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Airborne patch

Testimonial:  Thank you for giving many of us veterans the opportunity to once again serve such a noble cause. I refrained from identifying myself in an attempt to insulate my 10 yr. old daughter from possible repercussions.

As a combat medic who served honorably with the 173rd Airborne in  Vietnam (1967-68), I witnessed the results of oppressive governments on its citizens. I clearly see the ground work being established in our beloved America to subjugate American citizens to socialist rule.

I had relatives who immigrated to this country for the freedoms it offered. Two of my uncles served and sacrificed in WWII. Now we are at risk of becoming a People of the Government rather than a Government of the People. The current “powers that be” believe you don’t bite the hand that feeds you. What they don’t realize is that saying was meant for dogs not people. We put our lives on the line for the principles and ideals that made this country great. And we will never give up on a democracy that works. Once a soldier, always a soldier. God Bless America