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Oath Keepers Guarding Businesses in Ferguson, Missouri: Calling on Volunteers to Assist


Calling all skilled veterans and patriots!   We need your help in Ferguson, Missouri.

Oath Keepers has a Security Team on the ground right now, in Ferguson, guarding businesses.  That team is lead by local Oath Keepers, including retired Missouri police and consists of military veterans, police, and skilled first responders.   The team has been protecting four local businesses since  the riots erupted, and has been out there every night since, and will do so as long as it takes, but they need your help! (See below for list of skills needed, and how to connect with the team).

OK Israel guarding from roof

Israel, an Army veteran and Oath Keeper, stands guard on Ferguson shop rooftop.

little ceasars onfire 2

This is why we are there. Little Caesars Pizza on Fire in Ferguson Monday Night.  More Arson Expected

The Oath Keepers Ferguson Security Team needs more volunteers to assist them as they expect more looting and burning (they DO NOT trust Governor Nixon to safeguard these businesses.  Twice now he has utterly failed to do so).   It is expected that there will be even more arson attempts tonight, and on future nights, because the bad guys were so successful last night.  If you have the skills to assist, and can make it, please go.

If you can’t make it, but want to help support this effort, you can do so here.

Because we suspected that Governor Nixon would drop the ball, we put a call-out among our membership early Monday morning, asking for volunteers, and got enough of a response to commit to protecting the property of four local small business owners (two Asian, one black, one white) in downtown Ferguson.   Their shops are in the same strip mall.  Those shop owners could not afford to hire security and several had tears in  their eyes as they thanked our team for offering to help for free.   They couldn’t believe someone would be so kind as to volunteer without pay, to protect them.

We are getting additional requests for help from other Ferguson business owners and if we have enough volunteers to guard additional businesses in the days ahead, we will.

St. Louis area Oath Keepers member Sam Andrews is helping to coordinate and vet the prospective volunteers.  Sam has requested that if you qualify and are willing, please grab your gear and start rolling toward Ferguson, and call Sam while on your way.  Time is of the essence, and he needs you there ASAP.  Contact him here:

Sam Andrews

If you call during darkness, keep in mind he may be a bit “busy” and unable to answer the phone.  So, as a default, roll out and try him as you drive.  We WILL have gas money to reimburse you, so save all gas receipts (you must have them to get reimbursed).

If you arrive in the area during darkness, DO NOT attempt to go to downtown Ferguson in any attempt to link up with the Security Team there.   That is just too dangerous a thing to try to do in the middle of riots, in the dark.  Instead, go to Sam’s shop, in nearby Eureka, Missouri, and wait till daylight.  He will have someone there to liaison, interview, etc. and  then he will bring you in once he has vetted you.   Here is his shop address:

Tier One
223 Thresher Rd.
Eureka,  Mo.   63025


Here are the skillsets/experience we are looking for on the Ferguson Oath Keepers Security Team:


1.   Police Officers (preferably with 5 years or more experience) street cops or corrections.

2.   Forward deployed assets, such as scouts, with binocular range finder and requisite equipment, and the right field experience.

3.   Communications experts with HAM and/or FRS radios

4.   Direct action infantry (11B or 0311).  You need to have your own gear necessary for this mission, including your own body armor, tactical lights, and other essential tactical gear, and cold weather gear. etc.  Personal Security Detail training and experience a plus.

5.   Photographers/cameramen with video and still-camera, preferably with combat experience, or similar high stress field experience.  Also, we prefer that they have their own body armor and cold weather gear.  Photographers need to be able to film all activity outdoors in all weather.  We want to film any encounters with looters, as potential evidence. We also need someone who can live-stream.

6.   Private drone operators, with drone mounted cameras.

7.   Truck drivers (4WD) (military experience preferred)

8.    Medics and Paramedics with own gear.  Both military medics and corpsmen, and civilian paramedics and EMTs, are needed.

9.   Experienced Fire-Fighters.





Please be prepared to substantiate your qualifications.  Keep in mind this is a dangerous situation and only those with the right mindset (cool under pressure, in control of themselves), skillsets, and experience should even think of going there.   If you are not qualified, do not go.


