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Mo. Governor Nixon: ‘Violence Will Not Be Tolerated’ After Grand Jury Ruling

Jay Nixon

by Shorty Dawkins

Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon said he would activate the National Guard to respond to any unrest that erupts after the grand jury delivers its decision in the case of a white Ferguson, Mo., police officer who shot and killed an unarmed black teenager.

“This is America. People have the right to express views and grievances, but they do not have the right to put fellow citizens and property at risk,” Nixon said Tuesday. “Violence will not be tolerated.”

As the people of Ferguson await the decision of the Grand Jury, the Police are preparing for any eventuality. It is to be hoped that the Law Enforcement agencies, at all levels, will keep their actions within the confines of the Constitution. Citizens have a Right to protest. They have a Right to Free assembly, and they have a Right to Free Speech.  To deny any of these Rights is to break their Oaths to the Constitution. If there is violence, then by all means step in and do your duty, but respect the Rights of the individuals.

We encourage all People to respect the equal Rights of others, including property Rights, by remaining peaceful. All people have the Right to protest and assemble. There is NO right to destroy property.





  1. Unless they get what they want………if the officer isn’t charged, right or wrong, all hell will break loose. They will be doing more than stomping their feet & holding their breath, that’s for sure.

  2. Violence against the people IS TOLERATED.
    Police killing people’s dogs.
    Police killing unarmed people.
    Police Killing people in hand cuffs.
    Police being More of a threat to your average citizen than any street thug.
    Police are bullies, thugs, enforcers for the banker, corporation, and politician thugs in power.

    But this FACT is seldom allowed to be acknowledged.
    There are far fewer Oathkeepers and good honest police than there are THUGS with the protection of the state.

    Our freedom is in peril.
    I’m considering leaving USA because I Will Not be bullied by cops, politicians.
    I will not live in a Police State.
    I fear for the lives of my pets and teenage sons.
    If police murder them then there will be problems.
    America has lost her way. Very Sad.

    This is no longer the country I feel safe in.
    Not due to thugs. Those I have handled.
    Those trying to rob me have not faired well. “No I did not call police.”
    I see George Orwell’s 1984 and Nazi Germany 1939 when I look at modern America under the current Obamination president.

  3. Father – you’re confusing Mexico with the U.S. as an OK & career cop, your rant is offensive. Pick upa badge & a gun if you think you’ve got what it rakes. A cop is killed every 56 hours in the US, plenty of thugs out there killing cops, I assure you.

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