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Oath Keepers CPT Journal – Eureka, Montana, October 8th, 2014

Oath Keepers CPT Journal – Eureka, Montana, October 8th, 2014

By Brandon Smith, Associate Editor

The Oath Keepers CPT (Community Preparedness Teams) program is the BEST existing solution offered to the Liberty Movement today in the wake of numerous national and international crises. I have not yet seen a single other program or effort that comes close in value to the general American public. It combines all of the necessary knowledge, skills, and organization required for a community of people, no matter where they happen to live, to be able to survive and thrive a large scale disaster scenario, and to provide the ability to rebuild and help others once the smoke has cleared.

It should be obvious to most people by now, especially Constitutional activists, that America is already in the path of a great landslide of economic, social, and political instability. This landslide cannot be stopped. It cannot be turned back. There are no silver bullet solutions, and there never will be. Given this fact, we can continue to plead in futility for the corrupt establishment to police itself, curl up in a ball and be buried by the chaos, or, we can rise above it through dedicated preparation and organization.

The goal of CPT is to make every neighborhood, county, and state in the country as independent, secure, and self sufficient as possible, erasing the fear of the common citizen, which ultimately thwarts the rise of tyranny within our society. A people without fear cannot be ruled.

CPT is not an exclusive club where high-speed-low-drag spec ops ninjas secretly train while keeping others outside the circle. The training is intended for everyone, because the purpose is to make as many Americans competent in self reliance as possible. We believe that ALL knowledge, including survival and tactical knowledge, should be made available to EVERY PERSON that wants it. Period. For only when each man and woman is prepared for any contingency will our culture change for the better.

My personal participation in the CPT program has been an excellent experience so far, and I feel that I should share some of that experience with others to perhaps help them in their own work building and organizing within their own part of the country. This will be the first of many “journals” on the progress of the Eureka, MT CPT group. I encourage others in CPT groups across the nation to submit their own CPT journals as well, with privacy concerns of individual members kept in mind.

October 8th, 2014

Eureka has spent the better part of the last few months diligently training in self defense scenarios. Winter weather makes such training more difficult (though we will have cold weather training as well), so other preparedness classes have taken a back seat to tactical awareness during the summer and early fall. The average Liberty Movement activist often trains in firearms mastery, but rarely trains within groups, which is a whole other ball game entirely. Very careful instruction was given to new members for weeks before live fire practice was initiated. Live fire events were tightly controlled by range instructors for safety purposes. Members advanced very quickly, and gun handling improved vastly from their first shot, to their last shot.

Our members are all across the age spectrum, but we try to give each of them as much training as possible regardless of physical limitations. It is important that every person know self defense techniques even if the chances are low that they will have to use them.

As training progresses, it becomes clear to most members what they are capable of and not capable of. Because of the unfortunate culture of “keyboard warriors” in the movement today, active supervised training is the only way to truly know who is squared away and who is not. It is not for trainers to decide for them; each individual knows after a time what their limits are. Knowing what we cannot do, is just as important as knowing what we can do, and will surely save lives in the future.

As the cold weather months approach, the team will be shifting into other areas of preparedness and response. We recently had a short lecture by our medically trained members on the rising Ebola scare which was enlightening, to say the least, and clarified for us even more the desperate need for expanded CPT teams in the U.S. as the failure of government to address the danger becomes more prominent.

Another member of the group also recently purchased a home freeze drying machine, which they have offered to lend to other members to put together a cost effective food storage supply. The ability to freeze dry food, especially meats and proteins, is incredibly valuable. Storage life of these packaged foods is seven years or more!

The group also took a break from highly focused training to enjoy themselves a little with an after-class party. Liberty Movement singer/songwriter Jordan Page paid us a visit and played an excellent music set on his guitar.

Soon I will be starting an indoor class on hand to hand self defense, and a local combat medic will be giving an in depth course on combat medicine techniques. Members will begin separating into their chosen fields of expertise in the near term, and reporting back with their own classes and presentations.

The group meets once a week, which is working out very well so far. If people can’t dedicate at least one day a week for training, then they probably aren’t serious enough about preparedness. Though, I expect this hunting season may lure away some of our members for one or two classes. At least hunting is, in itself, a form of training.

The most important realization any survivalist can make is the realization that no single person can do everything on his own. Without the mutual aid of others, most of them will not last very long during a crisis. Oath Keepers CPT fills this massive gap in the current survival ideology. The lone wolf mentality is utterly flawed, and makes the overall movement weak. Our greatest accomplishment through CPT, I hope, will be the debunking of the lone wolf myth, resulting finally in active organization of Americans into effective voluntary preparedness groups able to teach others and replicate this vital knowledge forever.

This is Brandon Smith, Oath Keepers Associate Editor and member of the Eureka CPT, signing out.





  1. Hey Brandon, how far do you guys train from Yaak? My wife and I have been up there several times looking for a bug out spot. I am not a dues paying member, but if you are close enough to that area maybe we can meet.I live in Spokane.

