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Jay Walden

Jay Walden

Testimonial: I grew up in a family that has had every single male, spanning the generations from the great Stonewall Jackson until now, serving in the Military. I have had a storied legacy from the Walden family, from hearing of my grandfather’s exploits in the Battle of Bastogne in WWI, to now, with me being the front line in my family’s history. I currently serve as an aircraft mechanic, and have an extensive knowledge of my duty and oath to the US Constitution and the people it protects.

The wide and unconstitutional abuses of the current administration has to stop, and whilst that line in the sand has not been crossed, it will be in subtle, non-obvious movements and infiltrations. I, for one, will not be a sheeple. I will not stand by and watch the great nation forged by the blood, sweat, and tears of Patriotic American citizens be trampled on, spat on, and destroyed because of ego and personal gain.

I, Joshua Parker Walden, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; that I will bear true faith and allegiance to the same;

That is the section of my Oath that I swore in under, and the first part of that
Oath stands foremost in my mind. I stand ready to deploy, engage, and destroy the enemies of the United States in close combat if the need arise.





  1. I took the oath April 66 na. Guard I was 19 now at 67 I stand ready to die for my country beside other oath keepers for the same reasons. As long as I can lock an load . See you down range wherever that might be.

  2. Mr. Walden thank you and God bless. Question for you sir. I heard on Fox news the other night that over 550 officers and non coms were fired. Do you know of any reason for something like this. I believe that this administration is now purging the lower ranks. They have already purged the higher ranks. What say you sir? Can you give a reasonable reason? I’m 64 and have never served, but I have the same fervor for the oath as you. Again thank you. And thank all your family for serving throughout your family’s history.

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