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Oath Keepers Open Letter to the People of Ferguson, Missouri


People of Ferguson, whatever the Grand Jury’s decision, you have an absolute, God given, and constitutionally protected right to protest and speak your mind. The First Amendment prohibits government at every level from “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the government for a redress of grievances.”

And under our Constitution, the police have no right, no authority, and no power to violate those rights, and neither does Governor Nixon, or anyone else in government. During the earlier protests in August, we saw egregious violations of the rights of peaceful protesters and media in Ferguson, including the irresponsible, indiscriminate use of tear gas and rubber bullets, as well as police pointing assault rifles and sniper rifles at people who posed no apparent, immediate threat to anyone – people who were simply standing in the street, voicing their opinions. We also saw the imposition of an absurd curfew, and routine harassment of people merely standing on sidewalks.

Because of these blatant abuses, our Missouri Chapter of Oath Keepers sent an Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon, warning him that he and the police under his leadership were using unconstitutional, rights-violating tactics that were also, perversely, ineffective at stopping the few actual looters, shooters, or rock and Molotov cocktail throwers. We told the Governor:

Such over-the-top threatening displays, with rifles pointed-in indiscriminately at protesters and residents, only anger and frighten the people and reinforce the perception that it is “the police vs. the people” rather than the police vs. a small number of criminals, while risking the lives of the very people our police are supposed to be serving.
And much like over-the top and indiscriminate threat displays and use of force in Iraq lost the hearts and minds of the locals, so too does it lose the battle for hearts and minds here at home – assisting in the agendas of those who wish to divide us along racial lines and create an “us vs. them” mentality among both the people and the police.


Likewise for the imposition of curfews, which violate the right of the people to peaceably assemble, while also failing to stop the looters and shooters who ignore such decrees. The First Amendment prohibits “abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances” period. It doesn’t add on – unless a politician declares a state of emergency and imposes a curfew. Nor does it say – unless other people are looting and being violent, in which case all of you lose your right to peaceably assemble.   Curfews punish the peaceable majority for the actions of a violent few, and again, alienate the community and send the message that the police see them all as the enemy and seek to trample on the rights of all of them.


People of Ferguson, every human being has the right to protest.   But nobody has the right to initiate acts of violence or destruction of property against other people, no matter how angry or upset they are.   In this case, the family of Michael Brown has specifically asked that all protesters remain peaceful.   Michael Brown’s father even did a video appeal on that point, declaring:

Hurting others or destroying property is not the answer. No matter what the grand jury decides, I do not want my son’s death to be in vain … We live here together, this is our home, we are stronger united.  Continue to lift your voices with us and let’s work together to heal to create lasting change for all people regardless of race [emphasis added].

We agree. Hurting people and destroying property is not the answer, no matter what the Grand Jury decides.  It is a shame that local business owners should have to even worry about violence, looting, or someone setting fire to their shops.   Just as the police need to “police their own” to prevent violations of the rights of the people, or risk losing even more credibility, so too must the protest organizers and participants “police their own” by looking out for hot-heads in the crowd who may resort to violence, looting, or property destruction. It is critical that they do all they can to limit such incidents.   If they fail to do so, they too will lose credibility and take the focus away from the core issues they are protesting about in the first place.

We also urge the protest organizers and participants to be on the lookout for provocateurs from outside Ferguson who want to start violence, and who want to start a race war.  Whether it be the KKK, or the New Black Panthers, all racists want to make this only about race, and they want to see racially motivated violence on all sides, and you can expect them to try to manipulate events to get what they all dream of – Americans killing each other in large numbers over the color of their skin.  As black journalist Juan Williams recently wrote:

Now, it is true that television networks profit from coverage of riots. So do extremist voices, often from out of town; suddenly people making threats and shouting vile things are in demand for interviews because they are elevated to the status of experts on the black experience. They certainly profit from racial chaos and violence and now they are looking to score again.

Stop it.

Those people looking to get on television and the producers looking for ratings will not be around to repair the damage once the riots tear through town.

We all need to do what we can to help throw a monkey-wrench in the plans of such provocateurs, by rooting them out and exposing them whenever possible, and by making it clear that it is not about race – it is about rights.  To do so, we MUST protect the lives and property of every resident and business owner in Ferguson and surrounding areas.


