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Meet Natalie – Of Natalie’s Cakes In Ferguson

Nick Nesbitt and Natalie
Nick Nesbitt and Natalie

As you may well be aware, Oath Keepers in Ferguson, MO, are protecting some stores. One of those stores is Natalie’s Cakes & More. Above is a picture of Natalie, thanking one of the Oath Keepers, Nick Nesbitt. Good job Nick, Sam and everyone involved.

She says on her Facebook page:

“Thank you to the guys and gals like this wonderful man, protecting me and my bakery.”
We at Oath Keepers are pleased to help you, Natalie, and your neighbors. We thank you for being a good community member. Your Facebook page tells us you are a fine example of a neighborhood business. Keep up the good work.
And a big thank you to those Oath Keepers who have risked their lives defending those people and stores. You are real Patriots and good citizens.





  1. I’ve been supporting OK from the beginning of this organization. My grandfather was born in Mexico, I know Stewart is 1/4 Hispanic, I have meet many members of OK from different ethnic backgrounds and not one time have I ever seen a hint of racism from any member of Ok. That’s why I laugh (and cry) when I read the claims of OK being a racist organization in comments like at the St. Louis Post-Dispatch article “Police shut down mysterious ‘Oath Keepers’ guarding rooftops in downtown Ferguson”.

    Read some of the comments in the above noted article, like from Phil Medenbach… baseless claims as he rants about Ok being racists and calling for our arrest. Why do people like Phil want to stop us from helping people like Natalie? Are these people real or some type of trolls just trying to smear this organization? How could any genuine person be against this?


    Thanks Jim! It is amazing, and sad, how people can be so blinded by their own hatred, and a bit ironic, really, since in their blind hatred, they act precisely like a bigot.

    All, to say that Jim “supported” this org from the beginning is an understatement. He has been a staunch soldier in this cause in so many ways I would spend all day trying to describe it.

    Hey brother, I am on my way to Ferguson. Wish me luck! I am going there to help the community start neighborhood watches, so the people can protect themselves and each other, as it should be.

    We will also be filing for an injunction to compel the silly St. Louis County Police Chief to stop illegally acting under color of law, using a regulation that doesn’t even apply to unpaid volunteers, to stop us from merely helping our fellow Americans in a time of need.

    We will be back on the rooftops in full strength soon (right now, our retired cops are ALREADY back on the rooftops as they are exempt from license requirements, but you shouldn’t have to be a cop to be an American). We will not abandon Natalie and others in need. So long as they need us, we will be there, one way or another. It’s a matter of duty – Stewart

  2. you guys are still in ferguson after an unofficial cease and decist order from the local PD? or was that resolved?

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