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Streets Of Ferguson Smolder After Grand Jury Decides Not To Indict Officer

Ferguson standoff

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By Holly Yan, Greg Botelho and Moni Basu

Ferguson, Missouri (CNN) — More than a dozen buildings charred, set ablaze in a wave of fury. Stores — many owned by locals — looted, with shattered glass covering the asphalt outside. Shell casings on the ground, having been fired by unknown shooters.

Welcome to Ferguson, Missouri.

This is what Tuesday looked like in Ferguson, hours after an eruption of rage over a grand jury’s decision not to indict police Officer Darren Wilson in the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown.

Many of those who took to the streets late Monday into Tuesday to vent what they say is police violence and racial injustice — rooted in the fact that Brown was black and Wilson is white — did so peacefully. Others did not, hurling bottles, batteries and rocks at police.

An entire row of businesses on West Florissant Avenue, a major thoroughfare, was engulfed in flames. Police cars and a row of vehicles at a nearby dealership were turned into fireballs. There were so many infernos that firefighters couldn’t get to every one.

There were also reports of gunshots: St. Louis County Police Chief Jon Belmar heard at least 100 through the night, though Missouri State Highway Patrol Capt. Ron Johnson insisted no bullets were fired by police. CNN’s Sara Sidner was struck in the head with a bottle.

“What we saw tonight was much worse than what we saw any night in August,” the St. Louis County police said on Facebook, referring to the days immediately after Brown’s death. “Bricks were thrown at police officers, two St. Louis County police cars were set on fire and police seized an automatic weapon.”

Authorities responded with round after round of tear gas, as well as shooting bean bags into the crowds.

Six people were treated and released with minor injuries between 10 p.m. Monday and 4 a.m. Tuesday at Christian Hospital in St. Louis, hospital spokesman Bret Berigan said. There were no known serious injuries — either to citizens or police officers — according to Belmar.

Police in Ferguson ended up making at least 61 arrests on charges ranging from unlawful assembly to burglary to unlawful possession of a firearm to arson.

By mid-Tuesday morning, the plazas were empty. Even the scene outside the police department — where Missouri National Guard members were to provide security, under orders of Gov. Jay Nixon — was calm.

But no one was under the belief that the tensions, or the threats of more unrest, were gone.

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  1. I am calling for all white cops to walk off in Ferguson and leave the city in protest to rogues and blacks. Pass the word


    So, you want the police to leave the business owners there even MORE at risk? Leave them at the mercy of looters, shooters, and burners? How is that an answer to anything? Those shop owners live there too, as do many other innocent people who have done nothing wrong. They deserve our support and assistance, not our abandonment. What you should be calling for is for the good people in Ferguson to arm themselves and take to the rooftops of those businesses to guard and protect them.


    Step up and do the right thing. Start rolling, and on the way call this local contact and let him know you are coming:

    Sam Andrews

  2. I say people arrive with signs of common sense to the citizens/criminals of ferguson, one sentence of congratulatiosn as follows on the signs.

    “Congratulations on slitting the throat of your own community.”

    now it will just continue to bleed out until it withers and dies.

    I don’t know what is wrong with people, destroying their own homes businesses and communities.

    but at least the police responded less aggressively this time IMO.

  3. Richard Says:
    November 25th, 2014 at 12:07 pm
    “I am calling for all white cops to walk off in Ferguson and leave the city in protest to rogues and blacks. Pass the word”

    What a knuckle head statement.
    What is wrong with you? Did you take the short bus to school? Dropped on your head or something? Raised by rabid wolves instead of humans? Again, What is wrong with you?

    History has shown that the Black communities are the worse hit by riots.
    The rioters burn down business’s that serve their own communities.
    The people are poor and have problems. The riots cause more misery and problems for their own people.

    Sad situation for good people that live among goofs looking for an excuse to profit and act like animals.
    Our civilization is held together by interdependent strands as thin as a spiders thread.
    It does NOT take much to take away civilization to devolve into anarchy, chaos, people behaving as feral beasts.

    Peaceful protests are allowed under the constitution. If people are wronged then they can voice their concerns.
    Loudly and disruptive in a peaceful manner. Non compliance is a wonderful tool to use for protests.

    But if the line is crossed into anarchy and violence then superior force should be used to counter that violence.

    I’m in Texas. We have “the Castle Law.” This allows Deadly use of force to secure our homes from predators. Two legged are included. Home Invasion and car jacking are not common. The predators have come to an END as a result of their choice to do violence upon armed citizens. We also have many armed CHL licensed people and ten times that number who carry without the CHL permit. With that many armed people. Riots are few here.

    Texans are armed. Know how to shoot. And are sometimes a little crazy. That combination keeps predators in check to a certain degree. The predators are culled.

    I have also lived exactly were the Ferguson problems are occurring. It was many years ago and the texture of the neighborhood was different than it is today. Also the economy was better then. People had jobs and economic opportunity. The people in Ferguson have a different mindset than Texans. Many good people there don’t have guns. Texans have a stupid amount of guns.