We call on the veterans in your community, in particular, to step up and lead the way to defend the lives and property of their neighbors, and we call on them to form neighborhood watches and patrols to put a stop to acts of violence.  You have the power to police your own neighborhoods, and keep them safe for all.   Black veterans have a proud and noble example to follow, in the Deacons for Defense and Justice, who were World War II and Korean War veterans who stood up to the violence of the Klan, except this time, you must defend against violence by anyone, whether outsiders or locals, of any race, against anyone, of any race.   If you take care of your own neighborhoods, it removes the sense of emergency that is used to justify a heavy police presence.  And that can also have a lasting effect even after the protests are over.  Be your own “police.”

Veterans of Ferguson, you swore the same oath to defend the Constitution that we did when we served.  Like us, you are also still bound by that oath, and that same duty.

As we did with our open letter to Governor Nixon in August, we are now penning an open letter to the police in Ferguson and surrounding areas, urging them to respect the right of peaceful protesters to free speech and assembly, and urging them to protect both the peaceful protesters and the innocent business owners and home-owners from any violence or property destruction.   Let us all work together to do the same.

And let us join together and stand for the rights of all Americans, of all races, at all times, and against all racism of any kind, at all times.  And let us stand united against the dangerous militarization of our police, and for accountability and transparency in the review of all police use of force incidents.

With Liberty and Justice for all,

Oath Keepers

* please post this on forums and pages dedicated to following events in Ferguson and the Brown case.


Here is the specific strategic and tactical advice our retired Missouri police gave (with input from current serving street cops) on how the police should act in Ferguson.  This is from our Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon, dated August 22, 2014:

A Constitutional and Effective Strategy

One retired Special Forces veteran in our group suggested that instead of grouping the police officers in large blocks (50 to 100 men), that  you should break up these groups into rapid reaction teams of 20 to 25 officers and disperse them, staging them in places spread around Ferguson, with a focus on the looters, not the protesters. Our intelligence and police veterans concurred, and added that you should also task some officers to go out in street clothes to blend in to the crowds and work as Scouts, identifying threats and looters. The plainclothes Scouts should be directing the rapid reaction teams to protect the businesses from the ongoing crime, and refocus the police assets away from unconstitutional activities like shooting CS gas at peaceful protesters and enforcing curfews, and get to the business of putting the real criminals behind bars.   If you think you need more minority officers for this role, you could easily find them in the St. Louis County Police Department, St. Charles County Sheriff Department, and other local municipal police departments.  The plainclothes officers can identify and locate the trouble-makers and their caches and resources, such as gas cans and bottles for Molotov cocktails, bricks, etc., and they can also film the trouble-makers in support of later arrests and prosecutions.

Those plainclothes Scouts can also be directly backed up by small teams of five to seven additional plainclothes officers to take down identified looters in a manner that uses minimum force along with effective surprise applied only to the actual suspected looter.  And those plainclothes small reaction teams can be further backed up by the uniformed rapid response teams, if needed, as they apprehend the looters and shooters.   If possible, each officer should have a small, discrete camera – such as a badge camera – pinned to their clothing and running at all times, so that there is a recording of all that occurs.

An additional recommendation from one of our members was that, rather than closing portions of West Florrisant Avenue and ordering protesters to disperse, officers could place cones on the street to reserve the center lane for police use only (warning that any others entering that lane will be arrested), staging officers at various points along that center lane and using it for police vehicles, while leaving traffic free to move North and South (with appropriate turn lanes interspersed), leaving the sidewalks open for protesters and media, and not trying to confine either to any particular area.  That preserves the middle lane for police to move freely back and forth along that critical two mile stretch while not restricting free speech and assembly rights.

The initial response of the Highway Patrol, to deescalate and demilitarize the situation, was on the right track.  However, it also failed to secure the arrest of the looters.  In fact, officers were explicitly told to not go after the looters.  De-escalating of militarized policing against peaceful protesters was a good idea.  But the “de-escalation” toward the looters and shooters – intentionally NOT going after them – was insane and failed to protect the people and businesses of Ferguson.  Backing off and letting the looters run free failed to solve the problem and actually made it worse, with the success of the looters drawing trouble-makers from all over the country, who came to Ferguson to loot and shoot and incite more violence.  As evidence of the failure, we now have local business owners having to hire private security to protect them from looting because the police in their community are failing to do so.

