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Live Video Feed in Ferguson Missouri

In case anyone wants to watch what is going on there, in the street, on live stream, click on this link:


It contains frequently updated links to live feeds, and also photos.  There is tremendous looting and arson going on.





  1. Really!!! INFO WARS is your source. You can do better than Alex Jones. He is an agitator, he makes those who stand up for freedom look like nut-cases. He is not for freedom he is for anarchy and chaos. Step up your game Oath Keepers. You have lost some credibility and legitimacy in my book. I hope you can do better than this in the future.

    STEWART: Relax, It’s just a live stream. There is also an Occupy Live stream. If I post a link to that, does that mean I endorse everything they do or say? A live stream is just that – live video, that you can watch and make up your own mind on. How much better can you get, to see with your own eyes what is going on? Watch several of them, if you don’t trust any one and think they are cherry picking what they show.

    As for Alex Jones, I have found his film crews, especially the ones who go out and do live streaming, to be both brave and sincere, and far, far better than some leftist or mainstream media source. You don’t like them? Oh well. Again, it is just a friggin live stream link to unedited video, in real time. That seems like a no brainer. It’t not Alex Jones putting his spin on it. It’s just video. Take what is useful, throw out the rest. – Stewart

  2. Thank you for the reply and the respect. I do take it for what it is worth and unfortunately the link has yet to be up when I have come back to see it. The other videos seem to be pretty benign. -Steve

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