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Fox’s Juan Williams: Liberal News Outlets ‘Begging’ For More Ferguson Riots


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by Andrew Kirell

Fox News political analyst Juan Williams thinks certain liberal news outlets are “begging” for race riots to unfold in Ferguson, Mo.

The grand jury decision on whether to indict Officer Darren Wilson for the shooting death of 18-year-old Michael Brown could come at any moment this week, and so Williams took to his column this weekend to preemptively caution his network’s rivals to handle the story with care:

Now, it is true that television networks profit from coverage of riots. So do extremist voices, often from out of town; suddenly people making threats and shouting vile things are in demand for interviews because they are elevated to the status of experts on the black experience. They certainly profit from racial chaos and violence and now they are looking to score again.

Stop it.

Those people looking to get on television and the producers looking for ratings will not be around to repair the damage once the riots tear through town.

Although he steers clear of naming names in print, Williams got a bit more specific during a Monday appearance on John Gibson‘s Fox News Radio show. Expanding upon his column, Williams lamented a certain TV personality who would enjoy swooping down into Ferguson to portray himself as “the voice of the people.” It doesn’t take much to guess that the Fox analyst is perhaps taking shots at Al Sharpton, among other possible personalities on rival networks like MSNBC and CNN.

In the print edition of his commentary, Williams jabbed at the many reporters who had negative encounters with Ferguson police while covering the August protests there:

Throughout this sad affair the mainstream media’s coverage has been self-involved – pitting reporters against police and celebrating people who came from far outside Ferguson to get their moment of TV attention.

It is the job of the media to report the news and separate the hysteria from the facts.

Now newspapers and broadcast outlets are effectively egging on the agitators and tacitly nudging the protesters towards riots by creating an expectation of riots.

And he concluded with a plea for the residents:

If there is no indictment of the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown, please, please do not engage in violent riots. Instead, channel your passion, your disappointment and your anger towards something constructive rather destructive.

Vote, petition, blog – but for God’s sake, don’t riot.





  1. It seems that now-a-days people just get worked up into a frenzy so easily.I would hope that the LEO’s know what to look for, in that the trouble makers and instigators of chaos be apprehended before this escalates into something much worse. I guess if many more folks would be attuned & do their homework as to why these situations occur and whom it benefits, disasters such as these may be avoided. The lame-stream media has much of the fault resting on them for sure, sensationalism sells.
    I don’t normally agree with many of the things Juan Williams has to offer, but I agree with what he said here:”Vote, petition, blog – but for God’s sake, don’t riot”.

  2. Let me see if I get this straight. So the angry, disfranchised mob in Ferguson
    loot and vandalize innocents because the real root of their anger- perceived
    pervasive racism in America- is out of their reach to do anything about? Well, don’t these actions parallel those of the angry, disfranchised Muslim jihadists who murder innocents across the planet because the real root of their anger- the existence of Israel and the Zionists who support them- is out of their reach to do anything about? Are the societies across the globe ever going to tire of entitlement-driven cowards who wear their overblown sense of victimhood as a badge of honor and who use this badge as a license to plunder and rape the world? Probably not any time soon.

    The greatest and most powerful enemy against the empowering twin evils of victimhood and entitlement are the twin champions of courage and gratitude. These champions of truth knock at the door of every person’s heart- and it is only the fool who does not stand up and answer the door.

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