De-escalation and demilitarization must go hand-in-hand with effective policing that stops the looters and shooters.  The officers must be told that if they see an act of looting or violence, they must arrest that man. That needs to be the policy from the beginning to the end.  Again, we recommend the use of plainclothes officers and small reaction teams to effectively arrest looters and shooters while respecting the rights of the peaceable protesters.

With hundreds of criminals stealing the businesses of Ferguson blind and damaging private property, how many arrests of actual looters took place?   The percentage is embarrassing (and arrests of otherwise peaceful protesters for “failure to disperse” or “failure to keep moving” don’t count).  The Highway Patrol’s tactics did not work, and it is time to admit it.   It was a mistake to remove St. Louis County from a command role.  Instead, Governor, you should have directed them to use their considerable assets to go after the looters while respecting the right of the people to peaceably assemble.

Likewise, bringing the National Guard in for “force protection” secured the Command Location, but what about all the other locations where people’s lives were being destroyed?  The National Guard was not the answer.  Effective, smart, focused policing was.  You did the right thing by finally pulling the National Guard back out.  Now you just need to direct the application of effective, focused policing.

We need officers focused on looters, not on bullying the media and protesters.  We need officers to put violent criminals in jail, not shoot tear gas and rubber bullets at reporters too ignorant to not shine lights in the officers’ eyes while they are trying to work. We need a Governor smart enough to reject the riot control tactics developed before cell phones – tactics that are now failing catastrophically – and smart enough to not try to stifle free speech and violate our Bill of Rights.  We need a Governor to show enough wisdom to lead our state by the Constitution rather than against it with ineffective abuses like curfews.  Governor Nixon, tell us you are wise enough to defeat the criminals without violating our rights. No, SHOW us you are wise enough to change your failing tactics and demand from your men that they discern between peaceful protesters and looting thugs.  SHOW US, you will protect the rights of the FREE PRESS and have the courage to demand your officers arrest the real bad guys.   Stop gassing the innocent and start arresting the looters!

Wisdom and discernment will go a long way on the streets of Ferguson, and it is time you focus the police on putting real criminals behind bars, not reporters and peaceful protesters.


Oath Keepers volunteers continue to guard Ferguson businesses and we have retained two patriotic St. Louis, Missouri lawyers from the firm of Hearne & Bendick to represent us in our defiance of, and legal challenge to, the St. Louis Police Chief’s unlawful order asserting that we cannot guard Ferguson residents and businesses against arsonists without a “security officer” permit.  Their initial letter to Chief of Police, St. Louis:

Please help support that legal fight, and also help us provide legal defense if any of our volunteers are cited or arrested while engaged in civil disobedience against that unlawful order.   Go here —

— where you can donate specifically to our legal defense fund.   Any left over legal defense funds will be reserved to assist future litigation and legal defense.




  1. Have “The People of Ferguson” not already demonstrated their inability to “manage” their protests within your guidelines? Are Law Enforcement Officers supposed to stand by when assaulted? Is this what you are suggesting when you suggest “restraint and responsibility”?In the “Normal World”, would a LEO stand idle in the face of verbal threats and threatening posturing? At what point does a threat turn into an assault? By doing nothing, an uncontrolled angry crowd/mob turns very quickly into a riot.

    There are two schools of thought: 1-do nothing, don’t even show up, allow the “Peaceful Protestors” to protest unchallenged, as that is what they want. (Or do they? Do they want the confrontation with LE so CNN can get their ratings?)

    This would be a gross dereliction of Duty, of Oath.

    2-Exercise Police Procedures according to Law; crowd control, reduction of tensions, capitulation as necessary and wise, and arrests as necessary.

    Doing nothing is not an option.

    Half measures are not only ineffective, they are dangerous and confusing, and could allow the situation to get out of control quickly, beyond the capabilities of LE.

    Act Professionally, with discretion and appropriate anger management. But under no circumstances should LE forget their Role and their Oath: To Protect and Defend.


    “Doing nothing is not an option.” No kidding. Where did we advise the police to do nothing? To the contrary, we specifically advised the police to go after the looters aggressively. Go get em! Please go read our actual recommendations. I just added them as a PS above, to make it easy on you.

    “Are Law Enforcement Officers supposed to stand by when assaulted?” NOPE.

    ” Is this what you are suggesting when you suggest “restraint and responsibility”?” NOPE.

