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Bob Pugh – US Coast Guard

coast guard

Testimonial: I swore my Oath on July 7th, 1986.

I always knew that I would join the military. I chose the Coast Guard Because I wanted a Branch that would be actively serving the country in both peace time as well as during a war or conflict. I also wanted to save and protect lives as well as work in Law Enforcement. I served on an Ice Breaker and a 378′ Cutter. I trained in law Enforcement and Military Preparedness. I was an E-4 Gunnersmate 3rd class. I also worked as a Range Instructor at Yorktown, VA.

After Separating from the CG in 1991 I have been remaining active fighting for our Gun rights and the Second Amendment. I  still feel obligated to uphold my Oath to defend the Constitution and our Country against any threat both Foreign and Domestic!