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90-Year-Old WW2 Veteran Faces 60 Days In Jail For… Feeding The Homeless

90-Year-Old WW2 Veteran Faces 60 Days In Jail For... Feeding The Homeless

This article was written by Mike Krieger and originally published at Liberty Blitzkrieg

Drop that plate right now!

– Florida police to 90-year-old WW2 vet Arnold Abbott as he tried to feed homeless people

Last week, I reported on the very disturbing fact that a Boynton Beach, Florida police officer had been accused of raping a 20-year old woman at gunpoint while on duty. A week later, we learn that police just 33 miles south, in Fort Lauderdale, raided a 90-year old World War II veteran and two clergymen and charged them with feeding the homeless. Under a new law, these three humanitarians face penalties of up to a $500 fine and/or 60 days in jail for, well, being humanitarians. No, I’m not making this up.

We learn from WPLG Local10:

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla. – Fort Lauderdale police charged three men — including two pastors and a 90-year-old man — for feeding the homeless in public on Sunday, the first such cases made by the city after the a new ordinance effectively banning public food sharings took effect Friday.

The first to be charged was homeless advocate Arnold Abbott, 90, who has been feeding the homeless in Fort Lauderdale for more than 20 years. Also cited were two Christian ministers — Dwayne Black, pastor of The Sanctuary Church in Fort Lauderdale, and Mark Sims of St. Mary Magdalene Episcopal Church in Coral Springs.

All three men face up to 60 days in jail and a $500 fine.

“One of the police officers said, ‘Drop that plate right now,’ as if I were carrying a weapon,” said Abbott, who runs a nonprofit group called Love Thy Neighbor, Inc. “It’s man’s inhumanity to man is all it is.”

“I don’t do things to purposefully aggravate the situation,” said Abbott. “I’m trying to work with the city. Any human has the right to help his fellow man.”

The Broward Palm Beach New Times, adds some additional color on the situation, particularly with regard to the area’s history of mistreating the homeless:

Benjamin Waxman, ACLU lead attorney in the landmark Pottinger v. City of Miamisettlement agreement, calls Fort Lauderdale’s treatment of the homeless “evocative of conditions in Miami before the Pottinger case began” back in 1988.

The Pottinger case established limited protections against criminalizing homelessness in Miami and last year withstood an effort by that city to eliminate its core protections, including ones related to food-sharing and camping. Prior to Pottinger’s original filing, official police abuse of Miami’s homeless, often carried out by its so-called “bum squad,” had become notorious and included such acts of cruelty as the seizure by Miami Police Department officers of homeless persons’ property, which was then burned as they were forced to watch.

The confiscation of the property of six homeless persons in Fort Lauderdale that was overseen by an as-yet-unidentified FLPD officer, alleged to have occurred on the morning of September 24, is just one of countless incidents of abuse reported by homeless people in recent months that justify the comparison with Miami.

An inquiry a week after the incident allegedly occurred to FLPD’s property room manager, Dawn Ramage, confirmed that no property had been turned in despite a requirement that all seized property be stored for at least 30 days. Nor were the homeless folk who spoke about the theft of their property, including one woman whose breathing medication was taken, given a 24-hour notice as the personal property ordinance mandates. The woman, Renee (full name withheld for fear of retribution), who suffers from COPD, wound up in Broward General Hospital for three days because she couldn’t access her medication. Seven bags of recyclables, which the homeless had been collecting to exchange for cash, were also seized in that incident.

Yep, makes sense. Homeless people have basically nothing, so may as well take what little they have. That’ll show em.

Arnold Abbott’s take was the same melodic riff he’s been trumpeting for years: “I went through World War 2. I fought in the Civil Rights movement. This won’t stop us. All this did was move us to court earlier than we had planned.”

Here’s the face of an American “criminal” in 2014. Meanwhile, still not a single bank executive behind bars.

Screen Shot 2014-11-05 at 11.37.24 AM

Truly sad it takes a 90-year-man engaging in civil disobedience to demonstrate to the rest of us how apathetic and spineless we have become.





  1. This is NOT the American way.

    We FEED and give drinks to our homeless. This is the way of nations that want to “remove” the people that most ignore first before moving on to those in the general populace. Those who are there regularly to be fed get noticed when they are suddenly missing.

    The big thing to remember is that the bankers made homeless hundreds of thousands of families through fraudulent dealings.

    For all LE’s that are Oathkeepers, this is one of the “just following orders” and “just doing my job” things I have been warning about. Do NOT think that if you do those things what will happen will bypass you and yours. Agenda 21 is all about not just depopulation, but moving everyone into 400 – 700 S

  2. Sorry, cat was assisting.

    Agenda 21 is all about not just depopulation, but moving everyone into 400 – 700 Sq. Ft. “human habitats” and allowing NO ONE to own anything. Yes, that does include those who are implementing and enforcing these things. So if nothing else will sway you from “just following orders” and “just doing my job” maybe self interest will.

    Military, same for you. Is this the future you want for yourself and your family?