    Again, go read what we ACTUALLY SAID, not what you want to put in our mouths. Read this. We directly criticized the “do nothing” approach that was used last time:

    the “de-escalation” toward the looters and shooters – intentionally NOT going after them – was insane and failed to protect the people and businesses of Ferguson. Backing off and letting the looters run free failed to solve the problem and actually made it worse, with the success of the looters drawing trouble-makers from all over the country, who came to Ferguson to loot and shoot and incite more violence.

    See? And here is what we advised:

    De-escalation and demilitarization must go hand-in-hand with effective policing that stops the looters and shooters. The officers must be told that if they see an act of looting or violence, they must arrest that man. That needs to be the policy from the beginning to the end. Again, we recommend the use of plainclothes officers and small reaction teams to effectively arrest looters and shooters while respecting the rights of the peaceable protesters.

    We advocated effective, smart, flexible, fast response using plaincloths officers as scouts, backed by plainclothed arrest teams, backed by mobile uniformed QRFs. In other words, what our seasoned and experienced cops have been using for years in other protest situations, such as against anarchist protesters at G-20 events. They know what works because they’ve been there, done that. What the Governor and Highway Patrol Commander did last time was a failed “hands off” policy that let the looters run amok while also violating the rights of people who were not looting or being violent. The exact opposite of what we advocate.

    “Act Professionally, with discretion and appropriate anger management.” BY ALL MEANS.

    “But under no circumstances should LE forget their Role and their Oath: To Protect and Defend.” NOPE. The oath is not to “protect and defend.” The oath is to DEFEND THE CONSTITUTION. Period. The job is to be a peace officer – keep the peace. But the oath is to defend the Constitution of the United States and the Constitution of the state. The two are abundantly compatible. – Stewart

    PS – the stupid, ineffective, and “police state” like response in August only alienated the public even more, and hurt the credibility of cops all across the country (which is already suffering because of all of the videos of excessive force and abuse that are now all over the internet). Here is how the police excesses in Ferguson are being used by the “community activists”:

    There you go. A public relations, and public perception, nightmare. Police desperately need to GET IT RIGHT this time. I hope they listen.

  2. Thank you for your level-headed response to all of the issues listed above. I am proud to be a member of the Oath Keepers! God Bless you all!

  3. You should have mentioned that they should do the protest via e-mail, USPS, FAX or telephone. AND THAT the destruction of your city will accomplish absolutely NOTHING GOOD. Don’t use your so-called protest to shop early for Christmas or Kwanzaa.

  4. If you think that asking nicely will prevent people from acting like animals, I have some prime ranchland in the Everglades I’d like to sell you…..


    And where did we say to do that? By all means, go after the criminals. Just don’t tear gas or shoot rubber bullets at those who are not being violent while doing it.

  5. My understanding is that the LEOs and military are there not to stop the protester, but as a show of force for the looters & those that abuse their right to protest! And protest peacefully? After the last “uprising” I find that hard to believe! You have Black Panther groups, and videos put out by some of the protesters that are indicitive of all BUT a peaceful protest! You have Sharpton , Jackson and even Brown’s parents making threats of a violent protest! So I fee your open letter is aimed at the wrong forces; it should be aimed at the protester groups and the ones supporting a protest! But first off, Oath Keepers should be there to support and defend the innocent by-standers that live there as well as the businesses that are still there! Your letter is misleading , to me, as it is pointed at the wrong people!


    Actually, it was aimed at the protester groups and their supporters, and we specifically pointed out that they have a duty to stop the looters and shooters – they must police their own. How did you miss that?

  6. Im so glad you will be there as extra witnesses in addition to everything else. One of the sites showed pictures of govt vehicles near the protest site last time there were protests. If so, there should have been people near the protest wearing clothes that said “federal police” or whatever. Where did these govt people go and what were they doing there?

  7. It is painfully obvious that Obama and his crack race baiting team is well involved in Ferguson and that includes radical islam like the Muslim professor i just read about who spit in a cops face and is trying everything he can to start a race riot. Cops are supposed to be professional but not suicidal either. Sorry but i have very little faith in the people of ferguson who have repeatedly showed they put the cart before the horse as the cop is guity with or without a trial and i for one would not waste a minutes breath helping so called Americans like these! Before anyone calls me a racist bare in mind i went to 4 years of high school in a black ghetto during the race riots in the 60’s and had my bus shot at and attacked many times! Treating all whites like they are plantation slave owners is not the way Americans act!In ending i will fight with my life to protect our constitution and the American way but Ferguson is anything but American.