    The good people in Ferguson need protection from both the rioters and the Police.
    Good people are caught in the middle.
    Good people are being lumped into the group of hooligans and business burners just because their skin is dark.
    That is WRONG.
    There are plenty of good people in Ferguson that don’t steal, don’t rob, don’t burn.
    To leave those good people unprotected against the looters and burners is WRONG.
    For you to suggest that is WRONG.

    If I have a job to do. I do the job well. If I am unwilling to do that job then I need to be doing something else.
    If Police are NOT willing to stop the rioters from looting and burning. Then those officers should quit. They don’t belong in uniform.

    Your suggestion Richard is Foolish and Wrong.

    It seems to me that looting and burning is being Allowed.
    The Fed government WANTS the distraction of chaos.

    It is CRIMINAL the way the self appointed Czar of Amerika in The Kingdom of Washington is playing golf while American city burns. He is all knowing and has the self appointed position of Tyrant King imposing his leftist communist agenda and destroying liberty and rule of law. But he lacks the courage, diplomacy, and will to stop the idiocy in Ferguson.
    The current Regime WANTS chaos.

    Your suggestion Richard, is as Foolish as your current Amerika USSA president.

  4. The Ferguson Police were tough and hard when there are many of them armed and one man unarmed.
    But where is that toughness now that the people have decided to target you?
    Every soldier who has been in shite hole real war zones knows that having friendly locals can save your ass.
    My ass has been saved because a local head shook NO for us to go around bad things.

    We had helped him with a fence that was knocked down the week prior.
    A small insignificant deed of good will that we had no expectation of return.

    But the return is that our lives were saved. One solitary friendly, among hoards that wanted us dead and gone.
    His skin looked like the bad guys. He dressed like the bad guys. Same basic religion as bad guys.
    But the man helped us on that day. On that day he was a good guy.

    People are just people no matter where you go. Here or over there.
    Treat them right and most will treat you right.
    Amerikan Police who want to pretend at war should Learn that.

    Treat the People RIGHT. Treat them right no matter skin color or lack of wealth.
    Do that and maybe you wouldn’t be so afraid to go in and stop a handful of violent idiots.
    Police aren’t as keen of playing war when the other side is armed and pissed off.
    Thought you Police wanted to wear fresh BDU’s? Run around in Armored vehicles?
    Pretend to be tough guys?

    Two squads of Marines let loose on the violent looters would end this nonsense.
    Marines don’t play at war. Marines do a job and do it well.
    And yes. Most of the time the other side is shooting back.
    And yes. Marines are ALWAYS outnumbered.
    And yes. Marines head towards gun fire. That’s were the problem is that needs resolved.

    Where were Feruson Police as businesses were being burned? Don’t you want to play at war?
    Where was Grand Leader Czar of Amerika USSA? Oh yeah, On the Golf course in Nevada?

    And yes. I am a smart ass. But I tell the Truth. Always.

  5. The looting and burning of innocent businesses is not justified. On the other hand, what options do the oppressed have when you can’t look to the due process, lawyers, prosecutors, judges, & etc for justice. Habakkuk 1:4. A lot of white men are scared of black men in general. This is in addition to racial hatred that they might have in their hearts. You shouldn’t be a police officer if you are shook from the areas you are patrolling. Also, you should be required to live within reasonable distance from the area that’s being patrolled. I have experienced this fear ever since I was 15. When I got pulled over with my mom in AZ and I got out of the car. Police came out with pistols drawn. Mike Brown was a bully. Bullies comes in all races. He shouldn’t of been shot just because of fear of his physical attributes. Darren Wilson should shut his mouth and stick his head in the ground like an ostrich. He should be thankful and grateful he is alive. On the other hand, he shouldn’t have the arrogance of thinking that he can never be touched. The same thing that happened to Mike Brown is the same thing that can happen to him. Isa 3:9, num. 35:16-34, & ecclesiates 5:8.

  6. Louis,
    Hate to break the news to you.
    But Police in many municipalities are THUGS to everyone. Yes whites are Hijacked and guns drawn on them.
    I’ve had Police put guns in my face SEVERAL times for nothing more than a MINOR traffic violation.
    My tail light was supposedly out. But funny thing is that I had done a walk around on my vehicle just 2 miles before I was stopped. “It is a Pilot Thing.” I do a walk around on any vehicle before I drive it or fly it.
    I don’t like being stuck on side of road or crash. So I check road/air worthiness. Tires, tire pressure, Lights, oil, hoses, belts, any leaks? Brake fluid? Any tampering? Vehicle is always washed clean and no stickers of political statements. Just American flag.
    I also avoid any and all encounters with any so called Law Enforcement. They are more dangerous than street THUGS.

    So don’t feel special if you are hijacked and endangered by Police pointing loaded weapons at you. It is not just because you are black or brown. I’m Russian/German American. I Look like the aryans on a Nazi propaganda poster.
    Police point loaded weapons at me too. I Have seen fingers on trigger. Very Dangerous and undisciplined Police. The stops were all very minor traffic in nature and most were in daylight “Normal” hours. These Police seem very afraid and antagonistic towards everyone. Many Police are Bullies and view the people as their personal enemy.

    Perhaps my license plate is on a list of some kind?
    All Tyrants have “lists”.
    Maybe the American flag sticker bothers them? I have heard of school children now being sent home because they wore a NRA or American flag t-shirt.

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