  2. Hey Brandon? I am the (former) Montana Kid, just moved from Montana to Texas 2 months ago. Elias can vouch for me. We sure nuff need some of that down here in rural hill country. Any suggestion greatly appreciated. A FOUNDING member of ok

  3. I lived in Kalispell for a while, visiting a good friend in Cranbrook, I often was in Eureka. I will be back there one day and hope to meet up with y’all. Since I am now retired I have bought a travel trailer and can go where I want. Eureka is on the list. Do they still have the great hamburgers at the bar on the corner?
    Stay awake, stay safe

  4. Hey Brandon
    As usual I just love all that you do for liberty. You are the most sane and we’ll versed person in this field. My question is how and where are these other groups starting throughout the country? Through alt-market? I have been involved in CERT and various local and national veterinary response teams. I have joined at alt market but there just aren’t many people in my area in Indiana that belong or they are too far away
    Any suggestions or information would be appreciated
    God bless and stay safe

    Associate Editor’s Note: The CPT program is actually a fundamental part of Oath Keepers. I would contact Oath Keepers directly to find out about CPT groups in your area. Every chapter of Oath Keepers is supposed to be forming these groups now, so wherever there are Oath Keepers, there should be CPT. If you don’t have Oath Keepers in your region, you might think about starting a chapter yourself. Something to consider…
    Brandon Smith

  5. Brandon:
    Sounds like a good plan. Wished Arkansas had a similiar program. We may need it before long.

  6. It is most encouraging to read all about the activities of your organization.
    However…. We are very Senior Citizens, somewhat in the “handicap ” class ergo there is very little we are capable of doing.
    I have been a faithful follower of Oath Keeprs since its inception and proud to do so. Although I am not financially, nor physically capable to participating, it is still encouraging to recognize there are those across this great nation who are capable and willing to stand up against the tyranny taking place in our present government. It comforts us to know this and gives hope for the saving of our county and our constitutional form Government. May God strengthen and Unite all who so endeavor and lead them to victory!

    Associate Editor’s note: Hi, June. Thanks for your words.
    I’m a Senior Citizen myself (age 63) but I don’t let age stop me. I won’t be doing a lot of running around, but there are plenty of ways I can contribute. Us older folks have stores of knowledge we can pass on to the younger folks. I was in construction for 30 years, and can help advise the Engineers in the CP Teams, and I am learning about Ham radios. Anyone can sit by a Ham radio to help with communication. In our Team, we have a retired nurse who is older than me, who will be teaching medical and health related courses, along with another nurse.

    My point is, that we all can participate in some manner, if only in a support to logistical teams, medical teams or communications. Older Patriots can be very valuable, so don’t sell yourself short. Can you teach canning? Or maybe help organize water storage facilities? Maybe you could man phone lines to drum up local support for your CP Team.

    In short, we need Patriots of all ages who are willing to help out in whatever capacity they are capable of doing.

    Shorty Dawkins

  7. Brandon, I agree 100% – the CP Teams are vital for our survival in the coming days. However, even more important is having our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ on our side. If we don’t have our reliance & sight on him, all we do is for not!

    I don’t mean to slam you on this, because the fact is I see few good articles like you have laid out above that give any mention of our God. With the times before us, and our history behind us, we better be including Him with our every endeavor!

    Keep up the good work,
    Fly Boy

  8. I agree with Fly Boy. The Bible says that ‘when satan comes in like a flood (like now), The Lord raises up a standard against him’. The standard is the cross of Christ, God the Son, Jesus, dying for our sins and overcoming death, hell and the grave to ascend and take His seat at the right hand of God, the Father, from whence He will come to judge the living and the dead.

    When tyranny, a manifestation of evil, seems to be on the fast track, it is easy to lose hope, UNLESS you have cast your ‘sea anchor’ around the base of the cross. The Lord will never leave you or forsake you. He never slumbers or sleeps. He is always at high noon over the believer, watching over His Word to perform it and there is no shadow of turning in Him.

    The Bible says that the fear (deep reverence and awe) of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. If that is so, and I know it is, then perhaps that is why we see so little wisdom in the ‘leaders’ of this age. I’d say wisdom is one of the the rarest and hence most precious commodities in mankind.
    Don’t we need this gift to withstand the tsunami of evil abroad in the land? All good and perfect gifts come from God, the Father, who is in heaven. Standfast, in Him!

  9. The moment the US Congress knowing let a fraud and usurper going by the name of barack hussein obama assume the office of US President our Constitutional Republic ended .
    The US Congress is ignoring the oath they took to the US Constitution . In a large part the US Military save one ( Terry Lakin ) is ignoring the oath they (officers ) took to the US Constitution . The US Military leadership needs to come together and demand the person they take their orders from prove he is US Constitutionally qualified to give those orders . IE a Legal US Birth Certificate .
    Under Article ll Section 1 Clause 5 of the US Constitution as one of its provision any person assuming the office of US President must be a Natural Born US Citizen . The fraud and usurper barack hussein obama has not proven his US Constitutional qualification to hold the office of US President and therefore any orders given are not legal under US Constitutional Law .