All should bring a gas mask if at all possible.  Also, all volunteers must bring their own IFAK (with tourniquet, combat gauze, pressure bandage, chest seals, etc).    You should also bring a sleeping bag and a cot if you have one.  We will provide the space to sleep in.  Any questions on what to bring, call Sam and ask him.

Oath Keepers will help with logistics such as gas money, food, water, and other support.    Please keep all gas receipts!   We want this to be as well organized as possible, and will work hard to make it so.


Oath Keeper Nick Nesbitt watches from a snowy rooftop

If you cannot make it there in person, but want to donate to the Ferguson Security Team Fund, Go here:



This is a good chance for us to do something very positive, and by guarding businesses owned by black, Asian, and white owners, we show that when we say we stand up for the rights of all Americans, we mean it.   We still fully support the rights of PEACEFUL protesters, but we also feel obligated to help protect the community from the violent looters, shooter, and burners, the provocateurs, and the racists who are trying to turn this into a race war.  This is not about race.  Not for us.  It’s about rights.  And it is critical that we not leave fellow Americans defenseless while politicians play their games and fail to do their duty.

For the Republic,


Stewart Rhodes

Founder and President of Oath Keepers

PS – we are desperately in need of cameramen/photographers.


YOU WANT TO KNOW WHY WE ARE DOING THIS?   THIS IS WHY (this is from August, but this same problem has not changed – the shop owners are still not being adequately protected by the police or the National Guard):




  1. I can do your camera work. I may be better suited for comms, but I can adapt. If it is that important, then email me.

    STEWART: Thanks Bill. Email inbound.

  2. Id like to hear what they saw the first night


    Chaos. Police fired upon, retreating, and leaving area essentially in control of looters for several hours. An attempt at burning down a nearby business that set off sprinklers, which flooded the business but it was saved. Some broken windows. Tonight, they are far better prepared. They now have a much larger team, windows boarded up, and they are taking measures to counter all threats. That is all I can say without compromising their OPSEC. Those business owners are in VERY good hands. We just need more. Many hands make light work, as the old saying goes.

  3. I hope none of the businesses that were torched had Oath Keepers guarding them. I hope everyone makes it back safely without indecent.

    STEWART: No. Thankfully, they were able to prevent that from happening last night. There have been direct threats made to torch them tonight. Our guys will do their best to keep that from happening.

  4. what are the laws regarding O/C (open carry) in the Ferguson, MO area? I am considering going, but not if I am armed only with pepper spray and facing the potential of rioting mobs.

  5. I’m law enforcement, EMT and Force Protection trained and looking to go, is anybody doing any sort of “carpooling”? I’ve got trauma bags, Kevlar, and additional gear, is anything being requested by the boys in the ground?

    Also, what is the official firearms stance at this time?

  6. Professional photographer with gear including back up body, operations sergeant with the SCSG for six years, and combat medic with gear.

  7. Fyi – can also possibly provide 2nd photographer who can serve as chaplain as well. This girl has resources.

    What’s the greatest need at this time? Photog or medic?

    BOTH RIGHT NOW. Call Sam at 314-369-7850

  8. Hey all, I am in Fort Wayne, Indiana. I am an EMT, 20 years old, firearms experience, camera experience (I have a GoPro available) along with my own vest, mace, cold weather gear, enough MRE’s for myself. I have a few basic 2 way radios, some emergency bags for vehicles with random medical, survival, and ammo. I am curious what the firearms stance is at this time, as I am a permit holder with no bad history and a cool head. I’m young but I have a good set of morals and I would be there for the right reasons, so everyone goes home in one piece. My personal vehicle is tied up by my family, but I would pay gas and split everything for a car poor. I would be able to make it 50 miles or so from Fort Wayne too meet a vehicle. It’s a shot in the dark but if people are needed that bad, I’m willing to do what I can for people who don’t deserve what is happening. I could stay as long as needed, over a week if necessary. Feel free to contact me.

  9. I believe they have set this up to flush out all of the “state milita’s” to force start their revolution. 99% of these people are hiding their faces from camera view while the media validates them. It’s so suspicious- 37 states. Please don’t go in nieve of who these people are. Amnesty was no doubt granted in order for so many of them to be willing to come in and fight, our people will be set up. Please enter this very cautiously, this foe is dangerous and has proven what he is.