    James said: “Treating all whites like they are plantation slave owners is not the way Americans act!” I agree. But likewise, treating all blacks in Ferguson as if they are all racist New Black Panther members is also not the way Americans act. It is just not credible to claim that ALL the blacks in Ferguson are racist, or are violent. Nor do you get to set aside the Constitution and especially the Bill of Rights when it comes to the people of Ferguson just because you think they are “anything but American.” You have a duty to defend their rights regardless of what you think of their views. Remember Bundy Ranch? The leftist media and politicians wanted to set aside the Bill of Rights for those protesters too, because they considered the Bundys and their supporters “anything but American” and illegitimate. What is good for the goose …

    Either we protect all of the rights of all Americans, all of the time (and ESPECIALLY when we disagree with them) or we become just like the hypocrites in the mainstream media and academic/political leftist crowd. – Stewart

  8. I agree with Mr. Reihl. A passive response based on what has already happened and knowing what outside groups are involved is an equation for disaster. A controlled, professional presence will set the tone. Do you think that the police should show up in bicycle shorts and baseball caps? Protective equipment is a necessity. Using the liberal talking point THE MILITARIZATION OF THE POLICE only adds fuel to the fire. As far as police having rifles, well thats another unfortunate result of this time in history, ( N. Hollywood, drug gangs, militant groups, active shooters, etc.).
    In closing I think you have a wrong impression of the law enforcement community and you have given the perception of taking sides. We too have taken the Oath to protect and defend our Constitution and the public which we serve. And a lot of us our Veterans.


    Some of you really seem to be missing the point. And you apparently did not read our specific recommendations to police in our Open Letter of Warning to Governor Nixon. I just added the “meat” of them above, as a PS to this open letter to the community. By the way, that was written by retired Missouri cops, intelligence and Special Warfare vets within Missouri Oath Keepers, with the direct input of current serving, seasoned Missouri street cops. In a nutshell, they did NOT advise a “do nothing” or passive approach (that is what the Missouri Highway Patrol and Governor did last time – step back and let the looters go). We advised a very aggressive strategy to ALWAYS go after looters, shooters, and bottle and rock throwers, but instead of a big, clumsy line of officers all dressed up in riot gear, use plain-cloths undercover minority officers in the crowd to act as scouts who identify offenders, from within the crowd or even back at the rear (where the trouble makers tend to hide, throwing rocks and bottles over the crowd’s head). The undercover officers ID them, and then other plaincloths “snatch” teams swoop in and arrest, and they are backed up by mobile uniformed QRF officer teams of 25 or so. AND, don’t give up the main drag, but instead occupy the center lane the full length and use it to move assets up and down. Read their recommendations and think about what actually works, and what doesn’t.

    Also, we didn’t say they shouldn’t have rifles. We just said they shouldn’t point them at people in an attempt to intimidate. Just not necessary. You can have it lowered, in low ready, and bring it up in a blink of an eye. You DON’T need to point it in at a man’s chest, just because. That is just plain bad gun handling. – Stewart

  9. Doing nothing is a good option…..with just a few Swat Teams in Armored vehicles to stop fires or looting (with real bullets while warning in Street Talk & Arabic)…..the low-info rioters will have no one to blame for any out of control stupid crowd actions! Let the regime media provide their own security protection. Assign two SWAT teams to guard FOX News. Assign extra security to the Grand Jury members. Start rumors that any riot damages will be billed to Brown’s parents.

  10. In a world where people are honorable this is a great message. Unfortunately we live in a world where criminal politicians and criminal media control the minds of the sheeple.
    We cannot assume nor trust that the people involved will do anything other than what they have been bred to do by the FBI paid race baiters like Sharpton and the government criminals like Eric Holder.

    If I lived in the region I would definitely have aided in the protection of local establishments. I also would have worn body armor because as a person who has paid attention to these events for over 50 years, there is no honor amongst thieves. Nor Criminals nor politicians.

    STEWART: And that is exactly what our Missouri crew is working on. They are putting together a team to defend some local businesses, including those owned by black residents of Ferguson, who are also very worried their shops will be looted or burned.

