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Peter Alexander

Testimonial:  My name is Peter Alexander. I am a U.S. Army Vietnam veteran. I took my Oath to the U.S. Constitution in 1969.  I am proud to join the ranks of the many other men and women who have joined Oath Keepers.

I encourage every active duty and retired military, federal, state and local law enforcement officer, veteran, and every citizen to seriously consider joining the Oath Keepers.

Your active participation in Oath Keepers is critical; your dues and/or donations are also important to further the organization’s work.

It is clear, if we are paying attention, that our government, past and present, has been eroding our liberties.  UnConstitutional Executive Orders must be curtailed and those that have been established must be eliminated.

As you know, the Constitution is the supreme law of our land. Every level of
government, Executive, Legislative and Judicial, every administrative department, every federal, state and local official and program administrator must obey and follow the Constitution.

Together we will restore our Constitution and establish an active citizenry.  This is our country and our government; it is not the property of the wealthy, the power hungry or the Marxists who want to destroy our nation and build their socialist utopia.

Not on our watch – We The People must and we will defend our Constitution.

Thank you for joining the Oath Keepers and standing together with millions of freedom loving Americans who are coming together to save the nation that we know and love.

It will be those Americans who are serving and who have served and who have taken an Oath to the Constitution and the many other active patriotic citizens who will lead the nation and restore our liberties and our Constitutional Republic.

The time is now!  If not you, who?  If not now, when?

God bless you and long live the Republic.

Peace, Peter ~