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James L. Wright, Jr. Marine/US Army (Ret.)

Testimonial: My name is Jim Wright. I am a retired Marine/US Army (23 years). The first member of my family came to the New world in 1615, to Jamestown, Va. My GGG, etc, Grandfather was Pvt. John Bridges, who was one of the Minutemen and fought all through the Revolution until the British surrender. my other GGG, etc, Grandfather was Ensign John McDowell who was one of General Washington’s officers. He later was General John (Old Thunder) McDowell during the war of 1812. I have members of my family on both sides of the War of Northern Aggression. My Grandfather was in WW1 and my Father in WW2, I was in Vietnam and my Son in the Persian Gulf period. My wife is a Mayflower decendent and her GGG Grandfather was on General Washington’s
Staff. I believe in what the framers wrote in the Constitution and Bill of rights
and will always support and defend our nations people and the God-given rights of all of them. I am a founding member of Oath Keepers.