  11. Your approach is correct. Proud to be a member. It is important to have a plan B in the event it turns deadly. Be careful folks. May God be with the Oath keepers and the peaceful people of Ferguson Mo.

    STEWART: Thanks. And yes, always have a Plan B. Like I told the other commenter, we are certainly not saying “don’t have rifles.” By all means, have what you need to preserve your life and the lives of others if it turns deadly. Just use your head, and don’t be like this guy

  12. Reading comprehension seems to be a detriment to some of the above posts. If they would only use a little forethought before commenting, Stewart Rhodes would not have to recap his open letter to clarify what he wrote.

  13. Well-written and obviously well thought of. And, in most cases, it would be received by logical, intelligent people for the thoughtful and correct piece that it is.

    The problem is, illogical and intelligent people are not the problem – it is the mob and their savage mentality – whipped-up into a frenzy by race-baiting opportunists, Islamic community organizers, and criminals bent of hell-raising and looting that will cause further death, destruction, and misery in Ferguson in just over a half-hour when the Grand Jury’s decision is made public.

    All that can be done this late is to minimize casualties by tactical and strategic planning and actions to keep the violence contained.

    This situation is not going to dissipate on its own – it is an organized and orchestrated effort (both individual and joint-effort between certain groups) to capitalize on a crisis and bring mayhem to the American heartland.

    God be with our OK, LEO, Rescue, Fire, EMS, etc. folks there.

  14. Dear Mr Rhodes,

    Your initiative here is excellent! This project is very constructive and realistic, and your talents can be applied and the results fruitful for everybody. Because you’re a lawyer by profession, not a teacher, please don’t lose your patience when your readers don’t understand everything you write at once. Perhaps you might offer a summary, and try to express what you say in various lengths – simplified, concise, and at length. It has no sense to communicate if you aren’t being understood, right?

    Very good!

  15. PS: What Orrie says above about reading comprehension and what readers should do is well meant, but he’s obviously not a teacher. Repetition is necessary for comprehension. The more information Mr. Rhodes tries to communicate, the more exertion is required by everybody concerned. And the exertion in trying to be understood and trying to understand has beneficial side and long range effects.

  16. Dear Mr. Rhodes,

    Above you link to NBC “Just use your head and don’t be like this guy” – if you refer to the policeman on duty who threatened the citizens, obviously he was not trained to use his head, right?
    If everybody would use their heads, we would be in quite a different atmosphere. The question is how to learn to use one’s head.

  17. Life Liberty and Property. Let’s not forget that Liberty, Right to Travel, too is an inalienable right. Protesters should not surround motorist for the purpose of impeding there travel. It is violating their Liberty

  18. It is now 22:42 PM and as I watch the news here in Kansas City, I wonder where are the police, FBI, State Troopers, National Guard, and private security? Why isn’t anyone shooting those f—- thugs that are burning buildings, looting the stores, and destroying property in general? This is NOT a Constitutional right or a show of 1st Amendment rights, it is pure anarchy! Back in LA during the riots we fired on and killed many rioters who defied the rule of law. There is only one way to take care of this situation, anything less is to condone what is going on. There has to be a something to deter these actions, no penalty encourages more crime. This crap is pure BS and pussy footing with these animals will just encourage more looting and destruction, mark my words.

  19. CB is correct. You can speak all day long of Constitutional Right to assemble and speak out against everything that can be disagreed upon, but at the end of the day – or at the time of the announcement… people revert back to their mob mentality and the anarchy begins.

    The race-baiting anarchists buffaloed the “authorities” into submission with warnings of “No Justice – No Peace” and made then too worried about irritating Obama and Holder by using justifiable force to contain and discourage further lawlessness.

    You cannot use logic and reason to diffuse this sort of mentality – those who loot, steal, assault, destroy, and pillage only understand and fear the use of brute force of violence.

    As CB referred to, the LA Riots weren’t stopped because a race agenda-based administration called for order – no, it stopped when Police, business, property owners, and citizens used deadly force to protect their interests and lives.

    By allowing these savages to loot and destroy at will, the idea that their rights to do so are more important that the rights of citizens to be free of such is growing.

    When you do answer force with an escalated level of force, only the bad guys win because they have no fear of retribution or retaliation. Any Police rookie understands the Use of Force Continuum – maybe it is time to get back to basics.

