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Pentagon To Mobilize Reserve Soldiers For Ebola Duty


Mr. Hagel. Are we at war with Ebola? Has Congress passed a Declaration of War against Ebola? If not, you have no Constitutional authority to send these reservists into harm’s way.  – Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

This article comes from KVUE TV (ABC)

by Tom Vanden Brook

WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has ordered the involuntary mobilization of 2,100 Army Reserve and National Guard soldiers for duty in Ebola-ravaged West Africa, the Pentagon announced Friday.

The Army is notifying soldiers and their families about the compulsory call-up, Pentagon Press Secretary Rear Adm. John Kirby said in a statement. The units and their specialties are not being identified until the troops have been informed. Last month, the Pentagon announced its intent to mobilize eight reservists who had the engineering skills needed for building medical facilities.

The forces will replace troops on duty in Liberia and Senegal. Currently, more than 2,200 troops are serving in the region as part of United Assistance, the operation led by the U.S. Agency for International Development but manned mostly by troops.

The Pentagon chose to mobilize reservists and guardsmen for the Ebola mission in part because of their specialties such as civil affairs. Reserve forces often follow active-duty soldiers after the first stage of a longer-term mission. For example, reserve forces are deployed to Kosovo.

The Ebola virus has killed more than 5,100 people in West Africa, most of them in Liberia. U.S. troops have constructed a mobile hospital there to treat infected aid workers, and are setting up treatment units around the country. They are also training local health care workers on how to safely treat victims.

The mobilized reservists and guardsmen will receive training on Ebola and malaria prevention before deploying.

Troops returning from duty there are essentially quarantined for 21 days to ensure they have not contracted Ebola. This week, a group of more than 80 airmen, sailors, soldiers and marines was confined to a portion of Joint Base Langley-Eustis in Virginia.





  1. You are correct Shorty!

    But what Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel would be doing is a felony since he is not keeping his Oath to support and defend the US Constitution.

    My question is, would the troops that they are sending into harms way with no lawful authority to do so still be responsible for following those orders, and, if sickened, and bring back with them a disease that could kill millions here still be lawfully responsible?

    If so, does it not mean that filing suit on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel for his crimes and the possibility that he was
    1) sending in an unlawful manner US troops into harms way
    2) quite possibly to their death by democide (UNLAWFUL orders)
    3) quite possibly making those innocent troops – since they were not really informed of their constitutional duties and personal responsibility of taking the Oath – being held personally responsible (if they live).
    4) This qualifies as treason on Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel, and quite possibly the troops who “just follow orders” under Dr. Vieira’s great explanation of what treason is, and who it must be done against.

    I am sure the more knowledgeable here could find much more that is a problem.

    Is there a way to let those troops know their LAWFUL responsibilities before they take thsoe actions that may be treasonous and more?

  2. The demographics and resources are the reasons why the U.S. Military is setting-up shop in Sierra Leon and Liberia.

    The resources are directly linked to the Rothchild’s and the Federal Reserve. The offshore oil platforms to the largest diamond and gold mining area in the world, are ALL linked to the Rothchild / Federal Reserve thru corporate subsidiaries around the world. THEY even own the largest buyer of diamonds, the De Beers company in London. The movie “Blood Diamonds” was based-on a true story that shows the link between the globalist elites and the diamond mine slavery in that region.

    Note: There are Islamic elements (false flag or not) but financed by those on the same side…are using the Ebola outbreak in West Africa as an opportunity to seize control of that region and all it’s resources, but (“what the hell”) they are saying to the massive deaths. Less mouths to feed they figure….and at the same time there is a large contingency of Chinese government and corporate operations expanding their own mining operations. As not to lose (further) support by the nationals, the Obama administration are not restricting flights, which would in-fact cause a revolt against the U.S. Military in their homeland and the Chinese would win the resources. As far as the Islamic terrorist gangs, they’ll work for either side and/or both.

    These globalist thugs are on a power hungry march towards a One World Government where everyone on the planet must be vaccinated, (for a weaponized created integrated cold/ebola pandemic) and the onslaught of anything else they throw at us, will be a challenge beyond most people’s control. Keep your eye on mainstream media’s push for mass vaccinations by early 2015 with a Flu/Ebola strain scare.

    The globalist elites / illuminati crowd are also EUGENISTS that want to reduce the earth’s population to 500 million.

    They have begun….

  3. D. Bertrand said:”The globalist elites / illuminati crowd are also EUGENISTS that want to reduce the earth’s population to 500 million.

    They have begun….”

    And we shall respond…

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