    There is a huge reason why everyone in a governmental position is REQUIRED to take and KEEP the Oath to support and defend the US Constitution; it keeps you from ever being made a slave against your will, it allows you to own property which ONLY the “privileged” were allowed to do. It PROTECTS your natural right to self-defense, where in most countries it would cost you your life.

    Notice that when there are corrupt cops and military (Hurricanes Katrina & Sandy; such as the Danziger Bridge shootings, etc), people and pets are getting injured and murdered here within our nation by our own people, and some contract groups.

    Remember headlines that said things like: “After Katrina, New Orleans Cops Were Told They Could Shoot Looters”? Yet the police and military came and confiscated peoples food, water, weapons, etc and then was shooting them for looting? That was, and is, FIRST DEGREE MURDER – like Obama’s “assassination powers”, which also should NOT ever be ignored because then we are condoning it.

    LE’s, Military, and the rest of all Oathtakers; this is our nation and we are under siege by enemies from within, and those brought here. Take a stand for our nation. I do not believe you will like the life you will be living after having freedom and the ability to own things, property, etc.

    So NOT just follow orders, or just do your jobs, THINK. Of your Oath, of possible consequences and of where it might land you no matter who wins.

    If there were never intended to be action to defend the Constitution from those who are domestically attempting to destroy its power and authority, why would each Oath require it of those who take the Oaths? 

    God Bless and Stay Safe! Keep Your Oath!

  3. This has to stop, feeding those in need is the very essence of what it means to be human. When government makes it illegal that government needs to be called into question. To any law enforcement officers out there that would arrest a man for doing good, you are not doing your job. You should be arresting those who made the “city ordinance” cause it’s not even law, and put them in jail.

  4. To the Florida oathkeepers, please do a food drive, we will send food. Please go out in great numbers and feed those in need, armed if need be.

  5. working with several veterans support groups that serve the community, at the stand downs once a month we hand out food and clothing to the homeless, as with any organization they keep their numbers for the tax man, the scary part is 40% of those who show up in need are VETERANS!!! HOMELESS VETERANS!!! (yes I have seen the DD-214’s) 40% Think about that.

    Now having seen them and supported them from WW 2 through Iraq / Afghanistan, How in the world can there only be 4 comments on this?

  6. This is simply disgusting on the part of these officers following an ordinance as insane as this. Good men trying to help another human in need and punishment befalls them. The arrogant traitors from the city as well as the foolish LEO’s just doing what they’re told should be tossed out in the streets themselves to see how they like it when the tables are turned. These folks doing good need massive support and a food drive to continue the non-compliance with this idiotic ordinance.

  7. Many vets end up homeless.
    War can screw up a sane man.
    The VA Hospital is USELESS, Ineffective, and corrupt. Meds are their solution to stress trauma.
    Many vets have issues and some don’t have family/friend support structure.
    Meds, booze, relationship break up with wife/girl friend, then the vet is out on the street.
    Can easily happen to anyone. Don’t kid yourself. You are not immune. Many Americans are one paycheck away from disaster.

    The man in the article, Arnold Abbott, fought cruel fascist authoritarian Nazi’s as a young man.
    Now he fights the same mindset of EVIL as an old man.
    Fighting Inhumanity with courage.
    Well done.

  8. @ Skeeter:
    terrible thing is your words are all too true.(Good and valid post BTW) Concerning Abbott, I have seen this type of moral standard in most vets I meet especially those of his time of service.

    Just a thought for those here: Just how important is our Oath? It would seem to me this man stands out in his understanding “any man has the right to help his fellow man” reminds me of Niemöller. Will we let the powers that be divest us of that right?

  9. Those Politicians in power, ALWAYS seek to divide.
    Divide with Religion.
    Divide with Race.
    Divide with Economic status. Have vs. Have Nots. Rich vs. Poor
    Divide with Nationality. “USA USA USA” zombies.

    We are all human beings.
    We are the same. We all bleed red. We will all leave this life one day.

    Politicians Divide to conquer the “mind” of the masses. That is one method they gain power, “by division”.

    Homeless guys are a pain in the ass.
    Some take advantage of people’s generosity.
    Some are just criminals hiding out.
    Some hassle you as you go about your business and are aggressive.
    So the Square John’s cry to politicians to make them “just go away.” They do NOT CARE if the homeless starve. As long as they are gone. Homeless have no voice or political power to counter, the Unjust acts against them by Police, judge, politicians,

    But some Homeless are Vets with problems that are NOT getting help. BECAUSE there IS NO HELP.
    Medication makes some situations MUCH worse. Suicide. Violence. BECAUSE of the medicine.
    Others are Families that lost a job and are down and out.
    Some homeless are mentally ill and our society DOES NOT provide help for them. Ronald Reagan DUMPED homeless on the street by closing facilities to house them.

    At the end of the day we are all people.
    Any of us could end up homeless.
    We can NO LONGER ALLOW ANYONE to divide the people.
    Politicians do not have the answers.

    Individuals working as human beings can solve most problems.
    Arnold Abbott is doing what needs done. No matter the cost.
    Are you? Are you doing what needs to be done?

    Arnold Abbott makes me see my failing, as not doing what needs to be done in many areas.
    My “Oath” is to do More.

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