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Leonard Rosson – Peace Officer

Peace officer

Testimonial: I am an 18 year law enforcement veteran, and teach and design training for both entry level and in-service peace officers as a certified California Commission on Peace Officer Standards and Training Master Instructor.

I became a police officer for one reason, to help those who can not help themselves. As peace Officer we do this by upholding and enforcing laws.  Every cadet is taught the difference of “Spirt of The Law” vs. “Letter of the Law.”  Every cadet is taught that they can use discretion to enforce the law based on the their judgement.

It is paramount that every police officer and service member remember and understand that their service is to the people.  We our not nor ever have been government servants but servants of the people.  Our oath, the oath that every peace officer takes is to protect the Constitution of the United States of America, not to right tickets and serve the government, but to protect the American people, by protecting the very thing that protects us all…..the Constitution of the United States of America.





  1. Thank you Leonard for standing with 1,000’s of other Peace Officers around the country who stand tall for the rights and freedoms of American Citizen, the rightful owners of our country. I only wish it were every Peace Officer and current Military member in this great country. We have a lot of work to do.

    Stay Safe,
    Robert Trate

    Oath Keeper

  2. …I doubt this post will be allowed…EVERYTHING good about America is being DESTROYED by TRAITORS within and in the HIGHEST public offices…

    [Editor’s Note: Whenever I see a bogus email address on a submitted comment, I oftentimes will delete the comment without posting it. Another way to have a comment rejected here is to bash cops in general. So you’re right. Only a fragment of your comment is being posted here. If you want to comment here you will have to learn how to separate the good from the bad. Classifying *all* cops in one lumped group is not going to happen here. The very reason we do not allow that here is because we value our police members’ commitment to helping the American people. Whether you believe it or not, Oath Keepers has a lot of excellent men and women in uniform who understand the problems with contemporary training techniques and who are working within their departments to help the younger cops gain a better understanding of their obligations to the Constitution and thereby to the American people. I will not allow our good cops to be abused by frenzied blurts such as you offered as a comment here.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  3. Here is a link with info about Police Sgt. Terry Yeakey:

    There is likely better sources out there. Look it up.
    But it seems, “No one cares.”

    Why aren’t people in the streets SCREAMING for Justice and a TRUE investigation about:
    Oklahoma City- Murrah Building
    Terry Yeakey being murdered. (Why wasn’t the black community outraged?)
    Waco- Feds Murder of women and children. Feds Bull dozed a crime scene.
    Ruby Ridge Idaho- Unarmed woman MURDERED by FBI sniper.
    911- George Bush’s company was United Airlines and World Trade Center Security detail.
    Iraq War- False info on WMD’s. Where are they?

    It goes on and on.
    And Post about these Vital Topics are seldom allowed to see the light of day.
    x-Media is corporate and government controlled.
    x-Government is filled with TRAITORS that HATE America and are actively destroying our nation.
    x-President is a CLEAR and Present Danger to America, National Security, and World Peace.”
    Why isn’t the Anti American president IMPEACHED?

    Why won’t scream about the above VITAL topics to the continuation of America as a free society?
    RATTLE THE CAGE. SHAKE THE CHAINS OF MISINFORMATION and mind control of the masses.
    Wake people up.
    Save the Republic.
    Demand Accountability ….

    [Editor’s Note: Oath Keepers is probably even more concerned about modern conditions in America than are you. However, screeching and blathering like a rabid dog, skipping all about in nervous disconnected spurts of mental infusoria, and exclaiming a lot of your concerns with wild-eyed disregard for establishing a foundation which would assist a reader in understanding what you’re screaming about, is simply not the way to “wake people up”. Your approach, in short, sucks big time and I’m really growing impatient with you. Please stop wasting my time. If you want to save the world go start your own website or publish a newspaper or start a radio show — whatever you can and will do, but your freaked-out blasts here are not really wanted or welcomed. Our readers expect some maturity and refined consciousness. We are aware of the problems. We are a psychological operations organization with a much more subtle influence, which works, by the way. Change your approach to communicating if you want your comments posted here. And always remember — dignity carries much, especially in one’s written thoughts. The lack of it turns people off.

    Elias Alias, editor]

  4. Elias Alias, editor
    “We are a psychological operations organization with a much more subtle influence, which works, by the way.”

    Has anyone considered that “subtle” may well be inappropriate when the building is LITERALLY on Fire?
    Our American Nation is being burned to the ground.
    You have no idea of what is really going on. Or if you do then it is not published here.

    I will not hide in a hole in the ground.
    If Amerika continues being taken down at the current rate. There will be nothing left anyway.
    Russians are not playing. Russians don’t play.
    Russian planes are flying into airspace within plane launched ICBM range. Called a Launch Box for the ICBMs.
    Russian subs are stationed off of both US coasts. Less than 20 minutes and multiple warhead missiles are off to do their deeds.
    Russia has stated intent to “patrol” Gulf of Mexico.
    Russia has stated that there will be a war. “Do you think they are kidding? Bluffing? No. Most people tell you what they intend before they do it. You just have to be paying attention.”

    USA current president and International bankers have started the hostilities. Russia is reacting to being bullied. No I’m not a fan of Russia. But any tough guy knows that “Live and Let Live” is better than beating each other’s heads in.

    USA president is making back door deals with China. China has stated they will War AGAINST USA.
    USA president allowed Russian troops in Colorado Springs. Home of Air Space Command among other high asset facilities.
    USA president is assembling foreign Army under guise of immigration. They will fight Americans.
    USA president attempting to take over 1/7 of USA economy, Health Care. Feds can’t run Postal Service or Social Security responsibly. But now they are taking over Health Care.

    Your average person. Even people who are above average informed on this site do not understand what is occurring.
    SOmeone needs to inform them. Piss them off. Make them move their asses and write, vote, contact bought off politicians, and raise a ruckus about the Intentional destruction of our beloved America.

    If that bothers you.
    If that offends.
    If the information disturbs you.
    Then so be it. You don’t want to hear it. Best of luck to you. I wish you well.

    The first step to save a burning building or solve a problem, is to become aware that there is a problem.

    Some us grunts are not evolved with words, composition, sweet approach to communication.
    Our approach is straight forward and to the point.

    Guess I misunderstood my Oath in OathKeepers?
    My understanding is that preserving traditional constitutional freedoms, liberties, rights. And preserving the American Republic was the purpose and intent. If that is not the case? Then you are correct. We Patriots and America lovers need to move along.
    Hear you 5×5.

    The world is worth saving. Civilization is special and fragile. Civilization and Freedom need protecting against jackals.
    We are capable of greatness as a human race.
    Our country is worth saving.
    America is wonderful and special. I have seen other places far and wide.
    America was once the jewel of the world.
    Now she is being Devastated by those supposed to lead and defend her and her people.

    If America’s Intentional destruction doesn’t make you want to put out the fire.
    Then what is there to say?

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