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Ray Yeamans III

Testimonial:  As I stood reciting the oath to protect the Constitution for the first time I was 9 years old.  At the age of 17 my parents proudly signed the line for me to join the military and allow me to wear the uniform and serve my country.

The oath I swore holds strong in my heart.  I often think of the past and present individuals that swore the same oath and what it means to them.  The world is different today than it was during our countries infancy.  I’ve read the stories of those during the revolution standing firm for what they believed in and the hardships they had to endure and overcome to create that which is America.  Moving forward in time. the veterans of WW1 and WW2 had to protect that same oath and prove, once again, that America is in your blood and not just some citizen status.  The veterans of NAM stood strong and had to do their service and endure the hardships of a foreign conflict and the hatred towards them once they returned home.

All veterans and true Americans are bonded by the same oath.  It runs in our blood and today that oath needs to hold once again.  I loved my time in the Navy and met so many people from across our states.  Good men and women that took their oath just as serious as me.

God bless this country and everything that she stands for.  I swore to defend the Constitution and will do so until I take my last breath. I will forever stand for what is right, I will do everything needed to ensure freedom and secure the American dream for my family and countrymen.  The oath is not just
something you say to enlist but it is something that you must carry in your heart and weave it into your soul.

Ray Yeamans III
former YN2(SS)