

    It is their fault when they do not bother to understand the Oath. But, did you bother to learn its meaning and the consequences that would be yours alone to bear before taking it?

    OK is correct in teaching/educating, because the only way this will stop if the people themselves and the ones who will be used against us will “just follow orders” and “just do their jobs” refuse to do those things and instead keep their Oath as this nation requires of them.

    Do I think that OK can do more? Sure, I’d like to see some charges brought up, BUT I am not aware of just how extended out there OK is. America is a huge nation with a lot of people and not only the Military, but also the LE’s, Firefighters, Emergency personnel, etc all need to learn.

    Plus, when you say “Barring the occasional lone wolf who retaliates against the police state” .. is not really what our laws, the supreme law requires of us. IT requires us to DEFEND our nation by different means, not by physical violence, but by physical DEFENSE where needed. OK went to Nevada, and they stood between traitorous governmental agents, ex military snipers, etc.

    Can they be everywhere? No. Do we wish they could? Yes!

    What they can do is educate enough, organize community response teams so that they can survive, help others survive, and defend themselves as is proper. One lone wolf cannot do it, we need people trained, educated into what our nation is.

    Hopefully we will get to the charges, arrests, prosecutions and death sentences for the traitors. soon though. What we can do, you and I, is also educate, train, and learn all we can to pass to others so that they can spread the knowledge and the Constitution so our nation can live.

    God Bless, Stay Safe!

    “But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing.  It behooves you, therefore, to be watchful in your States as well as in the Federal Government.” Andrew Jackson, Farewell Address, March 4, 1837

  6. To the Associate Editor:

    First, I am not advocating that anyone go out and commit lone wolf attacks, though I can see how my post might have appeared to imply as much. If I thought scattered lone wolf actions were the path toward long-term restoration of freedom in America, I’d be walking that walk myself right now, not talking about it on the Internet.

    The point is that contrary to the sort of military propaganda Americans are force-fed from birth (an example of which is posted at the top of this page), no one in the military has fought for our freedom or even for the interests of the American people for many decades at least. Only those who have done concrete damage to the police state, thereby incurring the wrath of the corrupt US government, are worthy of recognition for defending our freedom. Even if their approach was ill-advised and ineffective, they’re the only ones who have actually FOUGHT for the Constitution.

    It’s crucial for everyone to realize this truth and keep it in mind. I know it’s a very hard pill to swallow, especially for those who have endured great hardships or made great personal sacrifices while serving in Uncle Scam’s military. Some may even be enraged by what I’ve said here. But the propaganda about how “our troops fight for our freedom” needs to DIE. It has lulled far too many Americans into a false sense of security. It accounts for much of the public’s tolerance for outrageous levels of military spending and R&D, all of which makes the standing army stronger and puts our freedom (what little remains) in correspondingly greater danger. (Our nuclear deterrent obviates any concerns about foreign military attack.) Public worship of the military also encourages callow young people into joining up in the hopes of “serving their country” and receiving public adulation. Then they end up unwittingly serving the domestic enemies of the Constitution.

    With regards to a “mindless assault on the establishment by millions”: Well, mindless or not, that would put an end to the current regime in a heartbeat. Look at all the resources the police state expended going after people like Christopher Dorner and Eric Frein. We’re talking hundreds of people and millions of dollars for just TWO people. Multiple that by millions, or even a few tens of thousands, and I assure you that the system would collapse. But we can hardly expect such an event without some unforeseen, massive provocation of the public by the government.

    What I personally have done, am doing, or will do to resist the police state isn’t relevant here, since I have never formally taken any oath to protect the Constitution from its domestic enemies. Unlike the members of Oath Keepers and all military personnel, I have no moral obligation to put my ass on the line resisting the police state, especially when almost no one else has proven himself willing to do so. Be that as it may, I am intensely dedicated to the principle of “Rightful Liberty” and will fight to the death for this principle if that should become necessary. Should I be forced to do so alone, my goal will be to take some enemies of liberty with me to the grave. We all end up dead sooner or later anyway, don’t we?

    As to what I think should be done on a large scale, some people already seem to be taking a solid approach along the lines of what Max Velocity discusses here:

    Now, I realize that many in Oath Keepers are doing what he suggests. (I did say that I thought OK was a great idea and a step in the right direction, didn’t I?) Just don’t confuse preparing to defend the Constitution with actual defense of the Constitution. And again, no one should EVER tell himself he’s keeping his oath to defend the Constitution if he is merely refusing to violate the Constitution. That goes double for those who are actively violating the Constitution by enforcing laws that are blatantly contrary to the Constitution in letter or in spirit.