  10. Hey ill beopen to com help 4 uears over seas year runing VIP Body Gaurding in haiti and iraq allso Train Force on Force have com vest and gear and cen gather few more people we are in Miami will be worth Driving up to help will take 5 hours get out doar and day get there we have 20 VHf UHF hand helds and 5 base molb uhf uhf radios and alot more

  11. I’m very interested in helping with security. I have almost 4 years in the DOC. I know 5 years was preferred, but I am more than capable of doing what needs to be done.

  12. How do I travel with my gear without getting arrested I am medical personnel with full assault gear

  13. Any assistance a local civilian can provide? No LE or military experience, but some experience in stressful situations, basic first aid, ham/FRS/radio, and firearms. Experience driving various trucks but mine isn’t 4×4. Only minimal gear beyond typical outdoor/hunting…

  14. I am a retired Navy MR1, and I have been in high stress situations, but not exactly combat/ Patrol scenarios. What could I do to learn the skills necessary to chip in for your organization? I do have some decent gear for personal and home defense, and I target shoot well. I have hunted since I was young, and always made single shot kills. I understand this is a last resort measure against a fellow human, but I am prepared to protect the innocent families and mom and pop businesses from this mayhem!

  15. I am living in central Iowa.
    If any carpooling, like earlier suggested, is going on please sign me up.
    I have firearms training but will bring none with me so no worries on legality.
    I carry all the gear I need to protect myself and innocent Americans around me.
    I have gas masks and vest with gear.
    Gloves, boots, ect.

    Please contact me if Anyone can help get there. I am completely available for service within law and more than happy to help out pro-bono.

    Please email me if you need my assistance.

  16. Is the picture at the top what the powers to be really wanted.

    You can’t tell me that they didn’t have the resources to maintain law and order and protect the Constitutional rights of all Americans in Ferguson and their property. –And they had more than enough time to plan their response.

  17. I’m not going unless the firearms policy for Ferguson and St Louis county is published and clarified. As I read the new Missouri state law, it doesn’t allow for non-residents to open carry, and the local jurisdictions can be more restrictive. I think it would be prudent to limit this to MO residents.

    Mr. Rhodes, you need to put together a JAG-type cell to add in legal considerations for this, and all similar type operations that could come up. It should go in para 1 (Situation) of a 5 para order.

  18. Stay home everyone ….if you shoot someone even in self defense you are going to prison. I cannot believe that fools rush in like this.

  19. Actually Craig, there are some states that have laws to cover you during mob/riot actions, (looking at you Virginia), but I’m not familiar with Missouri.

  20. I’m offering my services to help out. I’ve tried calling Sam and his voice mail is full and I can not get a hold of him. Sent a text but not sure if he’s set up for that. I’m located in Columbia and can be onsite this morning (Friday Nov 28) I am hesitant on just showing up and need to know my help is needed.

    STEWART: email inbound.

  21. Just let an Oathkeeper shoot someone in self-defense and the problems that Officer Darren Wilson has had will look simple.

    I am reminded of a line from the movie, “Gettysburg”, that went something like: “General, This is good ground”. –Is Ferguson “good” ground.

    (Associate Editor Note: Whether the ground is “good” or not is sometimes irrelevant. Doing the right thing is all that matters. So far, no one has had to fire a shot, and the businesses Oath Keepers set up watch on have NOT been touched, unlike many others. There is a word for this, it is called ‘success’. So, a better question would be – Is it cowardly to run from possible “bad ground” and leave innocent people to ruin?)

  22. I just came back from “Fergustan” as the guys are calling it. I spent Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday nights there. I was one of the first OKers to arrive from out of state. During my watch we had guys rolling in from Texas, Colorado, Nebraska, Wisconsin and New York. We have absolutely locked down the 100 -200 block of South Florissant Street.

    Monday night is when 90 percent of the damage took place. Unfortunately, we did not have enough OKers to operate safely. I spent the night guarding Sam Andrew’s gun shop while the others got some sleep. I was well armed!

