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The Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren’t So Crazy Anymore

The Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

This article was written by Kimberly Paxton and originally published at The Daily Sheeple

Usually, when the mainstream media mentions preppers and survivalists, the angle is not flattering.  Maybe someone who considers himself a survivalist has committed a heinous crime and is on the loose.  Perhaps a prepared family is beaming from the page while sitting in their bunker, hundreds of food buckets in the background and 17 paragraphs of mockery in the article below the photo.

But the possibility of a pandemic changes things, and with the Ebola case in Dallas, Texas, the folks in the mainstream media have a lot of questions for the preparedness community. With only a couple of exceptions, the reports have been a lot more open-minded than usual, if a little lacking in understanding of the preparedness community.

Perhaps, preppers aren’t so crazy after all.

First, MSNBC got the ball rolling the day after Thomas Duncan was diagnosed with Ebola. In the article, “What Preppers Are Doing About Ebola“,  MSNBC reporter Chris Morris quoted two preparedness experts that reinforced the need to remain calm, but aware.  Published on October 1, the day after the diagnosis, the unbiased and rational article noted that some in the survival/prepping world expected to see a bump in sales.

Early figures from Amazon bear this out; as of Wednesday sales of a type of full-body protective suits were up 131,000 percent and sales for one type of mask had risen 18,000 percent in 24 hours.

Initial bestsellers were:

DuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist, Bootie & Hood White Tyvek Coverall SuitThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

Particulate N95 Respirator with ValveThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

This article was quickly followed up by NY Mag, who put out a snarky piece lazily using the same quotes as MSNBC’s article, but twisting them to make the community sound like fringe-dwelling lunatics.

Two days later, the market is still hot. Although the online retailer does not release exact sales figures, the “industrial and scientific” section of the“movers and shakers” page, which shows products flying off the virtual shelves in the last day, is filled with gas masks, body suits, and, for some reason, a “Combat Application Tourniquet” (zombie invasion?). As seen above, a huge chunk of the top 20 sellers would have practical uses if more than one person in the country had Ebola.

But in the survivalist community, also known as preppers — the people who think the world could any minute, for reasons ranging from Obama being a reptilian Illuminati puppet to Obama releasing an airborne version of the virus — anyone just shopping now is a total noob.

Despite the derision, one thing is clear: People are stocking up.


From the left, row by row, the top products for a potential pandemic on October 3rd were:

DuPont TY127S Tyvek Coverall Suit The Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

Polish Gas MaskThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

BudK Czech M10 Gas Mask With Filter & Drinking TubeThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

Gerson 2130 N95 Smart-mask Particle Respirator Mask – 20-Pack – Made in USAThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

Combat Application TourniquetThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

DuPont White 5.4 mil Tyvek Disposable CoverallsThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

Kimberly Clark Healthcare 47117 Tecnol Earloop Procedure Masks 50/Bx YellowThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

DuPont TY122S Disposable Elastic Wrist, Bootie & Hood White Tyvek Coverall Suit The Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

GOJO 2740-01 Dove Gray TFX Touch Free DispenserThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore

The same day, an article appeared on Bloomberg stating in no uncertain terms that the emergency supply business was booming.  The fair and reasonable coverage on Bloomberg just provided facts. First of all, DuPont has tripled production to meet the need for protective items:

DuPont, which is based in Wilmington, Delaware, said in an e-mailed statement that it has tripled production of some items used for Ebola protection and has “worked hard to shift products geographically and made a available a broader range of styles suitable for various treatment levels.”

A message on DuPont’s website, which cites the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, recommends gloves, eye protection, face masks and fluid-resistant gowns to protect against Ebola infection.

Bloomberg said that it was not only the sale of protective clothing that was up, but also that handbook sales were dramatically on the rise:

Materials teaching how to deal with a potential Ebola outbreak also have gained in popularity. Sales of “Ebola Survival Handbook: A Collection of Tips, Strategies, and Supply Lists From Some of the World’s Best Preparedness ProfessionalsThe Mainstream Media: Preppers Aren't So Crazy Anymore ” which was published Sept. 22, rose 49 percent in the past 24 hours. Buyers of the book frequently also purchase Tyvek suits and respirators, according to Amazon, which encourages customers to buy all three together.

The Washington Post got on the survivalist bandwagon today, with an article entitled “How ‘survivalists’ in America are planning their escape from Ebola apocalypse — right now.” This article focused less on the purchases and more on the lifestyle.

In survivalist parlance, what is your “SHTF plan” — that is, your plan for when the (s)— (h)its (t)he (f)an?

Don’t have one? There are some who do. They sometimes call themselves “Preppers” — the word those devoted to preparing for environmental and/or financial Armageddon usually prefer to “survivalist” — have some advice for you.

The article then broke down the 4 “rules” for surviving an Ebola pandemic. (This is despite the fact that all of the preppers interviewed concurred that it was merely time to be watchful and aware, not time to go into full-out bunker mode.)

Rule No. 1: You’re not crazy — but prep, don’t panic.

Rule No. 2: Getting ready means getting armed.

Rule No. 3: Go shopping.

Rule No. 4: Withdraw from society — but keep busy.

Will society see the wisdom in getting prepared?

Judging from the comments on the articles, there are some people still think preppers are crazy.  Little gems like this:

Ah yes. You need to have guns for the marauding looting bands of… well maybe sort of prepperd  (sic) preppers… who will be roaming the countryside killing and raping and so forth..

Just like in New Orleans, right?

The sad part is there are people who believe the above and waste large amounts of resources trying to make this dream come true. Says a lot about the person being interviewed I guess,

And the wisdom of this pleasant fellow:

These preppers are great, as they’ll buy anything as long as you label it “survival”. Now it’s off to Ebay to sell more “survival fire sticks with survival lighting strip included” aka matches to the gullible.

