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[Editor’s Note: Oath Keepers national is proud of the dignified and firm manner in which New York Oath Keepers continues to represent all Oath Keepers everywhere while carrying forward our mission in every way.  As we note frequently, the DHS Fusion Centers represent a very questionable outreach by the General government in Washington D.C., and they have been caught more than once stereotyping patriotic Americans who treasure our Constitution as potential threats to law enforcement. When it happened in New York  this past June, our State chapter, under the leadership of these honorable Oath Keepers —

John Wallace, Acting President, New York Oath Keepers (US Army-NYARNG; Lt. Col. NYSP Ret)

Dan Devlin, Vice President, New York Oath Keepers (MP US Army; PHX, AZ PD)

Frank Morganthaler, Vice President, New York Oath Keepers (USMC; Lt. FDNY Ret)

John Mahoney, Special Advisor, New York Oath Keepers (Sgt NYPD Ret; USMC; Special Forces Trainer, US Army Ret)

— New York Oath Keepers requested a meeting to correct the mis-characterization published to New York police statewide by the New York State Intelligence Center (a DHS Fusion Center).  That meeting happened on Friday, October 24, 2014.

This article is to update Oath Keepers’ previous coverage, found here:

Oath Keepers national salutes New York Oath Keepers.


Elias Alias, editor]



by John Wallace, October 24, 2014

Back in June 12, 2014, the New York State Intelligence Center (NYSIC), a Fusion Center, issued a “Counter Terrorism Bulletin” in which they identified the New York State Oath Keepers organization, as well as other Liberty, Pro-Constitution groups, as a far-right extremist group and/or a threat to law enforcement in New York State.

As a result of this politically motivated and unwarranted designation, the New York Oath Keepers requested a meeting with Governor Cuomo and/or representatives of the New York State Intelligence Center, including the New York State Police and the Federal Bureau of Investigation, that are both member agencies of the NYSIC.

Today, members of the Executive Staff of the New York Oath Keepers met with members of the New York State Police and the FBI, at the New York State Police, Troop ‘G’ Headuarters in Latham, NY for over 2 hours. We pointed out the faulty logic used in the NYSIC Bulletin that had the effect of politically demonizing the New York Oath Keeper organization whose clearly stated, non-partisan mission, is simply to encourage our Military and Law Enforcement Officers, and others, to honor their oaths to the United States and New York State Constitutions.

I believe we clearly addressed any issues, misinformation and misunderstandings about the New York Oath Keepers mission that the representatives of these two agencies may have had. We told them that our primary goal for having this meeting was to see this “far-right extremist” label retracted and the necessary corrections made to the Bulletin, or that the Bulletin be withdrawn completely. They told us that it was
not their intent to label the New York Oath Keepers as an ‘extreme right-wing organization’ although they did concede that the wording in the bulletin might be construed to give that impression.

We told the representatives of the New York State Police and the FBI that our members have taken Oaths to the Constitution at one or more times during their military, police, fire and first responder service and that these Oaths do not expire. We added that is was our right as American citizens to have the opportunity to restore the New York Oath Keepers good name, which has been wrongly defamed by the NYSIC’s conclusion that we are somehow an ‘extreme right-wing organization.’

Obviously, the New York State Police and the FBI are only two of the many member agencies that make up the New York State Intelligence Center and a decision could not be made about the bulletin by the representatives of these two law enforcement agencies at the time of this meeting. Overall, the meeting was very positive with each side understanding the views of the other.  At some point in the near future, we will be advised of their decision, at which time, we will advise the membership and take further action if required.

For the Republic,

John Wallace

Acting President

New York Oath Keepers


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  1. If you are an Anti-American, Authoritarian, with NO regard for the Consitution/Bill of Rights.
    If you want to Control and Trample on Liberty, Freedom, Justice, and HATE Traditional American values.

    For example if you were Mentored by the Weather Underground. An organization that hates America and MURDERED police officers. That is who your current president O affiliated with. Guided him. Mentored him in his ideology.

    Then of course you would consider Oathkeepers a THREAT to you ideology and actions.

    Why are you surprised?
    They consider Loyal Patriotic Americans a THREAT and ENEMY for their “changed” Amerika.

    The Authorities want to have a “chilling” effect. They want you Compliant and Silent.
    Being “Listed” is meant to elicit a FEAR response.
    FEAR is a means of control.
    If you stop the FEAR you STOP the control.

    Americans Stop being Fear driven Sheep afraid of Big Bad Wolves.