    Tuesday was spent winning hearts and minds as we spent most of the day boarding up all the businesses we were assigned to protect. Tuesday and Wednesday nights, we had zero damage sustained in our AO. Plus, the Police and Guard finally got off their ass and started doing their job.

    If you have any questions, give me a call at 319-654-4263. I will give you as much info as I can without violating OPSEC.
    Tom Smith
    LT USNR Retired

  23. actually, Missouri has a stand your ground law. if these people where to shoot someone AFTER they tossed a Molotov at them, it would be self defense, clean and clear, they are defending themselves and the people residing in these buildings. the don’t necessarily have to fear for their own lives, only the lives of those residing in the buildings.

    and if a jury can indict them for murder for defending innocent lives against someone who is by legal definition being a domestic terrorist because of how they are intimidating citizens through force and deadly means, then America is already lost.

  24. Unless you are able to pay some huge legal expenses which will just be the Missouri jurisdiction charges that you would face if you shot anyone,then the following civil suit and then the federal violation of civil rights charges that you would face,it might be best to look at every legal option before getting involved.Eric Holder will use as many tax dollars and government resources as it takes to make an example out of anyone who tries to defend themselves or others against a black thug in Ferguson or in any other city that these riots spread to.My heart is with you guys but my common sense tells me to get as much legal advice as I can before getting into a spot that I can’t afford to fight my way out of.What you are doing is right and hopefully enough people will join and become a sizable voting block that can not be ignored.I think that getting the numbers might be the key to getting laws passed to enable Oath Keepers to actually step in and prevent acts of violence in places where the local law enforcement are too overwhelmed to prevent destruction.If there were 50 million oath keepers our politicians would follow the law,represent the citizens and thugs would learn that everyone is not a victim.Maybe we would be able to drive through our cities without having to see thugs with their pants below their butt.I will have to look into it before I know if I would like to join.I have quite a lot of experience in both the military and as a contractor.My biggest worry is that I would shoot someone if I saw them throw a fire bomb at a cop or hot someone with a rock.I don’t think that I have it in me to observe without engaging if I saw something that really made me mad.I can watch locals in a foreign country throw anything at police and burn buildings and wait until ordered or for a predesignated signal to fire.Here in America I am not so sure.I wanted to shoot the bastards when I watched it on tv.I don’t think I could stop myself if I were there.

  25. Just sent an email to Sam, photographer from VT and would like to volunteer my services.

    STEWART: You should call him

  26. Thank You all! I think you all are awesome! I don’t have the skills to be there, BUT I hope to have some soon! May God Keep You All Safe, and God Bless You All!

  27. 4 yrs military, two tours on carrier in gulf during OIF and OEF. Have gas mask, cold weather gear, and CCW. I’ve already been filming from roof tops with telephoto without being spotted. Work near ferguson, live in south city.

  28. In St Charles Missouri. Veteran peace officer, search and rescue. Ready to roll any oath keeper contact asap. 636-443-1761 Jon

  29. George, I believe you are missing an additional key factor here, the people in these buildings would back up the OK’s with witness testimony, and another thing you are missing is the use of the cameramen they are requesting to provide photo evidence of reactionary engagement.

    IE they tossed FIRST then where shot. and in so tossing they not only attempted murder on the OK on the roof as well as arson, but attempted murder on every RESIDENT in the building. that is ALOT of charges for attempted manslaughter in one throw. if they( the aggressors) live, they will be in prison for a very long time.

  30. Its being alleged that the federal authorities wanted some looting and lawlessness to occur. As part of this agenda, they held back the national guard. The reasons are debatable, but we haven’t heard the last of these allegations.

    If this is true, it would mean they resent the actions of OathKeepers and civilians coming to the defense of their property.

    This should be a lesson. There is a lot of work to be done investigating Washington’s actions and motives around this event. There are things to keep in mind for future deployments. All agencies may not be pulling in the same direction.