And of course this brilliant humanitarian:

It’s also the fool who spends a great percentage of their time & resources preparing for a very low probability event (apocalyptic happening that leaves your family alive).

But lets face it, most of these people are praying such an event occurs, for multiple reasons. Not the least of which because they can’t wait for the opportunity to kill people on the flimsiest justifications, and without recourse.

Besides, I’d far rather myself and my family be dead, than share an Earth with the type of people who ‘prep’.

I wonder who will be the first person to knock on a prepper’s door for help should disaster truly strike? It wouldn’t be farfetched to guess that it might be an arrogant, self-professed intellectually superior liberal who feels entitled to that prepper’s stockpile.

Comments aside, judging from sales numbers on Amazon, many people who had never before considered owning N95 masks and protective clothing are quietly stocking up.

Here’s The Daily Sheeple’s pandemic preparedness list:

You can learn more about preparedness from these regular Daily Sheeple contributors:





  1. There is NOTHING ACCIDENTAL about this Ebola.
    YOUR supposedly elected Amerika president
    KNEW the consequences.
    CDC KNEW consequences. CDC had a stand down in Dallas.
    Feds and president ALLOWED Flights from Ebola infected areas into Amerika.
    Feds and president REFUSED to secure our borders and to enforce immigration Law.
    Feds transported KNOW infected immigrants across Amerika to spread disease.
    Feds have pre built camps.
    Feds have had coffins pre manufactured years ago.
    Feds have the DOT rules already in place that allows drivers to go past standard DOT
    rules for rest when transporting bodies. That was in place over 5 years ago that I know of.

    What we have is Bio-Warfare by Amerikan CDC Fed officials and the president AGAINST the AMERICAN people.
    That is what happened. Stop being a child and believing these things were not planned YEARS ago.

  2. PS-as far as prepping?
    Country/Rural people have always stocked up.
    So they don’t have to go into “town.”
    Because “town” is nothing but TROUBLE.
    Cops, thugs, thieves, liars, politicians…… guess politicians is redundant….I already listed thugs, thieves, liars?
    Anyway….we country people AVOID town. Because the afore mentioned ALWAYS try to steal and make problems.

    Last Month:
    “You went 2mph over posted speed limit.” The cop said.
    cost $75. I was going with traffic flow. Likely a little slower. My truck is old.
    That is WHY Cop pulled me over. Truck is old and is work truck with dirt.
    $75 for what? Made up Nonsense.

    Another occasion:
    Tool box was stolen from back of pickup. But cop didn’t have time for report.
    Said, “I was careless for leaving things in pick up bed.” Cop Scolded me for someone STEALING from me.
    Tool box was locked. But not bolted in. They took whole cross bed tool box.

    I know nothing about “preppers”. But a man is a fool to depend on ANYONE for Anything. Unless if they are blood family or you have known them for 25 years, played sports with, or served in your squad.

    I would advise all men of thought, to get your house in order. Get out of town. Get out of USA.
    Sell out and LEAVE. Remove money from bank YESTERDAY.
    But what do ignorant country people know? City folk are so darned smart and pretty with shiny things.

  3. Jessie my brother your thoughts are my thoughts about this issue. Cept for the cop thing. (I haven’t ruled that out though) I’ve been trying to prep for about a year and a half. Have accumulated some of the necessities but I’m aware that I have to ramp up due to the government ramping up with their obvious non action.
    I don’t understand why so many people refuse to see what’s so obvious to me. Open southern boarder, letting Ebola come into the country, our foreign policy towards Isis. They are causing all of the problems and positioning themselves to act when the people finally wake up. They are prepping in a sense to me, to act against us more than they are prepared for the southern invasion or allowing a viral invasion.
    As far as I can tell Jessie it’s not when the SHTF. It’s already hitting! The fan is on low speed right now but the finger is on the switch waiting to push to level two. I’m prepared some but not enough. I’m the type who’s never fully prepared. Even if I was? I’m never happy. You can always be more prepared in my mind.
    You know that you can talk sometimes till you’re blue in the face to people about this and they just don’t get it. Just yesterday my brother in law was at my house and I was talking to him about my thoughts and when it got to explaining about what this administration is doing he said to me “I don’t get involved with govern stuff! Now this is a guy who is an avid hunter, he has the protection, he has the knowledge of survival due to his years of hunting, he had a 6 month supply of meat till his house was raided by the local police with the game warden. Why? cause someone said he was trapping on their property. He didn’t go to jail but he’s paying dearly for it. I scolded him when it happened. I said this is what I’m talking about. The only thing that made him think was when I explained to him about a possible EMP attack. He didn’t know what it was. I explained to him what would happen. And what desperate people would do if they knew he had food.
    When I told him there would be no food on the shelves, no fuel, no water, and the reasons why. That’s when he got it! He said you mean I’d have to live off the land? I can do that. Yea but it’s not enough I said. I told him I’m buying a walkie talkie set and that I’m giving him two, one for him and one for my sister so we can stay in contact.
    You know brother it’s frustrating. Money? I’m not that worried about it. It’s going to be useless anyway. I have some for an emergency but my priority right now is food water and ammo. The bio gear? If it gets that bad we’re probably doomed anyway. They’ll have to shoot me before they come to take me and my family to a fema camp. Good luck to you and yours pal. I’ll pray for those who are foolish not to at least try to be ready. I won’t feel sorry for them though.

  4. tooo many ostriches in America, burying their head in the sand. till even that doesn’t make it go away, then desperation and desire to survive takes over, and then, it gets violent.

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