    Wolves in Sheep Clothing are the Real Threat.
    A USA president who is actually ANTI-AMERICAN and ACTIVELY seeks America Destroyed.
    A USA president who is a, “Clear and Present Danger to National Security and the Safety of American Citizens.”
    A USA president who is a “EXTREME Threat to World Peace.”
    A USA president who is TREASONOUS against American people. Treasonous against American Law and Values. Unwilling to secure our borders.
    The Politicians and Media who remain SILENT about the USA president’s ANTI-AMERICAN actions are also TRAITORS to America.

    The USA president, Criminal Politicians, COMPLIANT MEDIA: TV, Newspapers, Movies, and LEFTIST Brainwashing Teachers of our children are the Wolves in Sheep clothing that should bring most Concern to Every American with any Reasoning Ability.

    You ALLOW them to destroy the Economy with Taxes and Laws that DRIVE AWAY most jobs.
    Without a decent Job and means of support, you are weak, vulnerable, dependent. Just a hungry dog seeking scraps. Easy to control and round up. VULNERABLE.

    The Federal Reserve Bankers/International Bankers
    NWO collectivist, Communist collective mindset.
    Traitor president, Traitor politicians,
    Leftist Teachers BRAINWASHING your children,
    Weather Modification and induced Drought.
    Fukishema that continues spewing out radiation.

    A USA president Intentionally PROVOKING WW3 Nuclear WAR with Russia.
    END of modern Civilization.

    If You do Nothing and ALLOW authorities to misbehave. Then they will be like the school yard Bully That Continues Escalation BECAUSE you did NOTHING.

    GOOD job to those that took a Stand.
    A Bully will often back down when confronted.

    Reclaim your POWER to stop NWO “change’.

  2. It is truly amazing that these agencies rely so much on the propaganda / fear mongering created by an extreme hate organization, funded by the federal government a.k.a. the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). The fusion centers in Missouri found that out when the MIAC Report was released, causing the DHS to back-paddle, pointing the finger at the SPLC !

  3. During the round ups of the “undesirables and Jews” in Nazi Germany.
    Imagine the outcome if EVERY single Person Being Rounded Up FOUGHT back
    as if there is NO Tomorrow. They were NOT easily put into cattle cars and trucks.
    Imagine if the “Undesireables and Jews” were:
    -Well Armed with FireArms
    -Ammo was pre stock piled 10,000 rounds
    -Food was stored for several months or up to a years provisions
    -Water was stored
    -Everyone had a garden or city people grew what they could in buckets of Roofs and Patios.
    -Communications: point to point, CB, FMRS, Ham, etc.
    -Medical supplies were stored
    -Each person had gone through:
    -First Aid, CPR, Medic, EMT training

    And they Confronted the Nazi’s, FOUGHT Back WITHOUT Fear as they were herded into jewish ghettos.
    Each Man, Woman, Old and Young, Fought the EVIL of the Nazi “change”.

    EACH ONE OF YOU THAT READS THIS should take the steps listed above as a MINIMUM.
    That is how EVIL will NOT be ALLOWED to ESCALATE.

    WW2 would have been shorten or perhaps Never begun. Because the Nazi Regime of “change”
    would face, Prepared, Dedicated, Fearless human beings FIGHTING for Life.

    I’m not in anyway being critical of those human beings MURDERED by Nazi’s and their minions and “official” government agencies.
    Unfortunately, the people of that day just could Not Comprehend the EVIL that they faced.
    Many brave people did fight back. Even in the camps there were attempts to resist. But by then it was too late.

    Our Grandfathers LIBERATED those damn camps of HELL. And EXECUTED immediately many of the guards who “were just following orders.”
    WE WILL NOT be taken to FEMA camps for disposal.
    We comprehend the EVIL that men in ABSOLUTE power are capable of.

    AS my Jewish friend says, “Never Again.”

  4. there are a lot of good people in the new york oath keepers organization. And many of the sheriffs throughout the state are also on board with the organization.

  5. As I read through these comments…our government is said to be the wolf in sheep’s clothing. Guess what? I am a wolf in sheep’s clothing. I will not ask permission to use my rights. I will not fear my Government, though it shall fear me.

  6. On October 31…I found a video on YouTube that described how the Government gave an MRAP vehicle to an Indiana county Sheriff. It was said that this vehicle was needed because of returning vets and what vets could do to law enforcement if this vehicle was not around. This is very concerning. Who would make such an assumption? So…..i called this Sheriff with some questions. This video was already a couple years old, yet I still had questions. The Sheriff informed me that he does not have this vehicle because it would install fear among the people and it doesn’t fit his plan. I asked if he was a constitutional sheriff and he said yes. I asked how many counties made up Indiana? He said 92. I then asked how many of the 92 were in fact constitutional sheriffs? He replied…”ALL 92!” This is a relief and I intend on finding out where my home state stands.

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