  31. I just found your site, and I read through the ‘orders we will not obey’… and I absolutely, totally and completely love it! I just had to write a quick note, to thank you, before going over the rest of your site. You are the kind of men & women, that made this country the great nation that it became. Whenever I thought of ‘Americans’, you are the image I had in my mind – strong, powerful, defenders of the defenseless. and all my life, I longed to come here, to be a part of these great people. only to get here and see how much it has been defiled by those who enter, who do not know anything about you, and have no desire to get to know you and become a part of you. The saddest thing is that, so many of your own people have forgotten what makes you an incredibly noble people. I wish I could stand with you and defend all that this country and people stands for. but I’m not built that way. I don’t have a lot of money to spare either, not yet. but I’m ever and ever so thankful, that America isn’t lost … because you won’t let that happen. I know you’re protecting people in Ferguson right now, but the way in which you’ve come together and the way you’re going about it, makes me feel safe here where I am – in NY. I’m even starting to have hope for the future of my kids… that they too will know the True America. Thank you, for not being afraid. Thank you for doing what is right. Thank you for being willing to put yourselves in the midst of the danger. i hope one day, that i too, can do something for you.

  32. Isent my son in Afghanistan this article and how the fed came along and told them they needed to leave. Wellm y son wroteme back and said that they should strike up a deal with each business who wants to participate in this protecton to make a contract for just $1.00 with the Osathkeepers, and then the fed and police can’t touch them. That makes them private security.

  33. Greetings,
    I am 23 yr. retired LEO. I have the necessary equipment. I am in the STL metro area. Email if I can be of any assistance.

  34. Hello fellow patriots! Iam a former army ranger who lives close by fergusson and who was not aware of your orginization until now!!! I firmily believe in what you are doing and am willing to offer my skills. I was in the army for four years airborne air assault ranger qualified individual who has served our nation with the 508th paraxhute inf regiment and the 101 airborne divisoin as a recon scout

  35. Ex Army 13F looking to provide Area Uav assistance if needed Please let me know. I also have Data Sat Links for Live Aerial Video Feed for multiple personal and a flight time of about 2 hours per tank of fuel. Also What is the carry law….Is it open carry?

  36. I’m an EMT, also surgical assistant for 2 years now at a hospital. CPR certified…..what other qualifications do I need?

  37. I admire all that you strand for and all that you are doing to protect the citizens of Ferguson. I truly wish that I could help. I am a former Marine and served in Operation Desert Shield and Operation Desert Storm. I say I wish that I could help because although my heart and mind are in the right place today it was not always so, and I have a felony record. that being said I would be willing to stand guard unarmed. I have 4 years experience in the Marine Corp, although no direct combat, and 5 years experience providing private physical security. Most importantly I am able to remain calm and think clearly in high stress situations where my safety is in danger. I have been involved in almost 100 hand to hand combat scenarios with minimal damage to myself and the subjects that I have had to subdue. I am intelligent and can and will take direction from leadership. I have a strong desire to make up for the mistakes that I have made in the past and would welcome ANY opportunity to assist you brave men in the protection of our fellow Americans.

  38. I have to point out the irony that oathkeepers says they will not obey illegal and unconstitutional orders and yet they left their posts in ferguson when illegally ordered to do so.

    1. We never left our post. The night we were initially conducted by the police, we were already in the process of breaking down for the night/day when they threatened to illegally arrest us. We went right back the very next evening, just as we had done every other night. We defied their illegal orders, and we won, just like Oath Keepers are meant to do.

    2. No, Ed, we did not leave when ordered to do so. Please tell me you are not one of those that believe what you read in the media? We told the police to leave. We told them they are on private property without a warrant and they need to leave. Thus the 2.5 hour standoff. The police eventually left. We were there the next night and on the roof as well. Need proof? Check the ABC Nightline segment, it was filmed on the roof, and I was armed, all on Saturday night. The real irony here is that you had to point out your own ignorance and naivete.

  39. Ed makes a good point. Remember that JAG cell I brought up? Actually, you need lawyers in every state ready to do pro-bono work for future operations. The order from the Ferguson police was patently unconstitutional. It would be an easy win, and would establish case precedence. Let’s face it: this is going to happen again.

    There are a slew of lawyers that have left military service, and are in private practice.

