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Feds Enable Arsonists, Target Oath Keepers Protecting Ferguson Businesses


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by Mikael Thalen

Feds tell police to stop “domestic terrorists” providing free security.

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, have been pressured by the federal government to stop members of Oath Keepers from guarding local homes and businesses targeted by arsonists.

Oath Keepers, an organization consisting of former and current military, police and first responders, dispatched several members to Ferguson the day after the Grand Jury announcement to provide free security to those in need.

Almost immediately after receiving praise in a local paper for protecting vulnerable residents, Oath Keepers standing watch on top of a locally-owned bakery witnessed a three-man sniper team exiting a silver Suburban on the ground below.

The three men were then seen setting up sniper hides in a nearby building before aiming their rifles directly at the group. Across the street, on top of the fire hall, a separate sniper team began setting up as well.

A Missouri Oath Keeper named Sam Andrews, who spoke briefly with Infowars, immediately called Unified Command to find out why snipers had taken up an aggressive position against them.

According to Andrews, local police, a large portion of which have been supportive of the Oath Keepers, were completely unaware of the feds movements.

Shortly after, a St. Louis County police officer appeared on scene and began telling Andrews that business owners wanted them off their roofs.

After calling the store owners, Andrews and his team quickly confirmed that no such request was ever made. That is when the officer admitted that his chief was being pressured by the feds to keep Oath Keepers from protecting buildings.

Further reports revealed that the feds had told police earlier that day that Oath Keepers were “domestic terrorists,” an unsurprising claim given the federal government’s baseless targeting of the group.

The owner of a Chinese restaurant receiving free protection was reportedly confronted by federal agents also and told to kick the Oath Keepers out.

Failing to remove the businesses’ and homes’ much needed protection, other officers began telling Andrews that his group was in violation of state law. Police claimed the group needed to posses security licenses, despite the fact that the law only applies to paid security, not volunteers.

“We’re volunteers. We read the statute. We had three attorneys read the statute,” Andrews told Infowars.

Andrews began speaking with other volunteers not affiliated with the Oath Keepers, including a group of young Ferguson residents protecting a local gas station, and learned that none had been approached or told to obtain licenses by police.

Stewart Rhodes, founder and president of Oath Keepers, told Infowars that the American people are being presented with a false choice by those running the show in Ferguson.

“They want to create a false paradigm… They are presenting a false choice between lawlessness, looting, arson, assault, murder on the one side, unrestrained, or a hyper-militarized police state on the other,” Rhodes said. “They are failing to do the intelligent thing and protect businesses without trampling on rights.”

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  1. then maybe the police chief shouldn’t be a spineless idiot, and should have told the feds that local police WILL ARREST THEM for interference with local police affairs.

  2. It seems like the feds want a race war. Looks like at some point they will be the ones who fire the first shot in that war. I wouldn’t want to trade places with them if they do.

  3. Came here for some verification of the InfoWars article I was linked to from another site.
    Further indications that the real “domestic terrorists” we need to be on guard against are the ones fully funded by every taxpayer.

  4. The Ky militia support the oath keepers, the domestic terrorist’s are the ones killing unarmed citizens, beating, gassing and arresting protesters. We are going to have to fight for our constitutional rights again it seems. Let the cry go forward from this place and time, I Am Mad As Hell, I’m Not Going To Take This Anymore!

  5. If Obamanation has his way, this thing will spiral out of control and he will assume the role of supreme dictator through declaration of martial law. With congress changing hands in January he is under time pressure and will only crank up the heat to get the proverbial pot to boil over. Things do not look good patriots, it may be time to water the tree.

  6. Look for a coming federalization of ALL police forces in the country, local control of police is about to be wrested from the people and handed over to a new organization like the TSA. No more elected sheriffs to stand in the way of enforcing federal mandates (like gun control). “In order to prevent racial profiling” Homeland Sekurity is about to come home and Holder and Obama will be in control of it.

  7. Anti American, anti Business, anti middle class, does not believe in US Constitution, wants your guns, wants all of your money, wants to take away your choice in medical care, that is your USSA president. Tyrant of “changed” Amerika.

    So why is anyone here surprised that Oathkeepers called domestic terrorist by a TRAITOR president and TRAITOR Fed gov ment?

    This Anti American shill president is more Dangerous than any rioters. More dangerous than any terrorist.
    No one will stop him.
    A Civil war possible. American people are really pissed.
    A war with Russia possible. Russians are pissed. NWO bankers messed with Putin’s personal money, millions.
    The above is the result of ALLOWING this USSA president to remain in office.
    Ask yourself, “is it worth it?” Civil war? Nuclear war WW3?

    Leave the Constitution alone.
    Leave the Russians alone. Live and Let Live.
    Remove TRAITORS from office. Impeach. Recall. Vote them out. Get Organized.

    That is why Feds fear Oathkeepers. Organized, motivated, patriotic, professionals, Fearless.

  8. You become fearless when all you love is being stolen by Treasonous Jackals.
    Martial law. Round up of dissidents. Shutting down internet free speech. FEMA death camps.
    These appear to be the goals of those currently in charge. Just a matter of a few false flags and a little time.
    The people in charge, Feds, gov ment, are EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to every American.

    The current president is capable of ANYTHING that harms American’s. He hates America.

    It is so evil that people refuse to accept the truth before them. Same as jews who refused to believe the evil of Hitler.

  9. King George likely called George Washington a “domestic terrorist.”
    Red Coats likely considered Minute Men and Continental Army “domestic terrorist.”

    As a matter of fact there is a video up on where a Federal Law Enforcement trainer
    “stated that Washington and Jefferson were terrorist.”

    Here is link:

    All a matter of perspective.
    Guess if a Treasonous Fed hates America and the Constitution then they would label OK in that manner.
    They view the Constitution and Americans as the Enemy.

    Washington is a Hero. Read Glen Beck’s book “Being George Washington”. Mr. Washington was amazing.
    Jefferson is a Hero. Father of America ideas.
    Oathkeepers are brothers and Protectors of Liberty and the American people..
    The obamination is a Criminal and Traitor to America. MUCH Worse than Benedict Arnold.
    That is my perspective. I Love America and her People.

    Put that in my NSA jacket.
    The Feds FEAR the American People.

  10. Live Free or Die! The new revolution is coming. The liberals are pushing the people to take back the freedom we earned from England. It is a shame that it may come to this, but I am ready.

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