    A possible flaw in the approach described by Max is that it allows the police state time to entrench itself even further. It can continue to take our taxes and spend it on its own further preparations. That means more surveillance, better police/military weaponry, and generally more difficulty for any eventual resistance. Just consider how much more powerful Leviathan is today than it was a couple of decades ago, back when the Waco Massacre happened. If people had taken action back then and rescued the Branch Davidians, they would have faced far less difficulty than they would today if such a scenario were repeated. Technology is rapidly increasing the gap in power between the police state and the people. In 10 to 20 years, rifles may be totally obsolete, and resistance to tyranny at that point may be completely futile.

    Therefore, in addition to Max’s suggested preparations, I believe it’s critical for all technically adept members of the Liberty Movement to research methods of defeating the police state’s technological advantages in the event of a conflict. Such methods can take the form of tactics or countervailing technology. Max Velocity’s IR-blocking tarp is an example of the kind of work people should be doing and sharing with others. I am investigating other concepts that I will not discuss online at this time. Suffice it to say that whether liberty is to be restored peacefully or otherwise, the window of time for such restoration is closing.

    (Associate Editor’s Note: It actually does sound like you are advocating lone wolf actions, and I would be careful in that kind of rhetoric. I also think you are making brush strokes too broad to be supported by reality. Saying “No” is the very first and most important step in any fight for freedom, and this is what Oath Keepers promotes foremost. You cannot have a revolution without awareness and an ideological stand. What you are advocating is some kind of leap from point A to point Z without all the necessary work in-between. This is never going to happen.

    What YOU are doing IS relevant, especially if you are going to take it upon yourself to offer some kind of critical analysis of what other people are doing. If you don’t have anything proactive to offer, then you should probably keep your opinions to yourself. There are far too many people out there who like to criticize and think they know better even though they have never accomplished anything worthwhile on their own merit in their lives. Why don’t you do something constructive? Show us how it is done if you think you can do it better. And by the way, we ALL have an obligation to put our asses on the line for liberty, whether we took an oath or not. There is no running or hiding from such an obligation. Period.

    Millions marching on the establishment (a la Operation American Spring), would be a complete disaster, and is the epitome of stupid strategy. It wouldn’t end any regime, only expose the movement to annihilation. Did you sign up for Adam Kokesh’s ridiculous march plan to Washington D.C.? I’m betting not…

    As far as Max Velocity is concerned, I don’t see him as a meaningful contributor to the cause. He trains people in standard infantry tactics for money, which is fine, but let’s see him do it for free, as Oath Keepers is doing all across the country through its CPT program, and then I’ll be slightly more impressed. His IR-tarp is also great, but again, it’s for money. Oath Keepers has it’s own Thermal Evasion Cloak which it has been working on for much longer than Velocity. We will be releasing it soon, and we will be offering the design specs for free to the public. I would also point out that Velocity is taking his dance steps from Oath Keepers, not the other way around.

    Again, if you think the movement should be doing something differently, or that the military as a whole should be doing something differently, then go make it happen, instead of expecting us to fulfill your ideal for you.)

  7. Cal: Thank you for your thoughtful reply. I can’t find much to disagree with there. Best wishes to you as well.

  8. @ Mike, I understand your frustration. I get frustrated also, as do we all. I have been working to educate the people of the Militia of the several states and their duties to train. Many are broke, worried about how, so here Oathkeepers comes in and provides training as Community Response Teams for free and it makes them feel that they are finally doing something constructive for our nation. People will do what they can, but sometimes they need to be shown a way, particularly today when all propaganda hits them with how helpless they are.

    It is important to help people empower themselves as a first step.

    You are correct in that there is a difference between refusing to go against the US Constitution and actually supporting and defending it. But at this time, since most of us fell down on watching the domestic enemies/traitors in office and removing them, fell down on what they are educating our children to become, etc we are all working to keep our country free and constitutional.

    The UN set Dec 24, as a date that they will enforce international law on the USA. I am working to educate and fight that happening as many people are not ready and every minute, day, week, month we can buy for them to learn in will be another step closer to prosecuting the traitors who are working to destroy our nation, and more American citizens who will survive.

    Not everyone understands the seriousness, but they were trained to not do so. I get angry, frustrated with my fear for them. I accept dying for our nation. But I refuse to allow those traitors to get one more person then I can educate to defend themselves, their families, and our nation.

    I do appreciate your comments and your voice.

    Be safe, and do not let your frustration guide you if you can. If you cannot, God Bless. We all do what we can, where we can, as we see it!

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