    Also, a future project that identifies states having a conservative legislature and governor: For the purpose of lobbying for a bill that allows unorganized militia (resident, and non-resident of the state) to guard property and lives (sans monetary compensation and need for a license), during actual or potential civil crisis. Once you have one state do it, you have the blue print for others to follow.

  40. As a Canadien ,I serve for a short time in the infantry and became a ranger
    Due to Familly hilness ( my dad ) I had to go back to work the farm and quit my career
    Came in the US 27 years ago on vacation , got married ,became citizen.
    Till this day( I am now 53 ) I trained and hunt any chance I got .
    I believe in our founding father and the constitution and it is our duty to keep our republic safe
    From oppression and tyranny . I would be honor to join your organization .
    How do I sign in .

  41. Police friend moved to Houston.
    House robbed FOUR times.
    Car stolen twice.
    His wife pulled her gun on thugs trying to take her car while putting groceries in car.
    This is crap that happened off duty. On duty was not a fun day at the office.

    He said things were not bad in Houston until Katrina refugees and Central American gangs moved in.
    Anyone is allowed to cross our border and then set up shop being thugs.

    So after combat in many the worlds hot spots as a Marine. Police street duty and Swat duties there after.
    He decided Houston was no longer fit for a family man.

    He moved.
    An American city being vacated by a hard core combat vet, because of the influx of criminals, due to an open border.
    That is really sad. That is the USSA changed Amerika.

    Secure the Border.
    Arrest arsonist, looters, thugs, criminals. Even the ones wearing suits and holding public office.

  42. Sirs:

    I was considering joining until I read this; “Israel, an Army veteran and Oath Keeper, stands guard on Ferguson shop rooftop.” If this statement means that you have an Israeli in you ranks, you have been compromised. Those people start all Riots, Revolutions, and ALL wars, and then they crawl back into the shadows and let the blood flow. Then when the winner steps up, they step in and take over and kill all the leaders of which ever side winds as they don’t care which one it is.

    I was at the Randy Weaver Siege in “92” with my Mini 14 and 30 round clip. We almost had a revolution then, but it was stopped by GOD. Interesting story.

    You need to study those people that manipulate our lives and Gov. You are falling right into their plane to bark up the wrong tree. They’re in the other tree. Go after them and peace will be the true result.

    [Editor’s Note: Richard, we would prefer you do not join Oath Keepers. There are two reasons. The first is that you appear to be stupid. “Israel” is the gentleman’s given name. He is not an Israeli; he is an American Oath Keeper. The second reason we would not want you as a member has to do with your generalization about Israel the nation. While we do understand that the Israeli lobby in WDC is powerful, and that MOSSAD works with our CIA, we do not want anyone for a member in Oath Keepers who is prone to lump all Israelis into one group and hold all Israelis responsible for the sins of a few in Israel’s government apparatus. In other words, your racist attitude and generalized animosity against all Israeli people is not welcome in Oath Keepers. Our by-laws are very clear about that.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  43. This supposed Richard Sharp is likely a Federal agent provacatuer.
    Likely a Fed trying to fish/provoke. NO one here is interested in hate Richard is selling.

    I have had Jew, Atheist, Christian, Pagan, Humanist, Heathen, red, yellow, black, brown, white, Stand Watch at some time in my life as I slept like a baby. Not often warm. Not always dry. But Even though I was surrounded by those trying to kill me. I slept as well as a Fat Happy Baby. Because I knew that one my brother’s was standing watch and would destroy anyone that tried to harm me.

    Anyone that has been sent to war torn shit holes for mostly FALSE reasons has likely had same experience. I’m not all that special.

    So No one here is buying BS, momma dropped you on head “Richard Sharp.” AKA Pancake head..thin and flat, no room for brain cells.

    Protect the Constitution. Protect ALL Americans. Save the Republic.
    Happy Hanukkah.
    Merry Christmas.
    Happy Holidays to ALL.
    Love and Peace to ALL.

    PS-If I owned one of the shops being guarded by Israel in Ferguson. I would sleep like a big fat baby.
    Because I would know that a brother is standing watch as I sleep.

  44. I am a new member, former 11B and I commit to being available to any such future deployments. I commend those who did deploy.

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