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CPT Product Review: US ARMY Survival Cards


Oath Keepers Vice President David Helms with a CPT Resource Review:

Army Survival Cards

I recently acquired a set of cards put out by the Department of the Army that I had hoped would be a nice addition to the bug-out bag. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Here is a “heads-up” for your info.

US ARMY Survival: The Card Set is touted as being a handy way to carry around all the information that trained soldiers live their lives by. A further claim is that each card features a full-color photograph along with clear and simple instructions. Bear in mind that it isn’t the Department of the Army making these claims, but the seller. Regardless of who made the claims the reality falls somewhat short. Many of the cards have illustrations rather than photographs, though they are generally good illustrations and fairly clear. Sadly, some of the photographs of edible and poisonous plants show too little of the plants to make a definitive determination.

The information provided is very basic, and worse, wrong in some instances. For example, there are a group of cards listed as “edible plants” and another group of cards listed as “poisonous plants”. The chinaberry is listed on the front of the card as being edible but on the back there is this statement: “caution – all parts of the tree should be considered dangerous if eaten.” That doesn’t sound edible to me. The range and habitat of poisonous snakes is also incorrect for many of the species. I can guarantee you that Arkansas has both the diamondback and the cottonmouth, though these cards seem to believe otherwise.

The cards are printed on reasonably heavy cardboard stock and come in a sturdy box. In the box they measure about 4.5x6x1.25 inches. I don’t have a scale handy but they seem to weigh close to a half pound.

These cards retail for just under thirteen bucks. Based on the limited, and sometimes incorrect, information provided along with the space you’d be giving up in your pack and the weight you’d be taking on, I’d have to advise that you pass on these. There are much better options out there.






  1. Few Ideas:
    Maybe this is an item that could have OK version manufactured as a useful for profit item.
    -Survival cards.
    -Video CD Box Set. Record CPT training sessions. Review by qualified board. Have a CPT ciricculum.
    -Quality Medical training is desperately needed. Combat/Disaster medicine.
    -Large silk handkerchief or shimgha scarf with useful info

    These are ways to multiply our knowledge base amongst members.
    Way to get Useful Oathkeeper branded items in the hands of serving military.

    1. Would be interested in an OathKeepers product as well. Maybe poison centers would be a valuable / viable source of info for plants and snakes?

      Could create a revenue stream for OK.

      Appreciate what you are doing.

      Thank you!

  2. “Maybe this is an item that could have OK version manufactured…”

    I think that sounds like a good way to get OK’s name out there on a very useful QUALITY product.

  3. Sounds like a plan. I hope someone at Oath Keepers is monitoring this so they can get ‘er done. I would certainly be interested and think it is an awesome idea.
    Training videos on how to setup/organize a CPT.

  4. Katrina proved, “No one will help you.”
    You must help yourself. Help your neighbors and community.
    Any officials that show up will likely harm you. Not help.

    A friend of mine in New Orleans said Black Water contractors attempted to disarm him during Katrina FUBAR fiasco.
    He claimed he said, “I don’t think so.” Turned his back to them. Went inside his house and locked his door.
    He said they yelled out to him to come out. He ignored them. Went for more magazines. Not “Sports Illustrated.”
    The didn’t come up on porch. They left.

    Good choice on their part.
    He is lean Marine and mean.
    He would not have gone peacefully.
    A good role model.

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