  20. Excellent letter! It’s quite interesting the number of commenters that fail to read the article and instead, criticize the content. Makes ya wonder……..

  21. How about a group of Oathkeepers protecting the protesters. Whether it be with just tactical vest showing they are Oathkeepers or a response team open carrying just as a show of force again their aggression.

  22. Upon watch the live feeds from MSN and from Occupy the mob provided via this site.

    I will say Occupy is definitely an enemy of everyone, they are aggressive instigators, and Provacatuers.

    Agents trying to stir the citizenry into a frenzy of rage for their own agendas. all they need is one snippet taken out of context to capture the minds of the feeble and weak of intelligence.

    and they are using the façade of groups such as anonymous as well, as I saw in the occupy feed a person wearing one of the masks affiliated with the group.

    well say goodbye to ferguson, cause it will now be an extremely dead community as no business will want to set it’s foundation there now.

  23. @ Albert Davies, “Back in LA during the riots we fired on and killed many rioters who defied the rule of law.”

    You do not understand the US Constitution because the rule of law is not for the protection of the guilty, but it is to protect the PEOPLE FROM GOVERNMENT VIOLATIONS OF INDIVIDUAL RIGHTS.

    No one said that the thugs burning buildings, looting the stores, and destroying property in general should not be handled in an appropriate manner. That was the Governors decision to have the LE’s leave the looters alone while going after the peaceful protestors and the media. Read what he wrote, you seem to have missed quite a bit of it.

  24. You know you’re over the target when you get the most flak! You are absolutely right Oath Keepers. There’s a lot of Fed trolls ( traitors ) who are making fools of themselves with their weak attempts at picking apart your article. It’s obvious that they haven’t read it completely or can’t comprehend what is written. Thanks to all Oath Keepers for everything you do.

  25. I have been following these posted and have read the recommendations of the oath keepers. I agree with most of what the oath keepers are trying to do. I just have one problem with the idea to catch these looters and people who are killing people in the streets. The tactics to use plain clothes police officers will catch these people. But only after another business is burned or another person is shot in the streets. That being said, any more aggressive approach may violate the rights of those who live there. So where and when should a line be drawn to prevent further acts of violence, rather than just catching the bad guy after the acts have been committed?


    Hello Sir: I feel you’re right – 100% – but I can see how if a person is being hit with a hammer,etc. they would not, even though you’re right. I feel having the L.E. stand down is a plot from the higher ups, and I mean D.C., To show why we need a police state run U.S., which we have, but most don’t know it.

    I would like to share with you something my Dad, a WW2 F6F Navy pilot, told me when I was a little kid in the 60’s. Trust me it fits today! I asked him what Freedom was and why does not everyone have it? He looked at me and said:

    “Take two dogs on two chains. The dog with little or no freedom has a 5 foot chain. The U.S dog right now has a 25 foot chain and (and Son, it was a longer than that when I was a kid). Now, what would happen if you pulled hard on the U.S. dog chain, to shorten it?” I replied, “it would get mad and bite you.” “Right!” he said, “but what if you took out just one link a year until the chain was only 5 feet or less?” I said “he would not even know it happened.” My Dad said “now you got it! by the time you’re my age, you will see what I mean.” Damn if I don’t! He was right!

    I wish others would see how we all, black, white, etc. are being used. You guys do a great service. I was trained as an Ohio peace officer back in 82, but I know you need young guys with good eyes. May God bless you all. Erik.


    Your father was a wise man, and spot on in his analogy. Thanks for sharing that.

    As for us needing young guys with good eyes, we also need old guys with good minds and good sense, to help guide those young guys. There is a place for you in this fight. Welcome aboard! And God bless you as well.

    For the Republic,

    Stewart Rhodes

  27. Sir: Sorry for any miss spelled words. I have a cataract hard to see see this small text at times. God bless you all. Erik

  28. Dear Stuart,

    The OathKeepers plan is great. 100% correct, along with OKs on the roof tops protecting the businesses. But just like at the Bundy ranch, you will be demonized, because it thwarts Obozo’s plan to have so much destruction nationwide that he can declare a national emergency, and martial law. Eventually this is going to come down to constitutionalists against whoever feels they are more powerful than the constitution and the people. I don’t see this getting resolved peacefully, and I don’t see another presidential administration without revolution. Hope I’m wrong, don’t think I am.

    . sincerely
    . Paul

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