  10. I cannot think of a better way to serve our country than what Oath Keepers is doing in preparing Americans for any emergency that comes around. God bless you all for living up the our sacred oaths! We live in perilous times but with Gods help we will prevail.

  11. I served in combat arms for quite sometime and have great experience in traveling the world. the current situation of our nation is alarming while we fail to find compromise in our government the animosity grows amongst many Americans and is becoming very Corrupt our organization is the best to serve the people of this nation, we have to maintain a attitude of commitment to the Constitution and the Bill of Rights. History has cheated the American people we covered up snafus left and right and that should be flagged out, we made mistakes for a reason those reasons must be remember or we subject to repetition which is costly. The loss of traditions is the first big mistake of our citizens and condoning of the basic traditionalisms, pledge of allegiance, the morning prayer time not just for Christians, but all faiths, the raising and lowering of the flag. This nation was founded by men of faith of different religions and beliefs with one ideal, a nation of free people. That’s what has to be protected at all cost to allow the survival of the documents we revere. The Constitution, the Declaration f Independence, the bill of rights all of them cost American blood and should be held high but to held even higher is the religious faiths of this country. The basis of leadership is Christian ideals to collect followers with their willingness to follow to abolish tyranny, and to protect the widows and children and those who can not protect themselves.
    My testimony starts as such; you must willingly accept Christ as your lord and as your savior or this is be your calling the door is always open the closing of each human life is and always will be unknown. In my faith God is in control and is final of all determinations good or bad. We and the rest of the world are of his desire and creation, and he provided to all the fellowship of Christians. We spread his story and we uphold his laws and that’s the gospel if your heard the story of Christ and his mission then the rest is only required of you, no other religion provides all has been done for you all you have to do is believe and make an example of your life as a follower of Jesus as said the door is revealed to all who have read this, if you wish to follow then contact a Christian they will lead you to the church and peace with the world………my teams consisted of many men over a twenty six year period and no one was killed, or lost not that many were injured we survived I feel based on, faith and group unity I did testimony often ,but only once did I do as I have done now so if you ask me in the future privately about my faith and how to find salvation as a Christian its my oath to provide it to whomever ask me its my purpose to lead them to faith.
    As a Oath Keeper the door is now open from me and this issue has been resolved for me and those who have read this my job as a Christian in the oath keepers has met its first obstacle and need not be repeated in this fashion, and now we have a nation to save and reform….

  12. I noticed Emily, is from Indiana. I too am from Indiana and would like to get involved, I am not military,but have a life time career in health care administration. Now don’t let that fool you, I have had to be educated in first aide, emergency prep and life saving techniques.
    Several years ago (7) I had to write a complete disaster plan for my health care facility, it was very long and very detailed.
    I am willing to work and help in any way I can. Emily, feel free to contact me!
    I live 25 miles south of Bloomington, IN and 24miles west of Bedford, IN

  13. Brandon Smith,
    Great posting, and Welcome! to the pages here as new support editor. I agree that CPT is one of the Best resources available to us who would restore and renew the patriot’s values to this country. This power grab we (I include myself)are waking up to see all around us can be stopped, and CPT has the solid exercises for doing so.
    Keep us posted, and we will continue to encourage all of our neighbors about the American ideal.

  14. Is there an Oath Keepers CPT team anywhere in the vicinity of Brevard County, Florida (Melbourne, Cocoa, Palm Bat, Patrick Air Force Base, etc.)? And if not in Brevard County, where is nearest?

    Please reply. Thank you.

    [Editor’s Note: Lee, contact “Mike” at this email address: Tell him Elias sent you. He will get you wired in. Thanks mucho,
    Elias Alias, editor]

  15. I believe that Oath Keepers CPT will do a lot towards keeping the people alive during the trials and tribulations we are/will be facing.

    It is an excellent idea.

  16. I am 70, healthy, active, knowledgeable, combat veteran, and horseman. What can I do ? I live in Trout Creek, Montana.

    (Hi Larry, I do believe the Sheriff of Sanders County is a member of Oath Keepers. Have you thought about starting a CPT group in your area?

    Brandon Smith, Associate Editor)

  17. I agree with your mind-set & Constitutional principles. My father fought against Hitler in World War 2. He fought to keep our Country safe; & to secure the statues set forth by our Founding Fathers; that all men were created equal, & had unalienable human rights, under God. I am inspired by your web-page. Please continue your good work; we the people need you.

    Sincerely; Jan Pohlers

  18. I live in central Iowa….are there any CPT’s near Waukee/Adel? Any suggestions are very much appreciated.

    Please contact our National CPT Director, David Helms, at
    Shorty Dawkins, Associate Editor

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