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Second Ebola-Infected Nurse Identified, Was Symptomatic With 99.5 Degree Fever While Flying


Unbelievable! She flew not once, but twice!

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Just about an hour ago, the CDC’s Tom Frieden held a press conference in which he tried to diffuse the CDC’s incompetence for a allowing healthcare workers who cared for the now deceased “Index Patient” Thomas Eric Duncan, to board a plane. A worker, who as was reported earlier today, was confirmed sick with the deadly virus. Still, in order to defend his agency from accusations of gross incompetence, of which it clearly is guilty, Frieden said that…


… Although, he promptly pushed the ball of blame back in her court adding that:


But what is worse, is that as the WaPo reports the nurse had a fever of 99.5 degrees Fahrenheit before boarding a passenger jet on Monday, a day before she reported symptoms of the virus and was tested, according to public health officials. “Even though there appeared to be little risk for the other people on that flight, she should not have traveled that way, Thomas Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, said during a news conference Wednesday.”

“She should not have flown on a commercial airline,” Frieden said.

The reason he said that is that since she was clearly symptomatic, she was also contagious. Which explains why the CDC is scrambling to uncover all those passengers who may have flowen with her.

Furthermore, the nurse has now been identified: “The health-care worker was not identified by public health officials, but family members told Reuters and the Dallas Morning News that her name is Amber Vinson, a nurse at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital. She was part of a team that had cared for Thomas Eric Duncan, a Liberian man who flew to Texas and was diagnosed with Ebola last month, during his hospitalization in Dallas. Duncan died last week. Nina Pham, a nurse who also cared for Duncan, was diagnosed with Ebola on Sunday.”

And where it gets simply ridiculous is that not only did the nurse fly once, she flied a second time, this time from Cleveland to Texas on Monday.

Vinson, who flew from Dallas to Cleveland on Friday, flew back to Texas on Monday, a day after Pham was diagnosed. She reported a fever on Tuesday and was isolated and tested for Ebola.

Still, the fact that she boarded a commercial flight raises the question of how much the other 50 health-care workers who entered Duncan’s room could have traveled or moved around in recent days. The CDC recommends controlled movement on private flights or vehicles for people who may have been exposed to Ebola, Frieden said.

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  1. Is it just me..??? or should all flights between the US and Africa be banned…???
    It was our government who allowed the travel of infected individuals into our country. How dumb can one get..?? This is by design folks. NOBODY COULD POSSIBLY BE THAT STUPID…!!!

    Treating ebola victims is a job for hospital ships.

  2. @ flinter

    I agree. I personally believe that the reason they were NOT banned as is usually done for much minor stuff is democide.

  3. By the way does any one think they can spread this stuff by chem trail?

    [Editor’s Note: CB, I for one think so. But I doubt it’s capable of surviving a freefall of thousands of feet in altitude. And after all, why should they do that when we have a Federal apparatus which boldly violates every known precaution for handling dangerous viruses? All proper protocol has been violated at every level, including allowing travelers from affected parts of Africa to fly directly into the U.S., to using faulty hospital-related practices. As for “treatment” and “containment”, all the fedgov would do if it really wanted to help would be to immediately send all exposed people and people who exhibit or test positive for symptoms, to quarantine quarters on hospital ships, like they used in the Gulf of Tonkin during the Vietnam war. We have the logistical and technical capability to set that up immediately — and the system to do that has been with us since WWII so it is well known to government — yet fedgov can’t seem to figure it out. Obviously some people in fedgov want us frightened out of our ever-lovin’ minds, yes? And perhaps they even want some of us dead, to drive home that fear.
    Elias Alias, editor]

  4. yep… designed to kill, designed spreading too… it’s all part of massa’s plan for martial law… otherwise, how else do you explain all the stupid stuff from DC. one can look forward to a fema death camp in the very near future… soon to wipe out all non-conformers.

  5. What do we know? We know the media is reporting isolated ebola cases which could quite easily be faked. The latest “victim” went to NIH. Then in Africa we have people dying of something, and quite a lot of them are blaming injections as the cause, that were supposed to be vaccinations. Then we have pictures of what looks like bodies in bodybags, with African families distraught as they take them away.

    This may all be complete crap. There may not be anything. Then again, maybe it is… Who do you trust? Do you trust the CDC? Do you trust the fedgov? What is their upside to a “pandemic” What is their downside?

    The only ones that benefit from a real or imagined pandemic are the answer. Think about it logically and rationally. Fear in your mind severely attenuates your thought process and shuts down your rational thought processes. People in fear are easy to control. Eliminate the fear and think it through. Work the problem. Deal with facts not speculation.

    It’s important to deal with this situation like an intelligence officer, not a reactionary.

    If you’re at a poker table for 10 minutes and you don’t know who the sucker is, you’re the sucker.

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